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Strava is moving some free features behind a subscription

Strava, the social fitness network that tracks cycling and running, is putting some of its previously free features behind a subscription paywall. In a press release, the company said that it’s not yet a profitable company, and that its “commitment t…
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Recommended Reading: Behind the scenes of Netflix’s ‘Dark Crystal’ prequel

The creators of 'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' just loved throwing puppets Liz Shannon Miller, The Verge Netflix's Dark Crystal prequel series debuted this week, offering fans another look at the world created by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. Th…
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Essential buys the company behind Newton Mail

The Newton Mail subscription service might be dead, but its owner just found an unusual lifeline. Essential has acquired Newton developer CloudMagic for an unspecified amount. The phone maker didn't say just what it would do with its new purchase,…
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Swatter behind deadly ‘Call of Duty’ hoax pleads guilty to 51 charges

Tyler Barriss is poised to face a stiff punishment for the game-related swatting call that ultimately killed Wichita resident Andrew Finch, not to mention a host of other crimes. Barriss has pleaded guilty to 51 charges as part of a deal, including…
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WSJ: Facebook believes spammers were behind its massive data breach

More than two weeks after Facebook revealed a massive data breach, we still don't know who was using the flaw in its site to access information on tens of millions of users. Now the Wall Street Journal reports, based on anonymous sources, that the co…
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British Airways hackers used same tools behind Ticketmaster breach

The British Airways web hack wasn't an isolated incident. Analysts at RiskIQ have reported that the breach was likely perpetrated by Magecart, the same criminal enterprise that infiltrated Ticketmaster UK. In both cases, the culprits used similar v…
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Lyft is reportedly close to buying the company behind Citi Bike

Lyft might not sit idle while Uber leaps into the bike sharing space. The Information sources have claimed that Lyft is close to acquiring Motivate, the bike sharing behemoth responsible for New York City's Citi Bikes and San Francisco's Ford GoBike…
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Google employee behind ‘echo chamber’ diversity memo fired

Over the weekend, a Google employee's internally-shared 10-page document attacking a supposed "echo chamber" around diversity and inclusion went viral. Now, Bloomberg reports — based on an email from the employee himself — that the author of the me…
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ESA throws its weight behind satellite-based 5G internet

The European Space Agency has joined forces with 16 European space companies to demonstrate and champion satellite-based 5G internet. They're calling their new initiative "Satellite for 5G," and they signed their agreement at the Paris Air and Space…
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LG likely to ditch mods, add tech behind Samsung Pay for its upcoming G6 smartphone

Rumors are circulating about LG’s next flagship smartphone, the G6. It may feature MST payment technology, which is also used by Samsung Pay. The G6 will have to be a stunner, as LG failed to spark interest in its modular ecosystem with the G5.

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Senators behind encryption bill know how the FBI hacked the iPhone

The FBI isn’t ready to tell Apple or the general public how it cracked the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, but it’s disclosing that information to Senators — notably two behind an bill that would force companies to comply with court orders.

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