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MG’s new all-electric hatchback will cost just $31,400 when it arrives in the UK

Last month, MG revealed the all-electric MG4 hatchback with range of up to 281 miles (on the WLTP system). Now, we know it will be one of the least expensive EVs available in the UK with a starting price of £25,995 ($ 31,400). It’s set to arrive in the UK in September this year.

As a reminder, China’s SAIC Motors now owns the MG brand following the collapse of MG Rover in 2005. The vehicles are manufactured in China, but SAIC has a design studio in London. It also has joint venture partnerships with Volkswagen, GM and others to produce branded vehicles in China.

The MG4 first arrived as the Mulan in China, built on SAIC’s MSP (Modular Scalable Platform) architecture that will be used on future MG EVs. It’ll come in three versions in the UK. The starting SE Standard Range model is priced at £25,995 with a 51kWh battery delivering 218 miles of WLTP range, compared to £36,195 ($ 43,800) for the ID.3 with a 58kWh battery and 265 miles of range.

The £28,495 ($ 34,490) Long Range SE model uses a 64kWh battery to go 281 miles on a charge, which takes about 35 minutes to go from 10-80 percent thanks to the 135kW charging capacity. 

And finally, the EV Trophy costs £31,495 ($ 38,120) and offers 270 miles of range with the 64kWh battery. The extra cash gets you features like an upgraded version of the MG Pilot system (with lane-keeping, blind spot warnings, etc.), a leather interior and more.

As for performance, the highest-powered 201 bhp version with the 64kWh battery can go from 0-62 MPH in under eight seconds, with the top speed limited to 99 MPH. On all vehicles, MG is promising copious storage, an “Active Grille Shutter” that improves aerodynamics, a 10.25-inch infotainment screen, Car Play and Android Auto connectivity and more. However, the price will likely be the main draw, particularly as the UK recently eliminated its EV rebate incentive.

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What is Google’s Pixel Pass and how much does it cost?

Here’s everything you need to know about Google’s latest subscription service bundle to help you save money on the latest Pixel phones.
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Google’s Pixel Watch looks really round in the latest leaked images, could cost up to $400

Google’s Pixel Watch is finally a thing, and thanks to the unit that was casually left behind in a restaurant we now know that it’s also really round. First, there were images posted on Reddit of the Pixel Watch casing, and now there are pictures of the smartwatch with its strap attached and a separate […]

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Tribit’s new MoveBuds H1 Sports Earbuds offer up to 40 hours of playback, IPX8 certification, and cost $89

Tribit features regularly on TalkAndroid and for good reason; the brand usually delivers impeccable sound at an affordable price. Its latest entry into the audio segment is the MoveBuds H1 Sports Earbuds that feature IPX8 water resistance, up to 40 hours battery life when you take the charging case into account, and a price tag […]

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Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE could still cost you $700 when it launches in January

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is reported to be shipping with the same $ 700 starting price as last year’s S20 FE. Is it too high?
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US Department of Energy wants to dramatically reduce the cost of carbon capture technology

The US Department of Energy wants to accelerate the development of carbon capture technology. On Friday, the agency announced a program called Carbon Negative Shot. Part of its Energy Earthshots initiative, the goal here is to foster the development of carbon capture technology that can sequester CO2 at a cost of less than $ 100 per ton, and can be deployed at the gigaton scale. To put that in perspective, that much carbon is equivalent to the annual emissions of approximately 250 million cars.

“By slashing the costs and accelerating the deployment of carbon dioxide removal — a crucial clean energy technology — we can take massive amounts of carbon pollution directly from the air and combat the climate crisis,” said Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm. “With our Carbon Negative Shot, we can help remove the greenhouse gases already warming our planet and affecting our health — positioning America as a net-zero leader and creating good-paying jobs for a transitioning clean energy workforce.”

If it wasn’t clear already, the Energy Department has set an ambitious target. In September, Orca, the largest direct carbon capture facility ever, opened in Iceland. The plant will capture 4,000 tons of CO2 per year at a cost of about $ 600 per ton for bulk purchases. Chimeworks, the company that operates Orca, aims to reduce the cost to $ 300 or less per ton by 2030. That’s a long way away from the Energy Department’s goal of less than $ 100 per ton, but sustained and substantial support and investment from the government is exactly what could make that happen.

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Samsung’s regular Galaxy Note 20 will reportedly cost more than ever before

How much did you pay for your last Samsung flagship smartphone? I ask because if you are planning on buying the soon-to-be-launched Galaxy Note 20 there’s a good chance that you are going to pay more than ever before. After a previous leak hinted that the Galaxy Note 20 series might launch with a more […]

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DJI’s Mavic Air 2 will reportedly cost $799

DJI is almost ready to unleash the Mavic Air 2. The FCC recently uploaded documents revealing the drone’s specs, and now DroneDJ has also obtained clearer and close-up images of the machine. According to the publication, a DJI partner site accidental…
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Montblanc’s first wireless headphones cost a steep $600

Montblanc is relatively seasoned when it comes to making smartwatches. After launching its debut connected watch in 2017, the company was the first to ship a device with Qualcomm's Snapdragon Wear 3100 in the Summit 2. So it's no surprise that Montb…
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Owning a Call of Duty eSports franchise could cost $25 million

Activision Blizzard is apparently making headway with the launch of the city-based Call of Duty League it announced in February. According to ESPN, an esports executive from the company has already been meeting with prospective buyers — namely profe…
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Google’s app suite will cost up to $40 per phone for European phone makers

After Google was slammed by the European Commission for forcing manufacturers to bundle Google apps on all Android phones, the search giant has changed up their strategy for licensing Play Services in Europe, according to a leaked document. Manufacturers will get more flexibility with what Google apps they want to pre-install along with the Play […]

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Square’s full-fledged cash register will cost $999

Square's existing point-of-sale systems were designed with smaller businesses in mind, those that would have no issues selling with the help of an iPad or a phone. But the setup might not always be ideal for bigger businesses, so Square has launched…
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Asus Zenfone AR will cost $648 from Verizon whenever it’s available

Back at CES, we were impressed with Asus' new smartphone, the ZenFone AR, but it wasn't clear exactly how much it would be. Now, the Verizon-exclusive smartphone is available for preorder; it will cost $ 648. Qualified buyers can pay in installments o…
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Motorola’s poor customer service may cost the company $5 million

Georgia resident Douglas Lynch filed a class-action lawsuit against Motorola, with the lawsuit asking for $ 5 million in damages. Lynch argues the company’s customer service egregiously mishandled a claim he made regarding his Moto 360.

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This ‘Super Mario Bros.’ watch will cost you $18,950

How much of a Nintendo fan are you? Enough that you could spend as much as you would on a car, just to show the world where your allegiances lie? You'll want to talk to luxury watchmaker Romain Jerome, then. It just unveiled a limited edition Supe…
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