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A second Apple Store union election will take place next month

Employees at an Apple Store in Towson, Maryland have set a date for their union election. Workers at the Towson Town Center location will vote in person over four days, starting on June 15th.

The organizers call themselves Coalition of Organized Retail Employees (AppleCore). They're aiming to unionize with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. 

In a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the group said "a solid majority" of staff supports the union drive. They said they are organizing "because of a deep love of our role as workers within the company and out of care for the company itself." They want "access to rights that we do not currently have" and for Apple to apply the same neutrality agreements it has with suppliers to workers, "so that as employees we can obtain our rights to information and collective bargaining that the law affords us through unionization."

They will be the second group of Apple Store workers to stage a union election. Those at the Cumberland Mall location in Atlanta will vote in early June on whether to join the Communications Workers of America (CWA).

Employees at Apple Stores other than the Towson and Atlanta locations are conducting union drives as well. Workers at the Grand Central Terminal store in New York City have been collecting signatures for a union vote.

While Apple has agreed to the elections in Maryland and Georgia, the company is reportedly fighting unionization efforts. It's said to have hired the same anti-union law firm as Starbucks. The company has also reportedly used anti-union talking points in pre-shift meetings at some locations. This week, workers at two stores accused Apple of union busting in Unfair Labor Practice filings.

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All the new tech that blew our reviewers away this month

The best tech we reviewed in April 2022 includes OLED TVs, mice, a handheld gaming device, and much more.
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The free trial of Apple Music was quietly reduced to a single month

Since its debut in 2015, Apple Music has offered one of the more generous free trial periods in the streaming industry. As a first-time subscriber, you could use the platform to listen to music for free for up to three months before the company asked you to start paying. That’s no longer the case.

Apple Music
Igor Bonifacic / Engadget

In a change spotted by Japanese blog Mac Otakara and subsequently reported by MacRumors, Apple now offers a shorter one-month free trial in many countries where the service is available, including the US, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and Japan. You can already see the change reflected on the Apple Music website. “One month free, then $ 9.99 per month,” the US portal says when you visit.

At the moment, Apple Music pricing remains the same, with the $ 5 per month Voice Plan as the most affordable way to access the platform’s library of tracks. The change broadly aligns Apple with competitors like Spotify, which, outside of promos, typically offer one-month free trials to new subscribers.

While we’ll likely never know Apple’s official reason for shortening the trial, there’s a good chance the decision came down to simple economics. When the company first came out with Apple Music, it didn’t pay royalties for tracks users streamed during their free trial period. Apple later famously changed that policy after Taylor Swift published a letter criticizing the company. By shortening the trial period, the company can more quickly recoup the costs of attracting new subscribers to the platform. 

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Garmin Instinct 2 series tipped to launch next month

Garmin has several smartwatch launches in the pipeline this year. One of the most anticipated — the Instinct 2 — is expected to arrive in February 2022.
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Taco Bell’s Xbox Game Pass-style pass will put a taco in your belly daily for $10 a month

The Taco Lover’s Pass will let you pick between seven popular items on the menu every day for just $ 10 a month through the mobile app.
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T-Mobile lures subscribers with 500GB of Google One cloud storage for $5 a month

T-Mobile’s lures more subscribers with a new, exclusive Google One plan for customers, offering 500GB of storage for just $ 5 a month.
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Google is going to slow YouTube down for the next month

With everyone staying indoors and practicing social distancing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen some sites and services degrade video quality to deal with the boost in traffic that they’re getting. As of right now it’s mostly just affected Europe, but Google has announced they’ll be throttling YouTube video streams across the […]

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Last month was the hottest January on record

In 141 years of climate records, January 2020 was the hottest January yet, according to scientists from NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information. Global land and ocean surface temperatures were 2.05 degrees Fahrenheit (1.14 degrees Celsi…
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Google Assistant picks up some holiday tricks, makes it easy to track Santa all month long

Google is teaming up with the North Pole again this year, and they’re making it really easy to track Santa’s progress as we get closer to Christmas. There are tons of Google Assistant games to play, GIFs to share, and even a snowbox to build your own 3D winter wonderland. Not everything will be available […]

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Would you pay a $10 subscription every month for a pair of high-end headphones?

Headphones can be expensive. High-quality headphones can be really expensive. If you really wanted a nice set, would you be willing to pay a monthly fee for a rental service on a pair? That’s exactly what Nura is offering. They’re an Australian company that’s developed a pretty snazzy pair of headphones, and they apparently offer […]

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Huawei’s Mate X folding smartphone could finally launch next month

First revealed during MWC 2019 back in February, Huawei’s Mate X folding smartphone has been the subject of delays and rumored tweaks, which is understandable when you consider the issues that Samsung has faced with its Galaxy Fold. While an exact date has yet to be announced, it seems that the Huawei’s Mate X could […]

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Eero will now block ads on your home network for just $2.99 per month

Eero is a pretty powerful mesh network system that was recently scooped up by Amazon. So far we haven’t seen any drastic changes in Eero’s software or hardware, with the router sticking to its premium price point. But one thing that made Eero unique was its Eero Plus subscription, which runs $ 9.99 per month and […]

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Audi delays E-Tron SUV by a month over software bugs

Audi's E-Tron SUV has seemingly been in development for ages, but you're going to have to wait longer still to see it on the road. The automaker has delayed the electric SUV's arrival by four weeks due a "software development issue," a spokesman tol…
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Google and OnePlus are teaming up for a “Crackables” game later this month

OnePlus has teamed up with Google to create a game/challenge called Crackables, and it starts on September 18th. And aside from that, that’s pretty much all we know. The only way we can describe it right now is mysterious. OnePlus’s twitter feed is full of short snippets of videos and pictures related to cracking some […]

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OnePlus 6 review, one month in: Still a flagship killer?

OnePlus has never shied away from taking on the giants of the mobile industry dating all the way back to the original OnePlus One device, which offered killer hardware and specs at a fraction of the price of your typical flagship smartphone. That philosophy has changed a bit over the years (and we’ve certainly complained […]

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Steam Link and Steam Video are making their way to Android TV and smartphones this month

If you’re a big PC gamer, you’ve probably heard of or used Valve’s Steam Link for streaming your games to a television. It’s a useful little gadget that saves you the hassle of running long HDMI cables all over your house, especially if you have a decent router. I’ve invested in two of them already, […]

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#CreateBlackHistory: Celebrating Black History Month with YouTube.

Over the past year, we’ve seen historic examples of “firsts” in so many different areas of society and Black History literally being made every single day. This month, and every month, I’m inspired by the future faces of Black History on this platform–incredible artists, musicians, beauticians and comedians like Todrick Hall, Ari Fitz, Andrea’s Choice, and TPindell. That’s why, this Black History Month, we are excited to celebrate these awesome creators by having them share who inspires them every day.

To recognize these contemporary history-makers in the making, we asked 28 different YouTube creators to tell us who they believe is creating Black History. Each day this month, we’ll publish one of those videos as a Reel on YouTube Spotlight channel.

In addition to our daily videos, we’ll share a new playlist each week of February, celebrating the luminaries who have been making Black History of late.

Celebrate Black History Month with us by visiting on your phone and swiping over to the Reels tab. And after watching the Reels, tell us who inspires you with the hashtag #CreateBlackHistory.

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Udacity’s ‘flying car’ engineering course starts next month

Flying cars have always been a goalpost of the future, but last year companies like Toyota, Airbus, DeLorean and Volvo's parent company invested in or announced plans to get their own units flying soon. If you wanted to get in on the ground floor of…
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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

This past Friday marked the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month, which started nearly 50 years ago to celebrate the rich history of Hispanics in the U.S. and the tremendous impact they’ve had on American culture and society. This year, we want to celebrate everyone who identifies as part of the Hispanic and/or Latinx community by shining a light on the amazing content that they produce on YouTube. YouTube is overflowing with stories that are rich in Latinx and Hispanic culture and perspective – and it includes voices that span a vibrant spectrum of backgrounds and experiences.

Through humor, beauty, food, music and much more, Hispanic and Latinx creators make an impact every day. They set trends, define American culture, and connect with millions of fans all at the same time. For example, just last month, Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” became the most-watched video of all time on YouTube. But while Latin music is one of the fastest growing communities on the platform, music is only one small part of a rich catalog of stories Hispanic and Latinx creators are making and sharing. We’d like to take a moment to highlight a few of those creators here:

Lele Pons, a breakout star of 2017, showcases her pride for her heritage through humorous videos depicting what being Latinx means to her. Using humor to connect with people of all backgrounds, Lele has grown her audience to over 5 million subscribers with viral comedy videos and collabs that range from high school scenes to telenovela parodies and the hilarious Training to be a Latina. Similarly, Eric Ochoa (SUPEReeeGO), frequently parodies his experiences of growing up Mexican and was recently featured in the YouTube Red show, “Single by 30.” Like Lele, he’s taught us that exploring your background and viewpoint is a great way to build a global community of allies (and subscribers). The popularity of their content on YouTube indicates the community’s desire to see a world online that more authentically represents the world in which we live.

Many Hispanic and Latinx creators are also driving major trends on the platform. Slime videos, for example, were one of the biggest trends on YouTube this year, and DIY guru Karina Garcia was one of the key influencers driving the popularity of this category, with wildly popular videos like this one. Overall, her slime videos have amassed a whopping 225 million views. Beyond slime, she continues to connect with her community with life hack videos covering a huge range of subjects.

Beauty remains one of the top content categories on the platform and tastemaker Manny Mua has not only disrupted the beauty world, but he has also redefined the concept of “beauty guru.” Renowned for his gorgeous makeup tutorials, Manny was recently named Maybelline’s first ever male brand ambassador.

These creators represent just a few examples from a diverse community of Hispanic and Latinx voices on YouTube whose experiences, perspectives, stories and voices all drive a broader connected community. You can find videos from them and other Hispanic and Latinx influencers by visiting all month, with new playlists debuting every Monday through October 9. We also want to highlight fresh new content to include in this playlist, so tag your uploads #HHM or #HispanicHeritageMonth and you may see your video featured.

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Hack into a world of cyberpunk horror next month in ‘Observer’

If you think things are unendurably awful in the world today, maybe don't play Observer when it hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux on August 15th. Observer follows one of the darkest paths at humanity's feet, imagining a 2084 where corp…
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Google offering Play Music and YouTube Red 4 month trials to some users

If you have never been a subscriber to Google’s Play Music or YouTube Red services, Google is hoping to lure you into giving them a try with a slightly better trial period than normal. Usually new subscribers can get 2 months of either service for free before the monthly charges kick in. However, the Google Play […]

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YouTube hits 1.5 billion viewers per month, introduces new share and dynamic adapt features

New features for YouTube were introduced alongside the announcement of a major milestone. Every month there are 1.5 billion logged in viewers on YouTube, which Google says is about 20% of the world’s population. These viewers are watching an hour per day on mobile devices alone. That should mean the 1 billion hours of video […]

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Hungry for Nougat? OnePlus 3 gets it this month

Sure, OnePlus’ software is among the best in the world because of its simple and clean presentation. A problem exists, though. Getting software updates out in a timely manner has been extremely difficult for the company. With every device, OnePlus just takes so long to go from testing to rolling out. If you were thinking […]

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DirecTV Now will be $35 per month for 100 channels

AT&T’s live television streaming service powered by DirecTV will launch next month with a price on the same level as the competition. The upcoming service, known as DirecTV Now, was teased by AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes during the duo’s appearance at WSJD Live. While the focus of their appearance […]

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Samsung’s Gear 360 officially gets released in the US later this month

Did you forget about Samsung’s Gear 360? You’d be forgiven if you did, since Samsung went almost completely silent on the little camera after its announcement with the Galaxy S7. Well, fast forward a few months to the launch of the next Galaxy phone, and the tentative release date for the US version of the […]

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Guess how much AT&T is raising the data caps for U-Verse and GigaPower next month

AT&T said that it’s increasing the data caps of its U-Verse and GigaPower Internet services in August. The company seems to be feeling generous, as it increased the caps once this year already. Customers will be informed by email and other means.

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Bad news Poké-players, that Pokémon Go Plus wearable isn’t coming out this month

Nintendo has crushed the dreams of many Pokémon Go players, and said the fun Pokémon Go Plus Bluetooth accessory (that may help conserve your phone’s battery) has been delayed, and won’t arrive until September.

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Catch the big ads from the Big Game all month long

The YouTube AdBlitz is back, which means that the Super Bowl ad season is officially underway. Last year, you watched more than 6.3 million hours’ worth of Super Bowl ads on YouTube. That’s enough time for you to fly from Phoenix to the moon and back 87,500 times, watch every NFL game in history 138 times, or listen to Katy Perry’s “Roar” 84M times. In other words … there are a lot of you who watch football for the ads!

The cutest puppy in history, British villains driving sports cars, and iconic music sensations were some of the big winners on YouTube AdBlitz last year. Will there be new contenders this year, or will the powerhouses reign supreme?

Here’s the full rundown of what you’ll find on this year’s AdBlitz channel:

  • Teasers: Super Bowl ads were watched more than 160M times on YouTube before last year’s game even began. Commercials that were released on YouTube before they aired during the game drove approximately 2.5X more views on average than commercials that were released on game day. Once again, YouTube will host a teaser gallery where people can watch advertiser submitted pregame ads all in one place.
  • Game Day Commercials: You’ll also find all the advertiser-submitted game-day commercials on our YouTube AdBlitz channel uploaded as soon as the ad is aired on TV.
  • YouTube Halftime Show: For the first time, YouTube will host a Halftime Show produced in collaboration with Collective Digital Studio that will be live streamed on the AdBlitz Channel. Filmed at the YouTube Space in L.A., the show will feature more than 20 YouTube creators and musicians with over 60M combined subscribers including Harley Morenstein from EpicMealTime, Freddie Wong, Rhett and Link, Toby Turner and more.
  • Postgame Gallery: This year, we’re introducing a postgame content gallery where advertisers can continue the conversation with their audience by providing follow-on or behind-the-scenes footage of their Super Bowl spot.
  • Postgame Voting: Don’t forget to have your say on your favorite Super Bowl ad. After the game ends, visit the AdBlitz channel to vote for and share your favorite Super Bowl commercials. You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. ET on February 9 to cast your vote.

For the next month, YouTube is your go-to destination for all your Super Bowl ads entertainment. Visit from your smartphone, tablet or desktop to watch, share and vote for your favorite spots this season.

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LG’s new Nexus phone might arrive next month


Nexus devices typically launch in November, a time that coincides with the release of a new version of Android. This year, however, the wait may not be so long. A report from Korean media outlet MK Post claims that a Nexus device from LG will launch on September 29. What else does this mean? Android 6.0 Marshmallow is coming very soon.

The information regarding the approaching release date apparently comes from the same source that was correct about the Nexus 5’s arrival in 2014. While we cannot confirm the source’s validity, having a proven track record is certainly beneficial.

Huawei’s alleged Nexus device was not mentioned in the report.

Source: MK Post
Via: Ubergizmo

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Google’s solar plane crashed earlier this month

According to Bloomberg Business, the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating an incident wherein Google’s solar-powered Solara 50 plane reportedly crashed shortly after takeoff. The event occurred on May 1st at a private airfield outsid…
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