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Mother’s Day is coming up fast – here are some deals to make you look good this year

If you want to avoid stopping off at the gas station shop to hastily pick up some chocolates and flowers for your Mom this coming Mother’s Day (May 8th), we’ve got some deals for you after the break that will help make her life easier and make you look good too. Whether it’s a new […]

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3D CT scans make even ketchup caps look cool

See that picture up there? It may look like something out of Tron or Blade Runner, but it's actually a CT scan — of a Heinz ketchup cap. A group of "deeply curious engineers" is scanning different types of items every month to give us a deeper appreciation of various engineering marvels surrounding us in every day life. The latest batch of scans includes a Heinz squeeze-bottle cap that took its inventor 185,000 hours and 45 prototypes to finalize. It's quite a complex assembly, which allows for the ketchup to be stored upside-down without leaking — the design was even licensed to NASA to create leak-proof containers for its astronauts.

In addition to the Heinz bottle cap, the team also scanned a Sriracha nozzle that had such a distinctive design, the family behind the hot sauce chose to trademark it. The engineers scanned a Vita Coco bottle cap, as well, confirming that the foil inside does indeed remain intact until the cap's miniature saw does its job when you open it for the first time. Who knew food packaging could be this fascinating?

Back in December, the team scanned three different AirPods to show how Apple's wireless earbuds have evolved. You'll see how the tech giant kept rearranging the earbuds' internal components over the years, giving each generation a complete redesign. A month later, the team uploaded scans of Nintendo's handheld consoles from the Game Boy to the Switch. Seeing the original Game Boy's processor, which was apparently slower than a TI-83 calculator's, will give you a new appreciation of how far handheld gaming has come. Finally, in February, the team scanned a handful of Polaroid and Fujifilm instant cameras, showcasing their complex internal components and how the small devices can print on pretty large films.

 You can see all all team's 3D scans on their website, where all future projects will most likely be uploaded. 

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Poco’s X4 Pro will look familiar to fans of another phone

The Poco X4 Pro has a 108-megapixel camera and a striking design, but the specifications are otherwise identical to a different phone.
Android | Digital Trends

SpaceX shows what a Starship launch would look like

Elon Musk has given SpaceX's first huge Starship update in years, and during his presentation, the company showed off what a launch with the massive launch system would look like. The Starship system is composed of the Starship spacecraft itself on top of a Super Heavy booster. SpaceX is working towards making it rapidly and fully reusable so as to make launches to the Moon and to Mars feasible. After making its way outside our planet, the booster will break off and return to its launch tower, where it will ideally be caught by the tower arms. As for the spacecraft, it will proceed to its destination before making its way back to Earth. 

Musk said the booster will spend six minutes in the air over all, two upon ascent and four for its return trip. In the future, the system could be reused every six to eight hours for three launches a day. SpaceX says achieving a fully and rapidly reusable system is "key to a future in which humanity is out exploring the stars." Musk also talked about how in-orbit refilling — not "refueling," since the vehicle's Raptor engines use more liquid oxygen than fuel — is essential for long-duration flights. 

The Super Heavy booster, Musk said, has more than twice the thrust of a Saturn V, the largest rocket to ever head to space so far. In its current iteration, it has 29 Raptor engines, but it could eventually have 33. Speaking of those engines, Raptor version 2 is a complete redesign of the first, costs half as much and needs fewer parts. The company is capable of manufacturing five to six a week at the moment, but it could apparently be capable of producing as many as seven by next month. 

Aside from being able to carry hundreds of tons, the Starship could revolutionize space travel if SpaceX can truly make launches as affordable as Musk said it could. He revealed during the event that a Starship launch could cost les than $ 10 million per flight, all in, within two to three years. That's significantly less than a Falcon 9 launch that costs around $ 60 million. 

SpaceX wants to launch the Starship from its Boca Chica, Texas facility called Starbase, where it's been building the rocket's prototype. It has yet to secure approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to do so, and Musk said the company doesn't know where things stand with the agency exactly. However, there's apparently a rough indication that the FAA will be come with its environmental assessment in March. SpaceX also expects the rocket to be ready by then, which means Starship's first orbital test flight could be on the horizon. 

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The future of sustainability: A look at the next evolution of environmental tech

Sustainable energy tech has come a long way in the past decade, but we’ve still got a long road ahead if we hope to slow climate change. Here’s what’s next
Emerging Tech | Digital Trends

The future of manufacturing: A look ahead to the next era of making things

The way we make things — from cars to shoes to dental floss — has changed dramatically over the past few generations. Here’s what could change next.
Emerging Tech | Digital Trends

Fox Sports used a Sony A7R IV to give NFL broadcasts a cinematic look

Fox Sports used a Sony A7R IV during a broadcast to give NFL fans a more intimate and cinematic experience, according to a tweet from NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo and article by Sports Video Group (SVG). The relatively inexpensive rig was deplo…

Is Samsung teasing what its next folding phones will look like?

Samsung is no stranger to staying at the forefront of technology, and they’ve long been a leader in display manufacturing. That paid off with the recent launch of foldable phones, which has seen Samsung take the crown from, well, pretty much everyone. They’re really one of the only manufacturers consistently making good foldable phones early […]

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ICYMI: An in-depth look at Apple’s MacBook Air M1

Although there weren’t quite as many new products to review this week as there were in the previous couple of weeks, the devices we did get our hands on were impressive. We put Apple’s new MacBook Air with M1 system-on-chip to the test, as well as AM…

Renault’s Mégane eVision concept offers a look at its future EV lineup

Renault has unveiled the Mégane eVision, a key concept car that previews not just the future Megane hatchback, but its entire EV lineup and others in the Renault/Nissan/Mitsubishi alliance. The styling is based on the Renault Morphoz concept along wi…
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Android 11 is official and these are the features you can look forward to

The stable build of Android 11 has just begun rolling out to Pixel handsets via OTA and as we wait for OEMs to launch public betas of this newest version of Android, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. This is entirely understandable because the world’s most popular mobile OS has reached […]

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Take an early 360° look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20

With under a month to go until Samsung finally takes the wraps off of its brand new Galaxy Note 20 series of smartphones on August 5th, a chronic leaker has given us our first 360° look at the base model. Showing off its curves in a grey finish with what seems to be a chunky […]

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The Morning After: A look at Dyson’s canceled electric car

The hopes and dreams of companies don’t always come true. The Nintendo PlayStation, that undersea electric railway, sometimes things just don’t work out. It’s always intriguing to see how far companies take research and prototypes before canning thei…
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OnePlus going all-in on 5G means fans can look forward to faster speeds and another price bump

5G was already the carrier’s favorite buzzword in 2019 and as coverage is slowly improving, it’s finally beginning to mean something to consumers. 2020 is going to be the year that smartphone manufacturers include 5G connectivity on all models in their flagship ranges, as we’ve already seen with OPPO’s X2 and X2 Pro that launched […]

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Get an early look at the Huawei P40 Pro and its new design

Huawei has already confirmed the existence of the P40 and P40 Pro, although I don’t think anyone seriously expected those phones to not be made, with or without Google apps. But so far, that’s all Huawei has said. We’re still rolling on leaks and rumors ahead of its March 2020 unveiling, but some new renders […]

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Introducing a fresh new look for YouTube on desktop and tablets

Starting today, we’re bringing you the new YouTube homepage — a design that brings more features to the viewing experience on Home to help you find the next great video to watch. The updated design will begin rolling out today across desktops and YouTube apps on Android and iOS tablets, and will be available to everyone soon. Here’s what you can expect to see:

More easily find the next great video to watch

This new look includes longer video titles and larger, richer thumbnails to give you clearer information about the video at a glance, plus higher resolution video previews. As part of this cleaner design, you’ll notice we’ve also removed some content shelves. You can still find rows of videos for breaking news, music mixes, and more.

When browsing on Home, you’ll also see channel icons below each video making it easier to recognize your favorite creators and content you love.

Customize what to watch next with your queue

You’ve told us you want a better way to queue up the next video to watch, so we’re introducing the option to add to queue on desktop. You can select a handful of videos to watch next without interrupting the video you’re currently watching. Videos in your queue won’t save after you’ve closed your browser, but you can always save videos to your permanent “Watch Later” playlist, too.

Remove suggestions from channels you don’t want to watch

We launched a feature on mobile earlier this year to make it even simpler for you to tell us to stop suggesting videos from a particular channel, and today we’re bringing this to desktop. Just select the three-dot menu next to a video on the homepage, then select “Don’t recommend channel.” After that, you should no longer see videos from that channel suggested to you on the YouTube homepage. You may still be able to find these videos if you search for them, or visit the channel page or Trending tab.

Coming soon: select topics to refine your Homepage and Up Next videos

Earlier this year, we added a new feature to the YouTube Android app that lets you select your favorite topics and customize your Home feed with related videos. We’ll be releasing it on desktop and tablets soon!

We’ve been experimenting with this updated design for a few months and — based on your input — have made dozens of improvements to the layout, most notably adjusting the thumbnail sizes and showing more videos on larger screens. We’re excited to roll this out to everyone, and we hope you’ll find the updated design and new features helpful as you navigate the incredible breadth of content available on YouTube.

Posted by Essam El-Dardiry, Senior Product Manager

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A first look at Disney+

Disney isn't holding anything back at its D23 Expo. The company kicked off the event on Thursday with a couple of major reveals, including that of its new Avenger Campus theme park and a Disney+ docu-series that will focus on the people behind its mo…
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Plex’s new desktop app packs a fresh look, streamlined downloads

Plex has a brand new app for Windows and Mac that offers a streamlined way to download the things you want to watch and listen to offline. The feature was previously called Sync, but it's now called Downloads — a much clearer term. Your downloads sh…
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Sling TV gets a new look on Apple TV and Roku

Sling TV has made some tweaks to its interface on Apple TV and Roku devices that should make for a better viewing experience. The company says the updates are in response to customer feedback, and should make it easier to sift through shows and movie…
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Taking a harder look at harassment

There have been a lot of questions over the last few days about our policies on harassment, particularly around two YouTube creators: Carlos Maza and Steven Crowder. These are important issues and we’d like to provide more details and context than is possible in any one string of tweets.

Since YouTube started 14 years ago, we have focused on providing a platform where anyone can broadcast themselves, connect with people, and share their voices and their experiences with the world. This has brought a lot of good — like Jouelzy, who founded the #smartbrowngirl movement to empower women of color, or MatPat, a gaming creator — who, along with his fans and other creators — raised over $ 200,000 to combat mental illness. But it has also created many challenges. One of the most important issues we face is around harassment. We enforce our policies here rigorously and regardless of the creator in question: In the first quarter of 2019, we removed tens of thousands of videos and accounts for violation of our policies on cyberbullying and harassment. We also removed hundreds of millions of comments, many of which were flagged and removed due to harassment.

That said, policies need to keep up with current problems. One particular challenge we face more and more these days is creator-on-creator harassment. It’s an issue that Susan addressed in her latest creator letter. We update our policies on an ongoing basis to make sure they’re current. Just today, we took another step in our fight against hate speech and our responsibility to reduce the spread of harmful borderline content. As mentioned, one of our upcoming projects will reexamine our harassment policy, as well.

As an open platform, we sometimes host opinions and views that many, ourselves included, may find offensive. These could include edgy stand-up comedy routines, a chart-topping song, or a charged political rant — and more. Short moments from these videos spliced together paint a troubling picture. But, individually, they don’t always cross the line.

There are two key policies at play here: harassment and hate speech. For harassment, we look at whether the purpose of the video is to incite harassment, threaten or humiliate an individual; or whether personal information is revealed. We consider the entire video: For example, is it a two-minute video dedicated to going after an individual? A 30-minute video of political speech where different individuals are called out a handful of times? Is it focused on a public or private figure? For hate speech, we look at whether the primary purpose of the video is to incite hatred toward or promote supremacism over a protected group; or whether it seeks to incite violence. To be clear, using racial, homophobic, or sexist epithets on their own would not necessarily violate either of these policies. For example, as noted above, lewd or offensive language is often used in songs and comedic routines. It’s when the primary purpose of the video is hate or harassment. And when videos violate these policies, we remove them.

Not everyone will agree with the calls we make — some will say we haven’t done enough; others will say we’ve gone too far. And, sometimes, a decision to leave an offensive video on the site will look like us defending people who have used their platforms and audiences to bully, demean, marginalize or ignore others. If we were to take all potentially offensive content down, we’d be losing valuable speech — speech that allows people everywhere to raise their voices, tell their stories, question those in power, and participate in the critical cultural and political conversations of our day.

Even if a creator’s content doesn’t violate our community guidelines, we will take a look at the broader context and impact, and if their behavior is egregious and harms the broader community, we may take action. In the case of Crowder’s channel, a thorough review over the weekend found that individually, the flagged videos did not violate our Community Guidelines. However, in the subsequent days, we saw the widespread harm to the YouTube community resulting from the ongoing pattern of egregious behavior, took a deeper look, and made the decision to suspend monetization. In order to be considered for reinstatement, all relevant issues with the channel need to be addressed, including any videos that violate our policies, as well as things like offensive merchandise.

In the coming months, we will be taking a hard look at our harassment policies with an aim to update them — just as we have to so many policies over the years — in consultation with experts, creators, journalists and those who have, themselves, been victims of harassment. We are determined to evolve our policies, and continue to hold our creators and ourselves to a higher standard.

—Chris Dale, YouTube

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A closer look at the Bose 700 noise-cancelling headphones

As great as the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones sound, let's be real: they look like they were designed for dads on a business trip. And listen, as someone who's into the whole chunky, dad-shoe trend, I'm not here to judge if you're into their des…
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Get an up-close look at SpaceX’s latest Starhopper test

Now that SpaceX started test firings and short "hop" tests on the launch pad at its Boca Chica, Texas site, it's apparently comfortable enough to show off the results. Tonight Elon Musk — apparently unbothered by an internal investigation or ongoing…
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Take a look inside our YouTube House

It’s morning here at the YouTube House in New York City, and we’re getting ready for a packed day inside our first-ever experiential house.

It’s a pop-up, and since we know most of you are tuning in from far away, we wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes tour of our temporary digs. In the video below, you’ll see how YouTube isn’t just a place for watching random videos, but a community where people congregate for music, fitness, food, culture, and so much more.

See if you can spot some guest appearances from The Fitness Marshall and Laura in the Kitchen, too!

— The YouTube Team

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A closer look at Vivo’s all-glass, port-free concept 5G phone

Picture this: you're holding two glossy all-glass concept phones for a photo, then one slips off and shatters another unit on the table. The room goes quiet. Everyone looks on in awe. You are left red-faced not because you broke a phone, but because…
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How Aardman made a WWI game look like an oil painting

Most video games set in the First or Second World War shoot for gritty realism. In Battlefield 1, for instance, there's an extraordinary amount of detail in every uniform, firearm and mud-filled trench. It's the visual fidelity, paired with addictive…
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iOS icon provides clearest look yet at iPad Pro with Face ID

You don't have to rely on tiny icons or word-of-mouth leaks to know what the next iPad Pro will look like — Apple has provided a good clue all on its own. The 9to5Mac team has discovered an iOS icon that shows the 2018 iPad Pro in much clearer deta…
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AI-altered video makes it look like you can dance

Can't pop-lock or Lindy Hop to save your life? Don't worry — AI could soon make it look like you're a dance superstar. UC Berkeley researchers have developed a deep learning system that translates dance moves from a source video to less-than-experie…
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A closer look at Sonos Beam: Smaller, smarter and more connected

Sonos just announced the Beam, a smaller, smarter Playbar. It's all good and well to see it on stage, but what does it sound like? Luckily I just got to spend some time with it to find out — and on first pass it feels like a winner. Not just for the…
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Netflix offers a first look at Michelle Wolf’s weekly talk show

Netflix sure has a knack for timing — while Michelle Wolf was busy running the show at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, the streaming service posted the first trailer for her weekly talk show The Break. The clip (which has Wolf fighting rele…
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Camila Cabello: ‘Made in Miami.’ A behind-the-scenes look at the ‘Havana’ star conquering the globe

YouTube is proud to present Camila Cabello’s “Made in Miami,” an Artist Spotlight Story created in collaboration with the rising superstar that gives an intimate and personal look at her journey, from arriving in Miami to topping the global charts.

Directed by Tabitha Denholm and released today on YouTube, “Made in Miami” is the story of Camila Cabello’s path from arriving in Miami as a kid, carrying nothing but a backpack and a few toys, to becoming a global star with over 2.5 billion combined YouTube views and the biggest record in the world.

Boldy striking out on her own this year to follow her dreams, breakout artist Camila Cabello released a stunning debut solo album and created her iconic music video for “Havana,” a global smash which has garnered well over a billion views across YouTube since its release.

The unstoppable hit has been the #1 song on the YouTube Music Global Top 100 for every week of 2018 and earned massive views in countries including the United States (332 million), Brazil (132 million), the Philippines (120 million), Mexico (100 million), the United Kingdom (91 million) and Germany (72 million). Cabello’s hit is currently the most-viewed track of 2018 on YouTube, both globally and in over 30 individual countries.

“I knew I wanted to make a song called ‘Havana’ to honor my heritage — it’s a love letter to that,” Camila Cabello explains in her Artist Spotlight Story “Made in Miami.” “I’m super proud to represent the Latin community and just super proud of my family and their story, and of who I am.”

Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Camila gravitated to singing at an early age, eventually turning to YouTube to help build her audience. “Something clicked for me where I was like — this is a way to get into the singing thing, because you don’t need to have money to post a YouTube video.”

Uploads like her rendition of Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper” followed, foreshadowing the singer’s future success on and off the platform. “I would get, like, two comments, and I would be like, ‘Oh my God!’” Camila explains of those early videos. “Posting those covers on YouTube definitely gave me a little bit more confidence.”

This led to her audition on Fox’s talent competition “The X Factor,” which of course led her to being selected as a member of the vocal group Fifth Harmony. Their brassy single “Worth It” became the first video by a girl group to reach a billion views, while runaway hit “Work from Home” became YouTube’s most popular video of 2016.

With the courage and talent to strike out on her own, she left the the group to write and produce her solo debut “Camila.” It is the video for the aforementioned “Havana” that best encapsulates Camila’s transformation to a global superstar.

“She wanted to tell a story,” explains Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s Global Head of Music of her video for “Havana.” “She was able to weave that story into her music video, showing how much creativity people can have on YouTube.”

For Camila, it is all part of the ongoing journey. “My family’s attitude of never setting limits on yourself,” the singer explains in “Made in Miami.” “That’s literally the reason there’s a camera here right now.”

“Made in Miami” captures Camila’s story with intimate videos and insights into an artist stepping out onto the world’s stage to tell her story on her own terms, and the world may never be the same.

“Our Artist Spotlight Stories are intimate and personal portraits of artists that give them the unique opportunity to share these special moments with fans,” added Cohen. “‘Made in Miami’ is just that.”

For more on Camila Cabello, stream her Artist Spotlight Story “Made in Miami” on YouTube now and tune into her livestream Q&A about the film with fans at noon ET.

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Take a first look at the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+

We’re very close to Samsung’s official Unpacked event for the Galaxy S9, which also means we’re right in the middle of rumor season. And, courtesy of Evan Blass, it looks like we have the biggest leak yet, confirming just about everything you’d want to know about Samsung’s upcoming pair of devices. As seen above, the […]

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Here’s a look at Sony’s upcoming Xperia XA2, XA2 Ultra and L2

Sony’s mid-range Xperia XA, XA Ultra and L models are about to get a refresh, and unfortunately it appears to be more of the same. The company’s design language has stagnated for what seems like an eternity, while the rest of the market has moved on with modern, cutting edge devices. Companies like LG and […]

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YouTube Rewind live with a look back at 2017

If you ever wondered what videos you wasted spent time watching on YouTube in 2017, the video platform has a report out that will help you figure out which branches of the rabbit hole you my have gone down. Google provides this YouTube Rewind report each as a way to portray some openness around the platform […]

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Introducing kid profiles, new parental controls, and a new exciting look for kids, which will begin rolling out today!

After talking to parents all over, we know that kids who love the YouTube Kids app are getting older and want a platform that’ll grow with them. Whether kids are watching Monster High, DC Kids, LEGO, learning their ABCs, or picking up the latest tricks in Minecraft, we want YouTube Kids to help. Here’s what’s new with YouTube Kids:

When you sign in with your Google account, you get:

  • Kid profiles to customize your kids’ experience: Now you can create a profile for each of your kids. Even better, kid profiles work across all different devices!
  • App design tailored to your kid’s age: When you enter a date of birth on the kid profile, YouTube Kids changes the way the app looks. Younger kids will get less text, while older kids will get more content on the home screens.
  • A new setup process: The new app parent setup process will give you detailed information to help you make the right choices for your family before your kids use the app.
  • Passcode for kids: Kids can set a secret passcode to get into their profile (and keep their brother or sister out). Don’t worry, you can always override their passcode.

Remember, our systems work hard to filter out more mature content from the app. But no system is perfect. If you find a video that you think should not be in the app, you can block it and flag it for review. This helps make YouTube Kids better for everyone.

YouTube Kids is now live in 37 countries, has more than 70 billion views in the app, and more than 11 million weekly active viewers.

We’re looking at ways to build an even better experience for families. Coming soon, we’ll give parents the option to have more content available in the app experience for their child. Our team is working to identify the most relevant content categories for tweens to make the app even more awesome.

*Not available in all markets. Kid profiles are available in the following markets: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, United States, Zimbabwe.

Balaji Srinivasan, YouTube Kids Engineering Director, recently watched Can you solve the magnet riddle? ft YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

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A new YouTube look that works for you

When YouTube launched 12 years ago, it was a single website that supported one video format, 320×240 at 4:3 aspect ratio. Fast forward to today, and YouTube lets you watch any combination of SD, HD, 4K, 360, 3-D, and live video on nearly every device with an internet connection – from desktops to phones, tablets to TVs, game consoles, and even VR headsets.

We’ve also introduced apps and services that give you new ways to watch and get even closer to the content and creators you love. Music fans, gamers, and TV lovers each have unique experiences specifically tailored for their favorite content with YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming and YouTube TV. For families looking for the best way to watch together, we launched the YouTube Kids app. And for fans who want an uninterrupted, ad-free experience, and exclusive original content from creators, there’s the YouTube Red membership.

To put it simply, YouTube’s evolved … a lot. And we’re not even close to done. Over the last few months we’ve started releasing updates and will continue to throughout the rest of the year. When all is said and done, we’ll bring a new level of functionality and a more consistent look across our desktop and mobile experiences.

Let’s start with the YouTube mobile app, which is getting a bunch of new features:

  • Clean new design: We’ve made the header white to let content take the lead and moved the navigation tabs to the bottom of the app so they’re closer to your thumbs. We also added new Library and Account tabs that give you easy access to what you’re looking for.
  • Videos that move with you: One of the things we’re working on is bringing gestures to YouTube. Earlier this year, we introduced a gesture that allows you to double tap on the left or right side of a video to fast forward or rewind 10 seconds. Give it a try! We already see billions of double taps per day. And I wanted to give you a sneak peek at another gesture I am really excited about. In the coming months, we’ll experiment with a feature that lets you jump between videos with a simple swipe of your hand: just swipe left to watch a previous video or swipe right to watch the next one.
  • Watch at your own pace: Users love that they are able to speed up and slow down the playback of a video on desktop, and we’re excited to bring this feature to the mobile app today, so you can enjoy videos at whatever speed you prefer.
  • Adapt to any video, beautifully: We’ve also been experimenting with new ways to display all videos in the best possible way. Soon, the YouTube player will seamlessly change shape to match the video format you’re watching, such as vertical, square or horizontal. That means you’ll always get the best viewing experience automatically – including vertical videos with no black bars on the sides!
  • Browse and discover while you watch: We recently added a feature that lets you view a row of suggested videos while you’re watching in full screen. We’re also working on transforming the area below the player so you can browse videos in totally new ways.

Looking beyond the YouTube app, we’ve also been working on a new desktop design. And thanks to all the positive feedback, we’re now excited to make it available to all our users around the globe starting today! Our new look applies Material Design to YouTube and delivers a fresh, simple and intuitive user experience that lets content shine – because there’s nothing more important than the creators and videos we all love to watch. My favorite feature of this new desktop design is Dark Theme, which turns the background dark while you watch for a more cinematic look.

Desktop evolution.gif

The bright red cherry on top of this update sundae is a refreshed YouTube Logo and YouTube Icon. Designed for our multi-screen world, the updated Logo combines a cleaned up version of the YouTube wordmark and Icon, creating a more flexible design that works better across a variety of devices, even on the tiniest screens. Why’s it more flexible? When room is limited (say on a smartphone) you can use the brightened up Icon as an abbreviated Logo, which will be seen more easily and read more clearly. You’ll see the new Logo and Icon roll out across mobile and desktop today, and across all our other apps and services soon.

We know this is a lot of change, but we want to make clear that there’s one thing that stays the same: YouTube’s mission. We’re here to give people a voice and show them the world – no matter what device they use.

Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer, recently watched “YouTube: What will you watch next?

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The Xperia XZ1 clearly belongs to Sony, just look at this leaked press render

This Xperia phone looks a lot like the rest of them. Mobile industry insider Roland Quandt took to Twitter to share an image of the upcoming Xperia XZ1. It’s a phone rumored to have a 5.2-inch Full HD (1920×1080) display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM, and a 19MP rear camera. All fairly standard specifications […]

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Twitter preparing to roll out new look, features on most platforms

All of Twitter’s platforms will be getting an update over the next few days and weeks, although iOS users may see the most change as the iOS client incorporates more of an Android look. Headlining the changes and the leading example of how Twitter is bringing the Android experience to iOS is a new side […]

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Hisense 4K TVs look for a place to fit on crowded shelves

At CES we were quite impressed by the Hisense lineup of smart TVs, and now the company says its 2017 models are arriving at retail. The H6D, H7D, H9D and H9D Plus series cover a range of price points and sizes, with 4K models ranging from the 43-inch…
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Newly leaked images give us a better look at the touchscreen-equipped Amazon Echo

We earlier saw a leaked thumbnail image of Amazon’s rumored and upcoming touchscreen-equipped Echo. Due to the quality of the photo, we weren’t able to garner many details from it, but now, thanks to Evan Blass, we’ve got a couple of newly leaked high quality images of the device. This photo does give us a more […]

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This might be our first look at the OnePlus 5

OnePlus has already said that it’s new flagship — the OnePlus 5 — will be launching this summer; however, we haven’t seen any leaked images of the device yet. Today that changes, as someone may have spotted the device on OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei’s Instagram Story. One user saw something a little odd posted to […]

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A sneak peek at YouTube’s new look and feel

YouTube is where you come to watch your favorite creators — whether that means jamming with Alex Aiono, gaming with Strawburry17, or hanging out with Logan Paul. That’s why we’re working on a redesign of the desktop experience that highlights your favorite videos and creators while making YouTube easier and more fun to use.

Starting today, we’re opening up a preview of the new design to a small group of people from all around the world so we can get feedback. While we hope you’ll love what we’ve been working on, we’re also really excited to involve the YouTube community so we can make the site even better before sharing it more broadly.

We’re applying Material Design to YouTube to deliver a beautiful, delightful and intuitive user experience. The key principles of this new design are:

  • Simplicity: The only thing you should be concerned about is watching the content you love. The new design is clean and fresh, thanks to the removal of visuals that can distract from your browsing or watching experience. We’re focused on making the content shine!
  • Consistency: The new design is aligned across Google platforms, including the YouTube mobile app, while still providing the features you know and love.
  • Beauty: We strive to combine beauty and purpose to create an effortless experience.

YouTube Collision_pg2.png

The site design is built on a new, faster framework named Polymer, which enables quicker feature development from here on out. And today, we are introducing one of the first new features developed on Polymer: Dark Theme. Developed to cut down on glare and let you take in the true colors of the videos you watch, Dark Theme turns your background dark throughout your entire YouTube experience. This is only the beginning — you can look forward to more powerful new features coming soon!

If you want to try out YouTube’s latest look, you can opt-in to preview the new design at You can return to the current design by selecting “Restore classic YouTube” from the Account Menu. And don’t forget to send us feedback from the Account Menu.

We’re still working on the new site, so we hope you’ll try it out now and let us know what you think!

Brian Marquardt, Product Manager, recently watched “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen/PIKO-TARO.”

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A look inside the budding battle between cyborg supply startups

Implantable technologies may drive the next billion dollar tech industry. A handful of startups want to get in on the ground floor, before tech giants take over. But they have a tough road ahead.

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The Fuoripista exercise bike may be more fun to look at than to ride

Italy’s Adriano Design conceived Fuoripista, a futuristic home exercise bicycle with an integrated tablet stand as a work of art. The piece is on display during the SaloneSatellite 20th-anniversary celebration.

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Eye-tracking glasses reveal what master pianists look at while they play

Ever wanted to experience what it is like to be a master pianist tickling the ivories? A new video gives a sense of what that might feel like, courtesy of wearable eye-tracking glasses.

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Look, but don’t touch? The watch industry’s old guard needs to smarten up, and soon

An air of overwhelming luxury, prestige, and exclusivity is almost constantly present at the massive watch industry show in Basel, Switzerland. The message from many brands is to look, but not to touch. If smart technology is going to be more widely adopted, this needs to change.

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The future of biometric tracking will make step counters look like antiques

The biometric wearable of the future could provide real-time feedback to either push the wearer to set a new personal best or hold back to prevent injury, providing a level of feedback that you would normally only get with a professional coach.

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To find its future, Hasselblad had to look back to its past

Hasselblad has left a difficult few years behind it, and launched a camera that takes its founder’s original vision and brings it right up to date. We visited the company and discovered the passion driving it forward.

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Want to find glasses that fit perfectly? Look into this 3D-scanning smart mirror

Fuel3D, a 3D scanning company, has developed an impressive new smart technology for retail optical locations that makes finding a pair of spectacles that fit perfectly as simple as glancing in the mirror.

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Here’s our first look at Panasonic’s video-centric GH5

Panasonic held it's Photokina 2016 press conference today and finally spilled the beans on the 4K GH5, the successor to its popular GH4. The big news was 10-bit 4K capture at up to 60 fps, and even up to 6K — but only for short photo bursts. We also…
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Limited edition, Olympic Apple Watch bands look awesome, but will prove hard to get

Apple will make special, limited edition straps for the Apple Watch in designs inspired by the national flags of different countries competing in the upcoming Olympic Games. They’re just $ 50 each, but you’re going to need to be at the Games to grab one.

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