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LG’s Velvet and V60 are next to get access to Verizon’s Nationwide 5G

LG Velvet and V60 owners can look forward to an update rolling out over the next days that will add support for Verizon’s new Nationwide 5G network. The announcement comes after the carrier and Samsung enable access to the 5G network via a series of updates earlier this week. Once your LG Velvet or V60 […]

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Google says nationwide coronavirus website is in development

President Trump misspoke when he said Google was developing a national screening and test result site for potential coronavirus patients (that's just Verily's Bay Area pilot for now), but there was apparently a degree of truth involved. In a series…
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Starbucks plans nationwide delivery in the US with Uber Eats

More Americans will be able to take advantage of on-demand Frappuccinos. Starbucks announced today that it's expanding its partnership with Uber Eats, aiming for nationwide delivery by early 2020. Currently, only 11 cities offer the service; Boston,…
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Ford is taking its GoRide patient transport service nationwide

Ford has slowly but surely been expanding GoRide's reach ever since it launched the non-emergency medical transportation service. Now, the automaker has revealed its plans to deploy the system to 40 cities nationwide over the next four years after a…
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YouTube TV’s gearing up for the Big Game and going nationwide

Nearly two years ago, we launched YouTube TV, a new and reimagined way to enjoy cable-free live TV on your terms. Since then, we’ve been working to make sure that people in the top 100 markets in the United States can watch their favorite sports, news, and showswithout the hassles that come with traditional cable TV. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re bringing this experience to the rest of the country. YouTube TV is going nationwide!

Just in time for the Big Game, you can now bring together some tasty game day snacks with the full experience of YouTube TV. That’s exciting news for living rooms, cord-cutters, and cord-nevers in neighborhoods far and wide, from Bozeman to Gainesville, Anchorage to Yuma, and Erie to Topeka.

We’re rolling out YouTube TV to 95 markets starting today, covering over 98 percent of households in the United States. The remainder will follow shortly thereafter. You can see the latest list in our FAQs.

Since YouTube TV’s early days, it’s been important for us to create an experience that brings you the best of your favorite TV content. As part of that effort, we’ve offered local feeds from broadcasters, allowing you to catch up with the content that matters to you. With this national expansion, we’re providing complete local affiliate coverage by providing local feeds from the four largest broadcasters in over 90 percent of the markets where YouTube TV is available. Here’s what this means: more game-winners from your hometown favorite, more breaking news and stories you need to know, and overall, a more relevant TV experience.

Just as a quick reminder, YouTube TV offers cable-free live TV through a simple, best-in-class, and hassle-free experience. It includes:

  • Over 60 networks, such as ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Plus, popular cable networks like TNT, TBS, CNN, ESPN, FX and on-demand programming.
  • A cloud DVR with no storage space limits. This enables subscribers to record live TV and never run out of storage space. Also, you can record shows simultaneously without using data or space on your device.
  • The ability to watch YouTube TV on any screen – mobile devices, tablets, computers and TVs. 
  • Six accounts per household. Every YouTube TV membership comes with six accounts, each with its own unique recommendations and a personal DVR with no storage space limits.
  • Half the cost of cable with zero commitments. A YouTube TV membership is only $ 40 a month and there are no commitments – you can cancel anytime.

So prep those buffalo wings, get ready for some memorable commercials, and kick back and enjoy the award-winning, cable-free live TV service people love. We’re excited and committed to continue making YouTube TV the live TV experience that’s tailor-made for you. And to all our new neighbors and members—welcome to the family!

Posted by Ben Moores, Program Manager, YouTube TV, who will be rooting for L.A. next Sunday

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Walmart Pay to launch in selected WalMart stores this week, rolling out nationwide by mid-2016

Walmart_Pay (2)

When we think about the various services we can use to pay for groceries with our smartphones, there’s a good chance that Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and Apple Pay are the three most common options. It seems other companies want a slice of the mobile payments pie as well, though. One of which is Walmart, that has just announced its own payment service imaginatively called ‘Walmart Pay’, launching in selected stores in the US from Thursday. Walmart Pay is expected to become available nationwide (US) by the first half of 2016.  

Available to use on both iOS and Android devices, Walmart Pay will be present in the retailer’s app, allowing payments from all the usual suspects. Basically, Walmart Pay works by simply setting up the payment method in the app, and after you’ve scanned through your items at the check-out, you just have to take your smartphone out, open the app and scan the QR code shown on the check-out display. The app then makes the payment electronically, and an e-receipt is available to view in the app.

In a video call with Reuters, the senior vice president of services, Daniel Eckert, did say that Walmart is in talks with mobile wallet developers, but wouldn’t mention any specifics. While the US supermarket chain says Walmart Pay was developed independently, CurrentC is a “possible mobile wallet addition” to the service.

Finally, where is the originality in the naming of all these mobile payment services? Does everything have to end with ‘Pay‘? What do you think of Walmart Pay? Would you use it?


Source: Reuters

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