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watchOS 9 is bringing big health and fitness updates to your Apple Watch

Apple has talked about watchOS 9, the next version of its software for the Apple Watch, at WWDC 2022. This is what you need to know about the announcement.
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Google is finally bringing YouTube Music to older Wear OS watches

Google’s YouTube Music app is no longer exclusive to watches running Google Wear OS 3. The company is bringing it to older devices this week.
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Google is bringing Android TV support for Duo video calls on the big screen

If you’ve been thinking that it would be nice to use the big screen in your room for your video calls, Google has heard you. The search giant has announced that its Android TV platform will soon support the Duo video calling app by way of a beta. Google hasn’t revealed much in the way […]

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Nintendo is bringing the Switch to Brazil at last

More than five years after it stopped all of its direct sales in Brazil, Nintendo says it will soon release the Switch in the country. Since the console’s debut in 2017, the only way people there have been able to get their hands on the Switch is thr…
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We hosted a virtual Iftar this Ramadan on YouTube, bringing together a global community

Like millions of families around the world, my family and I have been breaking our fast this Ramadan in the safety of our own home in the sunny city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia — something I am very grateful for. Although I love my family, and I am thankful to have them here with me this Ramadan, something was still missing.

So I reached out to a few of my friends (Omar Hussein, Noor Stars, the Saudi Reporters, Asrar Aref, and the Anasala Family) and asked them if they wanted to come over for Iftar, and to bring millions of their friends with them.

On Tuesday, May 19, we decided to break our fast together at 6:32 p.m. — sunset in Saudi Arabia. We played games, showed-off our cooking skills, and finally broke our fast along with thousands of people who joined us from across the country and beyond.

What’s incredible is that people all around the world have been trying to find innovative ways to create that sense of togetherness during the holy month while staying safe. Earlier this month, creators in Indonesia came together and hosted a virtual Iftar, bringing together people from all over the country. Also next week, on May 26 at 8 p.m. EEST, Arab popstar Nancy Ajram is going to host a special Eid celebration concert on her YouTube channel.

I am proud I got to be part of this incredible experience that showed the world the power of YouTube and the creator community. Bringing this many people together during this difficult time is truly rewarding.

From all of us, we wish you a Ramadan Kareem and a blessed Eid ahead.

Mohamed Moshaya, YouTube Creator based in Saudi Arabia

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TCL enters the smartphone market with a bang, bringing folding phones and 5G to CES 2020

TCL is definitely best known for their popularity in the smart TV market, but they do dabble in other aspects of consumer electronics. One area that they’ve been mostly absent in, though, has been smartphones. At least up until CES, that is. The company has announced that they’re working on an entire lineup of TCL […]

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Nokia is bringing the feature phone back, but this time they’re using Android, too

Feature phones still have a place in the market, however small. In countries like the US, there’s still some small demand for a phone that’s a little more basic without all the bells and whistles of something like a Galaxy S10, and in emerging markets there’s a need for devices that are less expensive and […]

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Samsung finally delivers on bringing Night Mode to the Galaxy S9’s camera

Samsung launched their new Night Mode on the Galaxy S10, which is something many considered part of the One UI update. But it really wasn’t, since the enhanced low light photography modes never made their way back to the Galaxy S9, even though One UI came with Android Pie to older devices. And sure, the […]

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Epic Games is bringing their own gaming storefront to Android

Epic Games circumvented the Google Play Store with the launch of Fortnite by exclusively releasing the massively popular game through Samsung’s own store for Galaxy devices and Epic’s website for everyone else. This avoided Google’s 30% revenue cut and allowed Epic to release updates more directly to players, if you believe them. They’re taking that […]

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Google is bringing a new history feature to Google Chrome on Android

Google is testing out a new feature for the mobile version of its Chrome web browser that should make your browsing experience a bit better. Currently accessing your recent web history involves a few taps behind some settings menus, but a new feature in the works will allow you to long press the back button […]

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Bringing the power of YouTube to more countries with YouTube Go

Last year, we launched YouTube Go in India, a brand new app built from the ground up to unlock the power of YouTube for the next generation of users. Since then, we’ve also launched YouTube Go in 14 additional countries, including Indonesia, Nigeria and Thailand, and we’ve seen firsthand the impact that bringing more people into the world of video can have.

For instance, Mapan — a startup in Indonesia that uses technology to train and empower low-income communities and families in rural Indonesia — is using YouTube Go as part of their regular arisans or community meet-ups to equip entrepreneurial women with financial skills and resources. Each arisans’ chairwoman downloads a playlist of videos related to starting and running a small business; they then share these videos with each other using YouTube Go’s nearby sharing function. A teacher who runs a primary school for low-income children in Lagos, Nigeria, says that using YouTube Go has “allowed me to download and watch more videos that help with everything from mathematics lesson plans to how to decorate the classroom.”

We’re excited to expand YouTube Go to over 130 countries around the globe starting today. YouTube Go gives access to YouTube regardless of connectivity status and more control over data usage, while being locally and socially relevant. Key features of YouTube Go include:

  • Videos that matter to you: The YouTube Go home screen features trending and popular videos in your area, so that you can find and discover videos that you and your community care about. The entire experience is available in your language, with videos that are relevant to you.
  • Control over your experience: On YouTube Go, we’ll show you a video preview when you tap on a thumbnail, giving you a better sense of what the video is about before you decide if you want to watch it. You can then choose to download the video for viewing later or stream it now. And we also allow you to choose the amount of data you’d like to spend on that video.
  • Share videos with friends nearby: With YouTube Go, you can share videos with friends and family nearby without using any data.

From our previous launches, we’ve learned that you love those new features, so we made a few design changes to make them even more prominent in the app:

  • Watch in high quality: In response to user feedback, we’ve given you even more control of your experience and added the ability to download, stream, and share videos in High Quality in addition to basic and standard quality resolutions.
  • Discover fresh content you love: We heard that you wanted an even easier way to get the freshest videos recommended to you. Now, you can get new personalized content with a simple pull of the home screen. We also notify you when new videos are uploaded from the channels you love.
  • Share more easily: We know you love sharing videos, so we made design changes to make it even easier to access the share nearby feature right from the home page. We also added a highly requested feature: allowing multiple videos to be shared at once.

We’ve been working hard to build a YouTube app that works for you, with brand new features designed with your preferences, aspirations and needs in mind. We can’t wait to see what you can do with the power of YouTube in the palm of your hand.

Jay Akkad, Product Manager, YouTube, recently downloaded and watched “Diving into 1000 Mousetraps in 4K Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys.”

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Elton John announces final tour on YouTube in VR180 bringing together fans around the world

Elton John has entertained us, moved us, and had an unparalleled career that has redefined the cultural landscape. His unforgettable hits — “Rocket Man,” “Bennie and the Jets,” “Tiny Dancer” — changed what it meant to be a singer-songwriter, catapulted him to global mega stardom, soundtracked our childhoods, and changed lives along the way. Now after more than half a century on the road, Elton announced details of his final tour, “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” via an exclusive VR180 livestream on YouTube.

Kicking off in the U.S. on September 8, 2018, the tour will consist of more than 300 shows across five continents before reaching its conclusion in 2021. Elton’s new stage production will take his fans on a musical and highly visual journey spanning a 50-year career of hits like no one has ever seen before.

The tour announcement was made at a marquee event at Gotham Hall in New York City, simultaneously transmitted to Troubadour in L.A. and YouTube Space London. And thanks to YouTube’s exclusive VR180 livestream, fans all around the world were part of the action and revisited some of the defining moments that set Elton on his unstoppable path to global superstardom.

Elton John is always up for doing things differently, using the latest technology to help him defy space and time, connecting his past and future. Last year, Elton’s YouTube-supported “The Cut” gave undiscovered talent the chance to create the first-ever official music videos for three of his iconic hits, and now his final farewell tour announcement takes experimentation to the next level – livestreaming in VR.

Check out VR360 video from the event at and additional event footage including two live performances, a Q&A with Anderson Cooper, and “Behind The Scenes” videos in VR180 tracking Elton’s journey, supported by YouTube, will be available in the coming days.

For more info on the tour, go to

Vivien Lewit, Global Head of Artist Services at YouTube

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The Pokémon Company bringing Pikachu! to smart speakers

Over the past year, as competition has heated up notably between Amazon and Google for the smart speaker market, we have seen a significant expansion in the capabilities of AI-infused home assistant devices. Both Google and Amazon have worked to build features to help users put together their own scripts and third-party developers have been […]

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Huawei is bringing its Video Service and AppStore to Europe in Q1 2018

When it comes to app stores, most Android users are naturally familiar with the Google Play Store, and to a lesser extent, the newly overhauled Amazon Appstore. If you’ve wanted a bigger choice, there will be a new player on the block in Europe in the form of Chinese electronics giant Huawei, whose AppStore and […]

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Bringing new Redirect Method features to YouTube

A month ago, we told you about four new steps we’re taking to combat terrorist content on YouTube. One of our core areas of focus is more work to counter online violent extremism. As a first step we’re now rolling out features from Jigsaw’s Redirect Method on YouTube.

Over the past years, Jigsaw partnered with Moonshot CVE to conduct extensive research to understand how extremist groups leverage technology to spread their message and recruit new members. From there, they created the Redirect Method, which uses curated video content to redirect people away from violent extremist propaganda and steer them toward video content that confronts extremist messages and debunks its mythology. Today, YouTube is rolling out a feature using the model proven by the Redirect Method: when people search for certain keywords on YouTube, we will display a playlist of videos debunking violent extremist recruiting narratives.

This early product integration of the Redirect Method on YouTube is our latest effort to provide more resources and more content that can help change minds of people at risk of being radicalized. Over the coming weeks, we hope to build on this by:

  • Expanding the new YouTube product functionality to a wider set of search queries in other languages beyond English.
  • Using machine learning to dynamically update the search query terms.
  • Working with expert NGOs on developing new video content designed to counter violent extremist messaging at different parts of the radicalization funnel.
  • Collaborating with Jigsaw to expand the “Redirect Method” in Europe.

This work is made possible by our partnerships with NGOs that are experts in this field, and we will continue to collaborate closely with them to help support their research through our technological tools. We hope our work together will also help open and broaden a dialogue about other work that can be done to counter radicalization of potential recruits.

As we develop this model of the Redirect Method on YouTube, we’ll measure success by how much this content is engaged. Stay tuned for more.

The YouTube Team

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Google bringing YouTube TV to 10 new markets

YouTube TV was Google’s answer to cable-less television services like Sling, DirecTV Now, and Playstation Vue. It’s been a very slow rollout, however, which shouldn’t surprise anyone that keeps up with how Google likes to trickle out new updates and services, but overall the reception has been pretty positive compared to the competition. Well, the […]

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Facebook is bringing gaming videos to the living room

Facebook is determined to become a destination for gaming videos, and that includes when you're lounging on the couch. It's adding a dedicated gaming tab to its TV app that will highlight videos from the games, developers, eSports teams and personali…
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AT&T is bringing unlimited data to their GoPhone devices

AT&T is adding a pair of new plans to its prepaid lineup, offering more value for budget-conscious customers. Well, one plan is new, at least; the other is actually just an upgrade of one of their previous GoPhone data plans. If you don’t care about unlimited data, AT&T’s $ 40 smartphone plan now comes with 6GB […]

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Bringing the StoryCorps experience to video through YouTube Creators for Change

Diversity is our nation’s strength, yet in America today, we are seeing new levels of fear and misunderstanding. It’s never been more important to sit down and listen to each other — hear each other’s stories, learn about what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes, and remember what makes us unique and what we all have in common.

That’s why we launched our YouTube Creators for Change program back in September, an initiative dedicated to amplifying the voices of YouTube role models who are tackling division and hate by creating videos that share stories of hope, connection and understanding. Today we’re introducing our latest initiative in this program: a new partnership with StoryCorps, the national nonprofit organization dedicated to recording and archiving oral stories from all Americans.

Through this new collaboration, we’re teaming up with StoryCorps to help start a national conversation about identity and belonging in America, beginning with a production program at the YouTube Spaces in L.A. and N.Y. in December. At these Spaces, we will create custom-built sets that look and feel like the iconic StoryCorps recording booths where participating creators will help extend StoryCorps recordings to video. These creators will be able to come in with a friend, loved one or person they respect to talk about their experiences in our country as it stands today – both the good and bad.

As part of YouTube Creators for Change, we’re also proud to support the StoryCorps’ campaign #WhoWeAre, created in partnership with Upworthy. The #WhoWeAre series features animated stories of everyday Americans selected from the StoryCorps archive that help us remember our best selves.

We hope these conversations will inspire people around the country to reflect and share their own personal stories about who they are and who they want to be. We’re thrilled to be working with StoryCorps on bringing their approach to listening and recognizing our shared humanity to video, and can’t wait to share more on our work together in the coming months.

Juniper Downs, Head of Public Policy for YouTube, recently watched #WhoWeAre.

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After LAUSD failure, Apple finds success bringing iPads into the classroom

Apple isn’t letting a few failures in the classroom stop it from trying. The company’s latest efforts to bring the iPad into schools as part of President Obama’s ConnectED initiative actually seems to be working.

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Apple and the NFC Forum are bringing contactless payments to public transit

The NFC Forum, a standards body of which Apple is a part, has announced a collaboration with APTA to spur the adoption of contactless public transit payments, and reports indicate that contactless payment is being adopted by major urban transit systems.

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LG bringing its updated Tone Infinim HBS-910 audio headset to CES 2016

LG has revealed even more of its CES lineup by announcing it will be showing an update to its Tone Infinim audio headset, the HBS-910, at this year’s show. Unlike most wireless in-ears, these use an around-the-neck base unit that allows for much more battery life.

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Sprint is bringing their stronger, faster LTE Plus network to 77 markets

sprint_logo_wall_signSprint has announced a revamped LTE services to deploy to markets with a significantly improved wireless experience for customers. This new network is deploying to 77 markets today, and it offers some notable new technologies that should make a world of difference for Sprint customers.

LTE Plus utilizes all three of Sprint’s bands of spectrum, using the 2.5 GHz band for speed, the 1.9 GHz band for coverage, and the 800 MHz band for building penetration. Carrier aggregation allows LTE Plus to bond multiple spectrums together to beef up the bandwidth and speed available to users, and Sprint claims the new network doubles both of those. Pretty impressive, especially considering that claim means capable devices can reach theoretical speeds of up to 100Mbps on that network.

sprint LTE plus

The biggest claim that LTE Plus can make? It’s faster than Verizon and AT&T’s LTE network. Third party testing in 44 of the biggest markets show that data is transferred faster on Sprint’s LTE Plus network than Verizon or AT&T’s LTE network, which should give Sprint’s marketing department some serious ammunition to work with.

You can hit the link below to check out where Sprint is deploying this new network.

source: Sprint

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eBook subscription service Epic! is bringing books to kids

Today, less than two years after its launch,more than 10 million books have been read on the Epic! platform, and with a library that is growing every day, this number and perhaps children’s interest in reading will continue to burgeon.

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