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MIT scientists accidentally create the blackest material ever

Good news for goths — black somehow just got even blacker. MIT engineers have cooked up a material that's 10 times blacker than anything else previously reported. Capturing more than 99.96 percent of any incoming light, the material is made of verti…
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Scientists create contact lenses that zoom on command

Nosebleed seats may soon be a thing of the past. Scientists at the University of California San Diego have created a prototype contact lens that is controlled by the eye's movements. Wearers can make the lenses zoom in or out by simply blinking twice…
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Reddit subreddits can now create their own community rewards

After several months of testing, Reddit announced today that it is rolling out a new feature called Community Awards for all eligible subreddits. The feature will allow moderators of communities on the site to create their own Reddit Gold-style medal…
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Overcast can create clips from any public podcast

It can be a headache to share a favorite podcast moment with your friends. Unless you're willing to dive into the file with a media editor, you'll usually have to share the whole episode and make a note of the time. Overcast, however, might have just…
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Airbnb may create original shows to spark the travel bug

Airbnb might not be content with hoping that you'll book a stay on your next vacation — it may want to make that vacation more appealing in the first place. Reuters sources say Airbnb hopes to create original shows that would encourage would-be cus…
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Luxury resort bans gadgets at swimming pool to create guest ‘haven’

Look, as great as it is to have all these fancy laptops and smartphones around us, sometimes we can become too attached to them. And when you're on vacation, you just have to find a way to break free from technology. That's why a luxury resort in Bal…
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Every View Can Create Change: Introducing the 50+ new Creators for Change Impact Films

In anticipation of the International Day for Tolerance on November 16th, we are proud to celebrate the creators who are using the power of one view to open minds, inspire understanding, celebrate culture, and make a difference. From a beauty vlogger in California to a rapper in Sudan, a painter in Germany to a comedy collective in India, YouTube’s Creators for Change program brings together storytellers from around the world to share moments of hope, humanity, and acceptance. At YouTube, we believe that the world is a better place when we listen, share and build community through our stories. YouTube Creators for Change is a critical part of this mission and we are incredibly proud of the continued momentum of the creators from around the world who are using their voices to overcome divisiveness and hate.

Today, YouTube’s Creators for Change Ambassadors came together to release over 50 new films that aim to promote tolerance, encourage empathy, and spark dialogue, locally and globally.

In May we announced that 47 Global Ambassadors joined the Creators for Change program, a global initiative dedicated to amplifying and multiplying the voices of YouTube creators who are using their platforms to spread messages of positivity, hope and acceptance. Since the announcement, they’ve been working with mentors like award-winning filmmaker Eliot Rausch, the Founder of The Nzinga Effect, Eliza Anyangwe, and Anthony Robinson, the Director of Training & Public Engagement at the Truman National Security Project on persuasive storytelling and bridge-building to create inspiring Impact Films. Some highlights from this year’s films include:

  • US-based singer-songwriter MILCK composed “A Little Peace” in response to violence globally. As part of her project she created a music video where multiple singers harmonized with one another in the name of peace.  
  • Australian-based YouTube Creator and rapper, L-FRESH the LION created a project that follows his work with Manbir SIngh (Akaal Fauj – kirtan teacher) trying to preserve Sikh culture through hip-hop and traditional music. 
  •  UK-based skin-positivity Creator Em Ford created a follow-up video to her 2015 viral video “You Look disgusting” called “Redefine Pretty;” a short film detailing how beauty standards psychologically affect young women. 
  • India’s biggest female comedy YouTube creator, MostlySane’s video “No Offence” is a funny yet timely follow-up rap video to “Shameless”, focused on dealing with various kinds of hate speech – both online and in real life. 
  • Dentist by day, YouTube creator by night, Maha AJ created the “Salimmik” music video as a way to pay homage to her home country of Sudan. This love-letter to Sudan aims to show a side of Sudan that is not typically portrayed in media

Driving impact locally

In addition to the global program, creators around the world are using their voices to stand for positivity through our local chapter efforts in 9 countries. Through a combination of creator-led videos that opens minds to educational workshops that inspire critical though, local initiatives span 9 markets and continue to inspire local communities. For example:

  • in Asia, Creators for Change joined forces with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and social change agency Love Frankie to support emerging YouTube creators committed to tackling tough social issues in their videos through a regional Creators for Change Fellows program. Following a series of kick-off Boot Camps across Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, a committee selected 15 regional Fellows from these 5 countries, collectively representing an audience of over 2 million fans. Armed with production funding and opportunities to work with civil society organizations, these up-and-coming voices have created over 15 inspiring videos
  • Be Internet Citizens, the United Kingdom’s local Creators for Change chapter, is on target to reach 20,000 students you the end of the year with content about responsible Internet use and empowering young adults to be positive voices online. 
  •  Israel hosted almost 100 top creators for a Tolerance Summit in connection with the local chapter initiative, #Ovdim_Al_Ze. The 2018 Tolerance Challenge was announced, an invitation for local creators to share meaningful and heartfelt videos for release on the International Day for Tolerance taking place on November 16th, 2018. 
  • The German chapter of Creators for Change, #NichtEgal, kicked off a nation-wide roll-out of school-focused workshops in October. Targeting 61 schools in all 16 German states, this program aims to train 200 teachers and 1,500 mentor students, who are forwarding their knowledge to 10,000+ students within the program until the beginning of December. These workshops are supported by our local YouTube creators who share their experiences and advise the students on how to have a positive impact in their communities. 
  • So far this year, 35 000 youth have benefited from anti fake-news and hate speech related workshops in France as part of the Toi-même Tu filmes program, working closely with partners like Les Petits Débrouillards and Génération Numérique to deliver trainings all over France. Additionally, YouTube Creators for Change has partnered with the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner to sponsor the 2018 Mobile Film Festival, encouraging youth around the globe to create short films that celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.

To all the creators who participated in this year’s program: thank you. We are grateful for your passion and dedication.

— Juniper Downs, Head of YouTube Public Policy

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Samsung and Google are teaming up to create a better Android RCS messaging experience

Samsung has shown some fairly tepid interest in RCS messaging on Android, opting to stick with Samsung Messages as the default app on Galaxy devices instead of Android Messages. That’s pretty much removed Samsung phones from the new enhanced messaging features that Google has been rolling out. But RCS messaging is really cool, especially if […]

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AI-enabled Guess store helps you create an ensemble

You can try Amazon's Echo Look if you want AI to offer fashion advice at home. But what if you're at the store, and would rather not hem and haw while you decide if that top goes with those jeans? Guess and Alibaba think they can help. They've wor…
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Snap didn’t learn their lesson, will try to create Spectacles 2.0

Remember Snap’s Spectacles? No? It’s okay, they weren’t very good. They were so bad, actually, that Snap ended up with tons of excess parts and materials laying around that they couldn’t do anything with. You’d think that would be a pretty clear sign that the market doesn’t want your idea, but Snapchat’s parent company is […]

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Tesla will create ‘virtual power plant’ with 50,000 Australian homes

Tesla isn't done bolstering Australia's power grid just because its giant battery farm is up and running. South Australia premier Jay Weatherill has unveiled a partnership that will provide 5kW solar panels and Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries to "at lea…
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Researchers create flexible battery that can run on salt water

When it comes to making batteries for wearables or implantable medical devices, there are a few features that have to be incorporated. The batteries need to be flexible and remain functional while being bent or twisted, and ideally, they'll be absent…
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Technology is failing to create transparent supply chains

During the early days of globalization, it was relatively easy for corporations to either hide, or be ignorant of, human rights and environmental atrocities committed along their supply chain. Factories and producers were shifting manufacturing or so…
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Going public will give Razer the funds it needs to create a phone

Razer wants in on the thriving mobile industry. Bloomberg reports that the company is eyeing an initial public offering for sometime around October. The value of Razer is expected to be $ 3 billion to $ 5 billion, and the money raised would be heavily allocated towards the development of a mobile device. Intel and Temasek Holdings […]

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Lenovo challenged developers to create new Moto Mods — here is what they built

Lenovo is running a competition with developers for creating a new generation of Moto Mods and there are some interesting finalists. For example, one Mod will give your Moto Z solar-charging capabilities.

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Snapchat lets businesses create custom Snapcodes that launch their websites

Snapchat is adding a new feature to its website that could make the app very useful for businesses and website owners — custom Snapcodes that launch websites within the Snapchat app.

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Tough as scales: Researchers create protective material inspired by fish skin

In a bid to build flexible and durable protective wear, researchers from McGill University turned to nature for inspiration and frequented a fish market to find test subjects.

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BAE Systems wants to use lasers to create energy-scattering deflector shields

BAE Systems’ Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens (LDAL) project plans to temporarily and reversibly alter the Earth’s atmosphere to turn it into a range of different optic tools. Energy deflector shields, here we come!

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Create a 3D model of your home in mere minutes with Canvas app for iOS

Canvas is a new iOS app that lets iPad users with a 3D-scanning Structure Sensor easily capture scans of entire rooms in their (or other people’s) homes, complete with accurate measurements.

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YouTube VR: A whole new way to watch… and create

We’re inspired every day by the videos people share on YouTube. The idea that anybody, from any part of the globe, can create something that all of us can watch, laugh at, cry to, or relate to. Not only has this turned YouTube into a home for just about any idea imaginable, it’s made it the place where new video formats, new ways to connect, and new ways to tell stories are born.

We want to continue to provide you with new ways to engage with the world and with your community, and we believe virtual reality will play an important role in the future of storytelling. More than just an amazing new technology, VR allows us to make deep, human connections with people, places and stories. That’s why we’re committed to giving creators the space and resources they need to learn about, experiment with, and create virtual reality video. In fact, we’ve already started working with some awesome creators, recording artists, and partners who are producing VR videos across a wide variety of genres and interest areas on YouTube.

Want to spend some time with beauty vlogger Meredith Foster? Check out an immersive tour of her apartment. More of a foodie? Tastemade’s VR cooking videos breathe new life into learning new recipes. Rooster Teeth reimagines their gaming comedy “Red vs. Blue” for some fresh laughs. You can even watch breaking news in VR from HuffPost RYOT.

We’ve also been working to allow you to have experiences or visit places you might not be able to (or might not dare to!) in real life. Go swimming with sharks thanks to Curiscope, get a first-hand look at a living, breathing dinosaur at the Natural History Museum in London, travel to Belize with StyleHaul, hike a trail a thousand miles away with Daniel and Kelli at Fitness Blender, or watch Tritonal in concert no matter where you are.

And today you can experience all of this amazing content in a more immersive way with the brand new YouTube VR app, available first on Daydream. This new standalone app was built from the ground up and optimized for VR. You just need a Daydream-ready phone like Pixel and the new Daydream View headset and controller to get started. Every single video on the platform becomes an immersive VR experience, from 360-degree videos that let you step inside the content to standard videos shown on a virtual movie screen in the new theater mode. The app even includes some familiar features like voice search and a signed in experience so you can follow the channels you subscribe to, check out your playlists and more.


We can’t tell you how inspired we all are after watching the amazing VR videos made by creators on YouTube. We can’t wait to see what you dream up next!

Erin Teague, Product Manager, and Jamie Byrne, Director of YouTube Creators, recently watched “Tour of Man At Arms: Reforged Shop in 360° – The Forging Room!

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Small furry mammals inspired researchers to create groundbreaking wetsuit material

Could your next wetsuit be fashioned after the fur of hairy, semiaquatic mammals like beavers and sea otters? Quite possibly yes, if these researchers have anything to say about it. Here’s why their work is exciting.

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Everyone will be able to create Twitter Moments in a few months

Today Twitter announced that it was was opening Moments creation to more brands, media outlets, partners and individuals like activist DeRay Mckesson. That's great and all, but the real news is that in the "coming months" everyone will be able to cre…
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Ultimate Ears adds Google Now to create smart speakers

Ultimate Ears has announced a unique new addition to their UE BOOM 2 and UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth speakers. The latest firmware update for these devices adds a new push-to-talk feature that can trigger Google Now, or Siri, directly from the speakers. The concept is to make it so that users can “say it to play […]

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Google+ Create program will highlight experts in their field

Google+ has launched a new program called "Create" that puts makers, artists, influencers and experts in their field in front of a bigger audience. If you'll recall, Mountain View redesigned its social network last year to focus on Communities and Co…
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Awesome Jony Ive soundboard lets you create soothing sentences using ‘aluminium’

Fans of Jony Ive’s dulcet tones can now have him say what they want thanks to a new soundboard that’s just hit the Web. The current list of vocabulary includes an abundance of Ive’s carefully selected adjectives and, of course, the word “aluminium.”

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These bladeless wind turbines create electricity without spinning

Instead of capturing energy through the circular motion of a propellor, Vortex turbines take advantage of a physical phenomenon known as vorticity — an aerodynamic effect that creates a pattern of spinning vortices or whirlwinds.

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