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Rivian opens its first three ‘Adventure Network’ fast charging sites

When Rivian drivers do eventually get on the road, they’ll have their pick of charging networks including a brand new one from the EV truckmaker itself. Rivian announced on Monday that the first three sites of its burgeoning “Adventure Network” of Level 3 fast DC chargers are coming online and will be accessible to nearly every other EV on the road, regardless of who makes it. 

The first station opened in Salida, Colorado with four chargers capable of delivering 200 kW of power — that’s about 140 miles of range for an R1T in 20 minutes — in addition to the existing set of Level 2 chargers. Rivian will officially open the other stations in Inyokern and Bishop, California, later in the week. 

You’ve probably never heard of any of these towns unless you frequent Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Forest, Mammoth Lakes or Death Valley National Park. Similar to Jeep’s efforts to install charging stations at trailheads, Rivian’s Adventure Network seeks to add fast charging capabilities along both popular cross-country routes and also near national parks and other out-of-the way locations.  


“We designed Rivian charging to support electrified adventure, and these first sites demonstrate how we’re enabling drivers to responsibly reach some of the nation’s most breathtaking natural spaces,” Trent Warnke, Rivian’s Senior Director of Energy and Charging Solutions, said in a statement. “In addition to scenic or off-the-beaten-path destinations, our fast charging rollout is designed to ensure travelers have places to charge along major transportation corridors coast to coast.” To that end, the company hopes to install some 3,500 chargers at 600 sites nationwide.

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Twitch opens up ads program to more streamers and increases payout

More Twitch streamers will find invites to join the platform's Ads Incentive Program now that the company is opening up the opportunity to welcome "more… Partners than ever." In addition, Twitch will stop paying streamers in the program using a fixed CPM structure — instead, it will use a percentage-based revenue share model to increase ad payouts. When the streaming service launched the program in February, it promised creators a flat payout every month based on the hours they stream and the ads they serve per hour. A user who agrees to stream 40 hours per month, for instance, will earn $ 300 if they run 3 minutes of ads per hour.

The idea behind the flat payout is to eliminate the guesswork for creators who'd rather know how much they'll earn for the month. With this new model, though, creators will get 55 percent of the revenue from every ad that runs on their stream. Twitch says that represents a 50 to 150 percent increase in ad pay rate for the vast majority of creators on the platform.

While this rollout is meant to bring more Partners, who need to meet a pretty demanding set of requirements, into the fold, smaller streamers will also be able to benefit from the higher revenue structure soon. Starting in August, qualifying affiliates can also earn more money from the 55/45 split by agreeing to run 3 minutes of ads per hour and activating the setting in their Ads Manager. Further, an affiliate who opts in will be able to stream free of pre-roll ads, or those ads that play as soon as a stream begins for a user. 

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SEC opens investigation into Elon Musk over possible insider trading

Elon Musk isn't about to catch a hoped-for break from the SEC any time soon. Sources for The Wall Street Journalclaim the SEC is investigating whether Musk and his brother Kimbal violated insider trading regulations with recent share sales. Officials are concerned Elon might have told Kimbal he planned to ask Twitter followers about selling Tesla stock, leading the brother to sell 88,500 shares just a day before the November 6th tweet. If so, the company chief might have broken rules barring employees from trading on undisclosed information.

Kimbal Musk has frequently traded Tesla stock at regular intervals under a plan. He didn't on November 5th, according to an SEC filing.

We've asked the SEC for comment. Tesla isn't available for comment as it disbanded its communications team sometime in 2020. Musk clearly isn't on friendly terms with the Commission, however, as he said a day earlier that he "will finish" a fight he believed the SEC started.

If the report is accurate, the investigation will add more tension to a years-long feud. It began in 2018, when the SEC took action against Musk over tweets about taking the company private. While Musk agreed to a settlement that included approval requirements for any financially relevant social media posts, that wasn't the end of the fight between the two. The SEC has been looking into Musk's tweets over the past few years over concerns production-related tweets weren't approved, and just days ago subpoenaed Tesla for information on the EV maker's processes for honoring the 2018 settlement.

Musk has publicly sparred with the SEC at the same time. This year, he accused the regulator of conducting a "harassment campaign" that unfairly singled him out and excluded the court from monitoring. The SEC denied the accusations. Whatever the truth behind those claims, it's safe to presume Musk won't welcome any new investigation with open arms.

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Google opens up Play Store payments in South Korea in response to legislation

In response to new legislation, Google will now let developers in South Korea implement support for third-party payment systems.
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Netflix opens up its educational documentaries for public use

Some good news out of Netflix — while parents and teachers alike are scrambling to figure out how to keep kids educated and stimulated while schools are closed, the streaming giant now has a way to help. Previously, Netflix allowed teachers to stream educational documentaries for their kids inside the classroom. That’s…obviously become a little […]

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Razer’s largest store yet opens in Las Vegas on September 7th

Soon, you won't have to make a pilgrimage to San Francisco if you're determined to visit a Razer store in the US. The gaming giant is opening its largest store yet, and just its second in the US, at The LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas on September 7th….
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Tesla opens Vegas V3 Supercharger station powered by solar and battery

Tesla is opening a V3 Supercharger station right on the Las Vegas Strip. The automaker released a video today with more details about its newest charging site, located next to the LINQ hotel's High Roller ferris wheel. Drivers can take advantage of T…
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Google opens Android infotainment system to third-party media apps

Now that Google has a full-fledged car infotainment platform in Android Automotive, it's opening the door to apps built for that platform. As of Google I/O, developers will have the power to create media apps for Android Automotive-equipped cars lik…
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Apple opens in-app subscription discounts to existing users

In a ploy to keep people paying for apps, Apple will let developers offer discounted subscriptions to current and recent subscribers. Until now, developers could only offer freebies and introductory discounts to new users, which means that they could…
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Microsoft Launcher 5.2 opens up to beta testers with UI changes and better Microsoft Rewards integration

Microsoft may have totally abandoned Windows Phone but their Microsoft Launcher for Android is actually one of the better options for third-party launchers for your smartphone. It has a ton of extra features and integration with Microsoft services, and Microsoft frequently updates it with changes, fixes, and new stuff. The latest version of the launcher, […]

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Aronofsky’s VR series ‘Spheres’ opens to the public in NYC

The Darren Aronofsky-backed space-themed virtual reality series Spheres will finally be available for public viewing starting on January 18th. It'll debut as a VR experience viewed through Oculus Rift headsets at the Rockefeller Center in NYC, with s…
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Google opens up Google One to the general public

A few months ago Google started the process of transitioning Google Drive customers to their new Google One product. Google One is primarily a re-branding of Google Drive, though there are a couple new wrinkles involved with the revised platform. That stage of the transition appears to be complete as Google announced they are now […]

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Tesla opens Model 3 orders to more people and trims prices

If you're in line for a Model 3 then we have good news. The company has announced that it's opening pre-orders to all reservation holders in the US and Canada, now that it's able to produce more cars (apparently that tent manufacturing line is helpin…
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LG opens Software Upgrade Center, promises Oreo update for G6 in April

How many times have you bought a brand new phone and then waited for months for the manufacturer to issue a software update? Well, just a few weeks before LG unveils the G7 ThinQ at an event in New York on May 2nd, the Korean company has announced the opening of a Software Upgrade Center […]

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Amazon opens its first drive-through grocery store

Need to pick up some supplies but can't be bothered to walk across a parking lot for them? Amazon's got you covered. In Seattle on Thursday, the company opened a grocery store that doesn't require you leave your vehicle, promising customers will only…
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Google opens signups for a new and improved Contributor service

A couple years back Google announced an invite-only program called Contributor. It was basically a small scale experiment to see if sites and services on the web could be sustained by small monthly payments from users instead of ads, which meant paying users could avoid seeing advertisements from Google ads on partner pages. For whatever […]

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BBC opens up iPlayer to outside content for the first time

Last September, the BBC put forward a number of proposals to make iPlayer and the rest of its broadcasting services more "open" and distinctive. One of these was a pledge to allow other people and broadcasters to distribute their programming through…
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Google opens up code for Chrome for Android


Google’s Chrome for Android development team has announced the mobile version of the Chrome browser is now “almost entirely open source.” The parts not open sourced include some media codecs, plugins, and Google service features that are restricted due to licensing issues. The team open sourced over 100,000 lines of code, including the entire user interface layer. For developers, this move means they can built their own versions of the browser for Android devices.

The mobile Android version of the browser now mirrors the desktop version in having the bulk of the code being open sourced. On the desktop, this has resulted in a variety of third-party web browsers being built. They range from the popular and relatively well-known Opera browser to lesser known variants like Vivaldi which targets developers.

Based on the ecosystem of browsers built for the desktop, users can expect to see a similar pattern develop for mobile platforms running Android, so keep an eye on the Play Store for new browsers.

source: OMG! Chrome!

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