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DJI’s Mavic Air 2 offers 34 minutes of flight time and 48-megapixel photos

If you happened across DJI’s website this week, you can’t have missed the prominent teaser for a new product — or maybe you saw the leak that basically gave the game away. Well, it’s finally official: say hello to the Mavic Air 2.As the name suggests…
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Boeing’s Starliner will not reach the ISS in its first test flight

Early this morning, Boeing launched the Starliner capsule for its first uncrewed test flight. Unfortunately, things did go as planned. While the Starliner made it into orbit, it did not achieve the correct orbit.
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Qantas completes record 19-hour flight to test limits of air travel

Qantas just broke a record for air travel, and it may have helped science in the process. The Australian airline has completed the first non-stop commercial flight from New York City to Sydney as part of a project researching the effects of very lon…
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All I want to do is chill and play ‘Flight Simulator’

It's been a long day. You get home as the sun is setting and close the door behind you, throwing down your keys and sliding off your shoes. You grab a drink and sink into the chair in front of your PC. The screen boots up and — click, click — it's…
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SpaceX test firing sets path for Crew Dragon flight in February

On Thursday afternoon the rocket engines under SpaceX's Crew Dragon vehicle briefly fired up, and after a few delays the company said on Twitter that it's planning for a test flight in February. You can watch a video of the test below, which accordin…
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Watch Virgin Galactic Unity’s second rocket-powered flight

Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity recently flew its second rocket-powered flight merely a couple of months after its first. That's definitely a victory for the company, considering it designed Unity to be flown at a higher frequency than other spacecraft….
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Blue Origin will livestream its first test flight of 2018

Blue Origin is gearing up for its eighth test flight, which also happens to be its first for 2018, on April 29th. Thankfully, it's one we'll be able to watch: Blue Origin chief Jeff Bezos has announced on Twitter that it's live streaming the event on…
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Google will no longer offer its flight price data to other sites

Google is getting serious about its role as a travel service. Come April 10, 2018 the search giant will shut down access to its QPX Express API that's used by the likes of Kayak and Orbitz for airfare data, as spotted by Hacker News. This could serio…
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Perlan glider sets altitude record for unpowered flight

Gliders may be inherently limited by their nature (they're dependent on rising air currents), but that isn't stopping them from achieving feats normally reserved for their powered counterparts. The Perlan Project and Airbus have set a new record for…
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This $250,000 flight suit will turn you into a real-life Iron Man

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a real-life Iron Man, and have enough Tony Stark-style bank that you can afford to drop $ 250,000 on an expensive toy, then this is the purchase for you!

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Project Loon achieves new milestone in flight time

Google has been getting a lot of attention the last couple weeks as the industry tries to figure out what the company may reveal next week in a big October 4th announcement. The search giant is not the only part of the Alphabet portfolio with exciting news to share though. Over the weekend the Project […]

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7 tips to save your trip when a tech meltdown grounds your flight

With Delta’s recent computer outage, the trend of technology disrupting air travel – in a bad way – is becoming the norm. Here are 7 ways you can take control of the situation.

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Google says its drone delivery service could take flight in 2017

Amazon’s at it. Walmart’s at it. And now Google’s at it, too. Yes, all three companies are eyeing delivery services using drones, with Google insisting Monday that it could have a commercial operation up and running as early as 2017.

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Solar Impulse begins its sun-powered flight across the Pacific

Solar Impulse has already shown the potential for sun-based aviation in its attempt to fly around the world, but it just embarked on its most ambitious trip yet. Pilot Andre Borschberg has taken off from Nanjing, China on a cross-Pacific flight whose…
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