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Simpsons World shuts down as episodes move to Disney+

You knew Simpsons World wouldn't last much longer when Disney+ claimed The Simpsons as a streaming exclusive, but you might not have expected the end to be so… abrupt. Simpsons World has promptly shut down, making Disney+ the only place to watch e…
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Disney+ cuts off ‘Simpsons’ jokes with widescreen episodes

The Disney+ launch didn't just have some technical hiccups — it also irritated The Simpsons fans. Viewers have discovered that all classic Simpsons episodes are the cropped widescreen versions, not the 4:3 originals that FXX brought back in 2015….
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HBO will let you stream full episodes of fan-favorite shows for free

If you're hunting for something new to watch, you may have looked to Twitter for suggestions. The site often serves as a human-powered recommendation tool for new TV shows and movies, with fanbases of shows like Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies tw…
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