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Google scales back town hall meetings following leaks

Google's weekly all-hands meetings have quickly become a source of leaks, and the company is apparently taking an aggressive approach to curbing those leaks: it's limiting the meetings themselves. The Verge has learned that CEO Sundar Pichai sent com…
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Chromebook sales explode following a 300% increase in Android app usage

Popularity of Chromebooks has dramatically increased in the last couple of years as Google has integrated the Play Store and its millions of Android apps into Chrome OS. In 2019, almost fifty new Chromebooks hit the market, compared to just over a hundred between 2011 and 2018. According to The NPD Group that tracks US […]

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Apple removes Hong Kong protest app following Chinese pressure

Apple's complex relationship with China has made the headlines again. Just a day after Chinese state media criticized the company for allowing HKmap in its App Store — and a week after Apple flip flopped on its initial decision to delist the app –…
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Asus drops Zenfone branding in India following lawsuit

Following the Delhi court banning their ‘Zenfone’ brand two days ago, Asus has relaunched their newest value flagship in India without it, adding a ‘z’ for some reason. Only two days ago we reported on the Delhi High Court’s banning of the company’s ‘Zen’ and ‘Zenfone’ brands in India, but already Asus has managed to […]

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TalkAndroid pulls nearly 47,000 daycare listings following report is considered the go-to site for caregivers in the US, but it just faced a serious shakeup. The company has confirmed that it took down 46,594 daycare center listings (45 percent of the listings in its database) after a Wall Street Journal…
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Facebook pulls iOS VPN app following Apple’s privacy objections

Apple's increasingly tougher stance on app privacy has led Facebook to pull one of its iOS apps. The Wall Street Journal has learned that Facebook is removing its VPN-based Onavo Protect program from the App Store after Apple warned the social networ…
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Kaspersky to move to Switzerland following latest government ban

Things are going from bad to worse for Kaspersky Labs, the Russian anti-virus software developer. The Dutch government says it's planning to phase out the use of the software "as a precautionary measure", and is proactively suggesting other companies…
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Following the failed merger with T-Mobile, Sprint makes a deal with Altice USA

Now that the Sprint/T-Mobile merger is officially dead and buried, Sprint has been quick to strike a new deal with a US cable company. Altice USA will start selling mobile service via Sprint’s network under a new multi-year agreement that was revealed on November 5th. That’s literally just one day after the T-Mobile merger was […]

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SpaceX plans ocean landing attempt following February 24 launch

SpaceX will make its next launch attempt and possible ocean landing on February 24 when it is slated to deploy an SES-9 satellite into orbit. The firm’s goal is to send rockets into orbit every few weeks for the rest of 2016.

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YouTube creators interview President Obama following his final State of the Union

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“We’re going to have 21st century fireside chats where I’ll speak directly to the American people in a way that I think will enhance democracy and strengthen our government. “ – Senator Barack Obama, November 15, 2007

Tomorrow evening, President Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address to Congress, which will broadcast live on YouTube. Then, as he has every year after the speech, he’ll turn to YouTube and Google to take questions from Americans about the issues that matter to them.

This Friday, January 15, Destin Sandlin, Ingrid Nilsen, and Adande Thorne—three popular YouTube creators—will travel to Washington, D.C. to host a live YouTube Interview with President Obama. They’ll join the President in the East Room of the White House, asking a selection of questions that are top of mind for them and their fans. You can watch the whole thing on the White House YouTube channel—and if you have a question for the President, suggest it by using the hashtag #YouTubeAsksObama on social media.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.56.25 AM.png

The interview will stream live on the White House YouTube channel at 2:15 p.m. EST. And don’t forget to tune in on January 12 at 9 p.m. EST to watch the State of the Union address live, as well as the Republican response, live on YouTube.Throughout his time in office, President Obama has used technology to open up the doors (all 412 of them) to the White House—from posting behind-the-scenes photos of life in the West Wing to uploading a weekly address on the most pressing topics facing the nation. We’re excited to have played a role in this process with our seven YouTube Interviews, tackling issues big and small, poignant and personal. We look forward to helping future presidents connect with Americans in compelling ways.
Posted by Ramya Raghavan, Google Politics

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