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Galaxy Buds Pro leak reveals in-ear design and presence of ANC, 3D spatial audio, and conversation detection

The Galaxy Beans or Galaxy Buds Live as Samsung prefers to call them, looks to be the singular model to feature the bean-like design with the soon-to-launch Galaxy Buds Pro returning to the in-ear design of the Galaxy Buds+. Ahead of the rumored January launch, a leak reveals pretty much everything about the new Buds […]

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Twitter is testing a new threaded conversation layout on iOS and the web

Twitter has started testing a new threaded conversation layout that’s meant to make it more obvious who’s talking to whom. Based on the GIF posted by the Twitter Support account, the new layout makes use of lines and indentations to clearly indicate…
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Google’s Messages could soon get floating conversation heads

We’re all familiar with the floating conversation heads in Facebook Messenger, but now it seems that Google’s Messages app is testing something similar for its own texting conversations. It’s being developed in the back-end as the Bubbles API. It hasn’t made it into a stable release of Android 10 yet, but it is expected to […]

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Twitter wants to ‘increase the health of public conversation’

Twitter doesn't only want to be more transparent about the toxic content on its site, it also wants to be more proactive about removing it altogether. Speaking to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce today, as part of a hearing titled "Twitter:…
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Continued Conversation launches for Google Home for better AI conversations

During Google I/O this year, Google showed off Continued Conversations for their Google Home devices, a new feature that will allow users to keep up a conversation with their virtual assistant without having to repeatedly say a hotword before every sentence. That feature is finally rolling out today to Google Home, Google Home Mini, and […]

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A conversation with Manny Gutierrez, the trailblazer and YouTube makeup maven

Growing up in a traditional Mormon household in San Diego, Calif., Manny Gutierrez was not always the glamazon and social media maven his fans (aka Mannyacs) know today. At 25 years old, he is now Maybelline’s first male ambassador and has over 2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel but that’s only part of his story. We spoke to Manny about his decision to not go to medical school, being a trailblazer … and of course, the celeb he’d most love to glam:

Q: How did you initially get your start on YouTube?
Manny: I started on YouTube because my followers on Instagram were asking for it! I was like, wait, you want me to make longer videos than the ones on Instagram? So when I hit 50K followers on Instagram, I started my channel.

Q: You were planning to go to medical school but decided to pursue makeup artistry full-time … was that a scary decision to make?
Manny: YES, that was an extremely scary decision to make. Whatever I did I wanted to be the best at it and be successful, and I thought I needed to go to med school and be a doctor to be successful … so once I decided to stop pursuing that dream and plunged into makeup, it was like jumping into a black hole. I had no idea what to expect but luckily I was met with open and caring arms in the beauty community.

Q: Your coming-out story has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube! What do you hope others take from your story whether they are struggling with something similar or not?
Manny: I think that what people can take from my story is that I haven’t always had it “easy.” I still don’t! I struggled when I was younger finding who I was, and it wasn’t until much later on that I became comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to convey the message that it doesn’t matter what other people think of you; what matters is how you view yourself.

Q: It’s not easy to be a trailblazer and break stereotypes … we even saw your dad come to your defense recently with someone trolling you. Was there ever a time when you questioned whether being a trailblazer was worth it? What got you through?
Manny: Honestly, I never really thought of myself as a trailblazer. I just thought, hey, I’m doing what I’m doing ‘cause I love it and I have some awesome supporters … until recently it’s blown up so much I’m actually like, whoa … maybe I really am helping pave the way for other boys in the beauty world or breaking down gender norms in general. I have never thought of stopping or quitting. I am a go-getter, and once I find something I love, I am going to see it through to its fullest potential and I won’t let anyone stand in the way of that.

Courtesy: MannyMUA733 (Instagram)

Q: What has been the value of YouTube for you?
Manny: The value is indescribable, to be honest. I have no words. I can support myself and my family and reach millions of people and touch their lives DAILY! There really are no words, the value is immeasurable.

Courtesy: MannyMUA733 (Instagram)

Q: Who is your ultimate beauty icon?
Manny: My mother is my ultimate beauty icon.

Manny and his mom
Courtesy: MannyMUA733 (Instagram)

Q: If you could do any celebrity’s makeup, who would it be and why?
Manny: Honestly, it would probably be Lady Gaga … ’cause I want to meet her SO BAD!

Q: Do people still recognize you when you aren’t glammed up?
Manny: ALL THE TIME, and I love it! Makeup is what I love and what I do, but it’s not ALL of me. I don’t mind not being glam at all! I love my skin in and out of glam.

Courtesy: MannyMUA733 (Instagram)

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Keeping the conversation going

YouTube is built by one of the most engaged communities on the web, and you tell us when you want changes. Today, you heard from Google+ about upcoming changes based on user feedback. We wanted to give you an early look at what this will mean with respect to comments on YouTube, and to your overall YouTube experience.

The headline: we think you’ll like it.

Comments are super important to the relationship between creators and fans on YouTube. You love MyLifeAsEva and Kingsley. You thought that latest video from Tyler was his funniest yet. You want to tell Epic Rap Battles who their next match-up should feature. And these creators want to hear from fans like you, just as much as you want to communicate with them.

All of these conversations should be simpler and easier to have on YouTube, and we’ve been working on that.

  • First off, we’ve improved the ranking system that reduces the visibility of junk comments. It’s working—the rate of dislikes on comments has dropped by more than 35 percent across YouTube.
  • With today’s announcement from Google+, you’ll see more changes. The comments you make on YouTube will now appear only on YouTube, not also on Google+. And vice-versa. This starts rolling out today.
  • Creators told us they liked the moderation options on their channels, like reviewing comments before they’re posted, blocking certain words, or auto-approving comments from certain fans. All this stays.

Your YouTube channel
This one’s further off. In the coming weeks, YouTube will no longer require a Google+ profile when you want to upload, comment, or create a channel. If you’re happy with everything as it is now, then just keep on keepin’ on. If you want to remove your Google+ profile, you’ll be able to do this in the coming months, but do not do it now or you’ll delete your YouTube channel (no bueno). Please visit our Help Center for further details.

We’ve heard you. Keep talking to us.

The YouTube team

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