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Meta will limit hiring this year due to slowing revenue growth

Meta is limiting its intake of new employees as part of its efforts to cut costs due to weak revenue forecasts, according to CNBC and Bloomberg. Facebook's parent company is slowing the pace or pausing hiring for most mid-to-senior level positions altogether. It has started putting recruitment on hold, the sources said, after holding off on hiring new entry-level engineers over the past weeks. 

Facebook's latest quarterly earnings results were better than expected, and its daily active users even bounced back a bit from last quarter. However, the company also expects a revenue drop next quarter in part because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Company CFO David Wehner said during the earnings call that Meta "experienced a further deceleration in growth following the start of the Ukraine war due to the loss of revenue in Russia as well as a reduction in advertising demand both within Europe and outside the region." 

In addition, Facebook expects to lose $ 10 billion in revenue due to the changes in Apple's privacy settings on iOS. Apple introduced a new feature earlier this year that limits advertisers' access to the unique IDFA code associated with users' devices. That identifier is what gives companies a way to link a user to their Facebook data and show them targeted ads. Facebook even rolled out a prompt asking users to allow the company to track their activity across websites and apps before the change was implemented in hopes to curb its effects on the company's business.

A Meta spokesperson told the publications:

"We regularly re-evaluate our talent pipeline according to our business needs and in light of the expense guidance given for this earnings period, we are slowing its growth accordingly. However, we will continue to grow our workforce to ensure we focus on long-term impact."

Insider previously reported on leaked internal memos, wherein Wehner said that the hiring freeze will last the rest of the year. It will affect almost every team across the company, which won't be recruiting "engineers, managers and even some director level talent" throughout 2022.

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Google Meet’s 60-minute limit on free calls won’t kick in until 2021

Google expanded Meet’s availability earlier this year to give more people access to the video chat service in the midst of coronavirus-related lockdowns. The tech giant didn’t just make it available to everyone with a Gmail account, though, it also m…
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Twitter ‘rate limit’ messages are due to an error, not your bad tweets

If you’re one of the many people seeing some weirdness with, the apps or Tweetdeck right now, it’s not just you. We’ve seen those “rate limit exceeded” messages too, and contacted Twitter to find out what’s going on. A spokesperson tells…
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Android Q will heavily limit apps’ ability to scan for WiFi networks

With Android Pie, Google instituted a more heavy-handed approach to how apps can scan for WiFi networks. That irked some developers in some very legitimate use cases, since the limit effectively broke how some apps worked if they relied on multiple WiFi scans. Google isn’t backing down from that, either. Those WiFi scanning limits are […]

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Live Albums on Google Photos gets a bump up to a 20,000 item limit

Earlier this year Google announced a new feature for their Google Photos services called Live Albums. When initially released, Live Albums came with a limit of 10,000 photos and videos. In a recent change, Google has bumped that limit up to 20,000 items, which matches the limit on shared albums. Live Albums are private albums […]

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Facebook will limit data advertisers can use to target ads

Facebook is still determined to reassure jittery users in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal, and that now includes restricting what advertisers can do. The social network is closing down a Partner Categories service that let t…
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Double up on Tweets with Twitter’s new 280 character limit

Social media platform Twitter distinguished itself early on when it imposed a limit of 140 characters on the messages – tweets – posted by users. This resulted in much creativity on the part of users and help spur a drive for brevity when posting messages. Over time that limit turned into a bit of a […]

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Viber for Android updated with public group chats, 7,000 character limit & more!


Earlier today, mobile messaging platform Viber took delivery of a rather nifty update via the Play Store. In terms of added functionality, the upgrade carries the facility for user to like individual messages, join public group chats and send text up to 7,000 characters long.

The full changelog can be seen below:

  • Group Likes – ‘like’ messages in group chats and see who’s loving your vibe
  • Forward Public Chat messages – share content with your friends more easily
  • Write freely – text messages can now be up to 7,000 characters long
  • Better video messaging – new features improve the experience
  • Public Chats – now available on Android

To install the update, simply open up the Play Store, toggle the hamburger menu by swiping in from the left-hand side of the screen, select ‘My Apps’ and click on ‘Viber, then hit the update button.

Play Store Download Link

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