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Next up on Google’s kill list is Android Things

Having killed off Google Play Music and preparing to kick Cloud Print to the curb by December 31st, Google has found time to announce the upcoming demise of Android Things, its lightweight OS for smart displays and speakers that launched as Brillo back in 2015. Google will begin shutting down Android Things from January 5th, […]

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Google adds Nest Secure to its list of discontinued projects

Google will no longer manufacture and sell the Nest Secure alarm system it launched back in 2017. The tech giant has confirmed that it has discontinued the system to Android Police shortly after the Google Store product page for the Nest Guard was ma…
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iOS 14 might let you scroll through apps in a list view

Apple appears to be working on a new homescreen option for iOS 14 that will allow users to view their apps in a list format. Leaked code, obtained by 9to5Mac, suggests that the list format will let users sort their apps with several filters.
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What to buy the console gamer on your list

After months of thinking, curating, photographing, more thinking, we've come up with a holiday gift guide that covers all the bases (and budgets), from laptops and mobile devices, to toys, to the smart home, to book and media recommendations (only on…
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Add a luxury Volvo to your list of monthly subscriptions

When Volvo introduced the smallest member of its SUV line, the XC40, it wasn't the car that got all the attention. It was how the Swedish automaker planned on leasing it. With Care by Volvo, would-be XC40 drivers wouldn't invest $ 35,200 to own the al…
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Russia added to list of countries where Android Pay is available

Today Google announced Russia has become the 11th country where Android Pay is available for use. In their announcement, Google goes over all of the basics about Android Pay including things like how to use it with your device via NFC at a physical retailer or using the Android Pay button with online retailers. Like […]

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[Video] Google Pixel Phone: Wish List!

Ready for Google to announce the Pixel (Sailfish) and Pixel XL (Marlin)? We are! There are just a couple of things we’d like to see Google implement for its upcoming phones expected to replace the long-tenured Nexus line. Our Joshua Chopy, the new Talk Android video creator, put together a video highlighting what we’d like […]

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Amazon Alexa deals will make you shout out your shopping list

The folks at Amazon are clearly attempting to entice you into the dangerous world of shopping with voice commands. They're doing Alexa-exclusive deals for customers who shop through the company's Echo, Echo Dot and Tap speakers, starting today until…
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Wide list of BlackBerry apps get published on Google Play

BlackBerry_software_apps_PlayStore_screenshot_102615BlackBerry is getting ready to go near full-time Android. With pre-orders already being up in some countries/carriers for the Priv, BlackBerry seems to be in its final stages for its transition to Android.

Throughout the day you may have come across some new BlackBerry branded applications in the Play Store. In case you’re wondering, these are the real deal. BlackBerry listed several apps today including a BlackBerry Launcher, BlackBerry Camera, BlackBerry Password, BlackBerry Keyboard, DTEK, BlackBerry Services and exFAT. One could now assume that BlackBerry has finished its final stage in terms of software and is moving forward with its big ecosystem transition. However, not all apps can be downloaded from any Android device, so are limited to what we assume for now is just the Priv handset. If you want to take a look at what is available, you can search BlackBerry Limited on the Play Store to find them.

All that BlackBerry has done could soon pay off, however it also has the chance to backfire. It’ll be interesting to see if the market has a response to this major change. What do you think? Is it too little too late?

Source: BlackBerry Central

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Everything Microsoft revealed at its Windows 10 Devices event in one helpful list

At a NYC event on Oct. 6, Microsoft revealed a whole batch of new Windows 10 devices, including new Surfaces, Lumias, and a New Microsoft Band. We’ve got all the details in one helpful list.

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