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Apple’s digital driver’s license drives slowly into Maryland

After Arizona, Apple is bringing support for driver’s licenses and IDs in the Wallet app to Maryland. Other states are expected to follow soon.
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Michigan approves digital license plates by startup Reviver

Michigan drivers now have the option of adorning their cars with digital license plates, which can locate lost vehicles and receive public safety alerts — for a fee. Reviver, the maker of the connected plates, announced that Michigan residents and businesses can now purchase the device (known as the RPlate) online. Consumers can choose between two models: a battery-powered plate and a hard-wired plate that includes GPS. The plates have been available for sale in California and Arizona, and the company is aiming to make them available nationwide.

But what exactly is a digital license plate? The RPlate is essentially a license plate with an HD display and LTE connectivity (as well as GPS for the hard-wired model) that includes a number of security and personalization features. Drivers can switch between dark and light modes and select personalized messages to appear at the bottom. The GPS-enabled plate also includes telematic transponders, so it can locate a lost or stolen vehicle and send alerts to your smartphone if it detects suspicious movement. There’s a companion mobile app that allows drivers to track mileage and renew their vehicle registration online. 

Reviver's digital plate also includes a couple of security features that could be overkill for some. For example, there’s a “Valet Parking” mode that lets you monitor your car remotely while it is being parked by a valet attendant and a geofencing option for family members or employees who drive the car that sends alerts if they violate the travel boundaries.

The digital license plates don’t come cheap. Both models require a subscription ($ 19.95 per month for battery-powered and $ 24.95 per month for hard-wired) and cost an additional $ 150 if you elect to have a professional install the plate. The company is also working on a number of new features, including integration with toll roads, parking meters and additional DMV services.

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Bluetooth hack compromises Teslas, digital locks, and more

Security researchers have found a way to circumvent digital locks and security systems that rely on Bluetooth fobs and smartphones for authentication.
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Why kids are getting addicted to digital media

A new study found that children’s media use has grown more in the last two years than in the four years prior.
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PayPal drops domain registrar Epik over its ‘alternative’ digital currency

PayPal may be friendlier to digital currencies, but that doesn’t mean it’s giving everyone a free pass. Mashable reports the payments giant has terminated the account for domain registrar Epik, known for serving right-wing havens like Gab and the Pro…

Bloomberg: PS5 Digital Edition pricing could dip below $400

We’re only a day or so away from Sony’s next PlayStation 5 event where we hope to get a confirmed price / launch date for the new console, but the rumors are still coming in. After reporting in July that Sony would respond to the coronavirus pandemic…
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Add Digital Wellbeing to Android TV with this simple app

Digital Wellbeing controls on smartphones is a good thing. It helps you control how much time you’re spending looking down at your favorite screen and can keep you aware of just how much time you’re wasting on social media or playing games. But Android TV feels like it should have this feature, too. After all, […]

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Google is killing digital magazines in News

Google News will no longer offer a paid magazine subscriptions. According to Android Police, the News team sent out an email to customers, telling them that the company is killing print-replica magazines in Google News. A company spokesperson has con…
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[TA Deals] Grab the Rveal Digital Indoor Antenna and start cutting the cord (31% off)

One useful gadget that just about every cord-cutter should have is a digital antenna. There are still a ton of channels broadcast OTA all over the US, and with a simple antenna plugged into your TV you can access all of them, completely free. Right now that’s easier than ever with the discounted Rveal indoor […]

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UK lords call for central ‘Digital Authority’ to help regulate internet

The UK govenment's demand for stricter regulation of internet companies is only growing louder. A report from a House of Lords committee has called for the creation of a central "Digital Authority" that would watch over all the efforts to regulate t…
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Tools to Take Charge of Your Digital Wellbeing

At Google I/O in May, we introduced new tools that help people better understand their tech usage, focus on what matters most and disconnect when needed. Starting today, you can find all of the YouTube tools in one place, alongside your personal time watched profile. Our goal is to provide a better understanding of time spent on YouTube, so you can make informed decisions about how you want YouTube to best fit into your life.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started toward building your own sense of digital wellbeing:

Know how much you actually watch (new!): To give you a better understanding of how much you watch, we’ve built a profile that’s available in your account menu rolling out starting today. This profile tells you how long you’ve watched YouTube videos today, yesterday and over the past 7 days.

Remind yourself to take a break: Once you know how much time you’re spending in the app, you may want to set a limit. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re having fun, which is why we’ll help you set up a reminder to take a break. Just head over to your settings and pick the amount of YouTube time that’s right for you. Once you’ve hit that limit, a friendly reminder will pop up on your screen.

Keep it to one notification a day: If you want more control over when you receive notifications from YouTube, you can bundle all of your YouTube push notifications into a single notification each day and set a specific time to receive your digest. Just go to your settings to choose when you’d like to receive your digest, and from then on you’ll only receive one notification per day.

Disable notification sounds and vibrations: Resisting the urge to check your phone when it buzzes is really difficult, and this can make it hard to fall asleep. So we’ve recently made a change to send all notifications without sound and vibration between 10pm and 8am. You can enable sounds and vibrations, or customize the start and end time in your settings.

We’re dedicated to making sure that you have the information you need to better understand how you use YouTube and develop your own sense of digital wellbeing. We hope these tips are a good start.

Posted by: Brian Marquardt, Director of Product Management, who recently watched Take a Break: Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas

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Google’s digital wellbeing tools for YouTube are finally rolling out

Back at Google I/O this year, Google announced some digital wellbeing tools for YouTube and Android. Now that Android 9 Pie is official we have access to some of those system-wide tools, but the YouTube update has been elusive all year. It’s finally starting to roll out, though, so you’ll soon be able to keep […]

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Sony shrinks its Digital Paper E Ink tablet

Sony is one of the few companies persisting in E Ink stylus devices, despite the fact that they're way less practical than a tablet and surprisingly expensive. It has just unveiled a new model, the DPT-CP1 that helps (a bit) on the latter count. It's…
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SEC accuses two digital coin creators of ripping off investors

While initial coin offerings aren't prohibited in the US like they are in China and South Korea, authorities are still keeping a close eye on them. Case in point: the US Securities and Exchange Commission's first ICO-related charges brought against a…
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South Korea cracks down on use of digital cash for crowdfunding

South Koreans who were planning to raise funds using cryptocurrency will have to find an alternative method. The country has decided to follow in China's footsteps and has banned raising money through all forms of virtual currency, according to Reute…
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Google’s $5,000 4K digital whiteboard goes on sale

It only took half a year, but Google's first take on a digital whiteboard is finally available. Google has started selling the Jamboard in the US for $ 4,999 plus $ 600 per year for management and support ($ 300 if you buy one by the end of September)….
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The Anyractive GoTouch transforms electronic screens into digital whiteboards

The Anyractive GoTouch transforms virtually any electronic screen into digital whiteboard. It supports Android and iOS mobile devices, plus a growing number of Windows and Mac computers.

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The digital divide is still divided — smartphones just don’t do the trick

A California study showed increases in home broadband internet access, but for many, access is limited to smartphones, which does not help with education. The digital divide between lower- and upper-income households is not making much progress.

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Google brings historic Rio exhibits and landmarks to a digital art collection

Samsung isn’t the only one getting in on the Olympic-themed action, as Google has just announced a big addition to Street View in Google Maps. Technically, Google’s is less Olympic-related and more Rio-related, but it’s close enough. Google partnered with eight of Rio’s top art institutions to allow users to browse and view several art […]

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MasterCard wants to put a digital wallet into everything you own

MasterCard wants to turn every device into a credit card with its secure mobile payment technology and NFC. The company partnered with Ringly, Nymi, TrackR, GM, and a fashion designer to turn connected devices into payment devices.

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10 stories you missed: Digital rat brains, YouTube tycoons, Die Hard 6

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you. From Facebook’s data on coming out on social media to Apple’s surprising patent loss, it’s all here.

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Digital Trends Top Tech of IFA 2015 Award Winners

Tech companies from around the world brought their best to Berlin for IFA 2015, but these winners in 10 different categories truly exemplify the finest the show had to offer.

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Dolby Digital Plus surround sound plugs into Microsoft’s Edge

Windows 10 won’t have Media Center included but this week Microsoft revealed that it will have support for surround sound in some new ways, and it could make Netflix streaming even better. Beyond supporting Dolby Digital Plus in the Windows 10 OS — …
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