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Google makes it easier to try Chrome’s experimental features

Test versions of Chrome sometimes pack experimental features, but you almost wouldn’t know it when you frequently have to enable obscure settings flags to use them. It might soon be much easier, however. Ghacks and Android Police have learned that Ch…

Adobe’s experimental ‘sneaks’ could make editing so much easier

Adobe has revealed a lot more experimental tools — or "sneaks," as what the company calls it — other than Project Awesome Audio at this year's MAX conference. One of them is Project All in, and it could be the answer to your woes if you're always t…
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Experimental AI lie detector will help screen EU travelers

In the future, you might talk to an AI to cross borders in the European Union. The EU and Hungary's National Police will run a six-month pilot project, iBorderCtrl, that will help screen travelers in Hungary, Greece and Latvia. The system will have…
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Windows 10 testers get access to experimental Sets features

Microsoft took some major cues from browsers to create Sets, which lets you group together Windows apps in tabs. Now, the tech giant is rolling out experimental features to testers that give Sets tabs evenmore browser-like behavior. If you're a Windo…
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Japan’s experimental mini rocket launch ends in failure

Japan's space program troubles aren't over yet, apparently. The country's Aerospace Exploration Agency reports that the launch of its miniature SS-520 rocket ended in failure. The first stage went off without a hitch, but communications problems prev…
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This experimental jewelry is filled with bioluminescent algae, so it glows in the dark

An experimental bioluminescent jewelry piece by Bombas & Parr and Goldie Rox features a necklace that glows in the dark with tiny blooms of living algae in a glass vial. The glowing necklace is part of a collection called The Mermaid’s Lunchbox.

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DJI’s experimental drone will help prevent collisions

DJI has just made its UAV platform a lot more developer-friendly with a new test drone and collision avoidance system, along with an SDK for its current DJI Inspire 1 and Phontom 3 models. The Matrice 100 (M100) is a new quadcopter made specifically …
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