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Introducing a fresh new look for YouTube on desktop and tablets

Starting today, we’re bringing you the new YouTube homepage — a design that brings more features to the viewing experience on Home to help you find the next great video to watch. The updated design will begin rolling out today across desktops and YouTube apps on Android and iOS tablets, and will be available to everyone soon. Here’s what you can expect to see:

More easily find the next great video to watch

This new look includes longer video titles and larger, richer thumbnails to give you clearer information about the video at a glance, plus higher resolution video previews. As part of this cleaner design, you’ll notice we’ve also removed some content shelves. You can still find rows of videos for breaking news, music mixes, and more.

When browsing on Home, you’ll also see channel icons below each video making it easier to recognize your favorite creators and content you love.

Customize what to watch next with your queue

You’ve told us you want a better way to queue up the next video to watch, so we’re introducing the option to add to queue on desktop. You can select a handful of videos to watch next without interrupting the video you’re currently watching. Videos in your queue won’t save after you’ve closed your browser, but you can always save videos to your permanent “Watch Later” playlist, too.

Remove suggestions from channels you don’t want to watch

We launched a feature on mobile earlier this year to make it even simpler for you to tell us to stop suggesting videos from a particular channel, and today we’re bringing this to desktop. Just select the three-dot menu next to a video on the homepage, then select “Don’t recommend channel.” After that, you should no longer see videos from that channel suggested to you on the YouTube homepage. You may still be able to find these videos if you search for them, or visit the channel page or Trending tab.

Coming soon: select topics to refine your Homepage and Up Next videos

Earlier this year, we added a new feature to the YouTube Android app that lets you select your favorite topics and customize your Home feed with related videos. We’ll be releasing it on desktop and tablets soon!

We’ve been experimenting with this updated design for a few months and — based on your input — have made dozens of improvements to the layout, most notably adjusting the thumbnail sizes and showing more videos on larger screens. We’re excited to roll this out to everyone, and we hope you’ll find the updated design and new features helpful as you navigate the incredible breadth of content available on YouTube.

Posted by Essam El-Dardiry, Senior Product Manager

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Hitting the Books: Did the advent of the first desktop computer lead to murder?

Welcome to Hitting the Books. With less than one in five Americans reading just for fun these days, we've done the hard work for you by scouring the internet for the most interesting, thought provoking books on science and technology we can find and…
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Yamaha updates its THR desktop guitar amps for the first time in years

The pressure waves from a cranked 100-watt tube amp could kill any insects or small rodents in close proximity. Even low-powered, solid state practice amplifiers can be too loud for apartment dwellers. To get around extreme noise issues, Yamaha's THR…
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Google Maps on Android picks up a new feature from the desktop version

Google Maps has always had a pretty detailed, in-depth Street View layer when used on a desktop. Not only do you get more info out of it, but it’s simply easier to use. The Android version of the map still has Street View, but it’s always been a little tougher to see where it’s available […]

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Plex’s new desktop app packs a fresh look, streamlined downloads

Plex has a brand new app for Windows and Mac that offers a streamlined way to download the things you want to watch and listen to offline. The feature was previously called Sync, but it's now called Downloads — a much clearer term. Your downloads sh…
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Alienware Area 51m review: A gaming desktop stuffed inside a laptop

The Area 51m is a unique beast. At first glance, it looks like what we used to expect from gaming laptops: It's an intimidating, hulking machine that doesn't belong in the modern age of slim notebooks. But what makes it special is under the hood….
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The best mini desktop PCs

By Thorin Klosowski This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and Engadget may earn affiliate commission. Read the full mini desktop PCs guide here. I…
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Early Android Q build features System-wide Dark Theme, Desktop Mode, and new Accessibility options

Although we are only in January, an early build of Android Q has appeared that shows the presence of a system-wide dark theme, revamped privacy and permissions, new accessibility options, and the hint of a Desktop Mode. Join us after the break for more details. According to the XDA, this early build of Android Q has an option in […]

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Android Q may include a dark theme and desktop mode

Many Android users still don't have Pie yet, but details are already emerging for its follow-up. XDA says it has obtained a very early build of Android Q (Quiche? Queso?) that hints at Google's plans. For one, there's a system-wide dark theme. Th…
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Microsoft Edge picks up dark mode and password syncing to desktop

Have you been using Microsoft Edge on your device since Microsoft quietly announced it? Well, good news; it’s getting a few new features to make your browsing even better. Perhaps the biggest feature is an option for dark mode, which many users clamor for regardless of the app. It’s a stylistic choice for many people, […]

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[TA Deals] Save 47% on this ZeroLemon 75W Quick Charge 3.0 desktop charger

You can never have too many chargers, especially ones that can quick charge all of your gadgets and devices. Fortunately for you, right now you can score a ZeroLemon desktop charger that offers several USB ports and Quick Charge capabilities to keep all of your devices going and going and going. You’ll get a total […]

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Google may be adding SMS notifications to Chrome OS desktop

If you are a big user of SMS messaging and also spend lots of time working on a computer, then you likely appreciate the ability to send and receive messages on the desktop and having threads stay synced across devices. This is one of the big reasons so many people gripe about an app like […]

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Facebook is testing group voice calls on desktop

It looks like Facebook is considering the possibility of making group voice calling available on desktop. According to TechCrunch, the social network has given a small number of users access to the feature to test it out — if you want to know if you…
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Google adds built-in Cast option to Chrome for desktop

Google has begun rolling out a built-in Cast option for Chrome 51. You simply have to right click a tab or click the hamburger button on the right-hand part of the desktop browser to find a line in the menu that says "Cast…" Doesn't mean the old ex…
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VRidge streams VR from your desktop to Google Cardboard

RiftCat is the company that has developed VRidge, an app that lets your phone stream VR content running on your computer. This is good news for anyone sitting on capable hardware who shelled out big bucks.

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Signal Desktop beta now available as a Chrome app


Roughly a month ago we told you Open Whisper Systems’ secure messaging app Signal is available on Android. However, Open Whisper Systems are also bringing a beta version of their app to the Chrome Store.

Signal will still feature end-to-end encryption in Chrome. However, the Android version and desktop version can be linked to share a single login. This means all your messages are displayed consistently on all your devices. This feature is currently only for Android, but will soon come to iOS too.

Source: Open Whisper Systems

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