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Xbox creates Instagram-like Stories, but for video games

Microsoft has announced that Xbox fans will now be able to share their gaming moments in the form of Stories on the Xbox app for iOS and Android.
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No fooling! Student creates Android phone with Lightning port

The engineering enthusiast behind the world’s first iPhone with a USB-C port has flipped things around and has now made an Android phone with a Lightning port.
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MIT creates an AI that understands the laws of physics intuitively

We often think of artificial intelligence as a tool for automating certain tasks. But it turns out that the technology could also help give us a better understanding of ourselves. At least that's what a team of researchers at the Massachusetts Instit…
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Supercomputer creates millions of virtual universes

How do you understand the development of galaxies when even the younger examples are frequently billions of years old? Simulate as many universes as you can, apparently. Researchers at the University of Arizona have used the school's Ocelote superc…
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AI knitting system designs and creates garments

If you've ever wanted a custom bobble hat but your knitting skills aren't up to par, let the robots do it. Researchers at MIT's Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a computer-aided knitting system which ca…
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LaLiga app creates shadow network to catch illegal soccer streams

Amidst all of the jokes about apps using smartphone microphones and cameras for illicit purposes comes a new twist from LaLiga, Spain’s soccer league. According to a complaint from Spain’s data protection agency, LaLiga used their app to turn users’ smartphones into spying devices to track down bars that were illegally streaming soccer games. The […]

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