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What is Google’s Pixel Pass and how much does it cost?

Here’s everything you need to know about Google’s latest subscription service bundle to help you save money on the latest Pixel phones.
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Samsung Gaming Hub is rolling out with Xbox Game Pass, GeForce Now, and more

Samsung isn’t messing about when it comes to supporting all the major cloud gaming services because its new Gaming Hub is rolling out to 2022 Smart TVs and Smart Monitors with access to the likes of GeForce Now, Stadia, Xbox Game Pass, and more. This means that you just need a supported Samsung Smart TV […]

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Samsung Gaming Hub goes live today with Twitch, Xbox Game Pass and more

The Samsung Gaming Hub is live now on 2022 Samsung smart TVs and smart monitors, and it's adding two services from Amazon to its game-streaming lineup: Twitch and Luna. Twitch is available today, while Luna is coming soon. Gamers will also be able to access Xbox Game Pass now, as well as apps for NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia and Utomik in the same designated area on their TVs. The company plans to release details about the gaming hub's rollout to earlier Samsung smart TV models at a later date, a Samsung spokesperson confirmed to Engadget. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the Samsung Gaming Hub, it essentially offers players a way to access major cloud gaming services on their smart TV using only their Bluetooth controller, no console needed. Apps for both Spotify and YouTube are also included in the gaming hub.

Samsung says it plans on delivering even more gaming-focused content in the future, including new partnerships. “With expanding partnerships across leading game streaming services and expert curated recommendations, players will be able to easily browse and discover games from the widest selection available, regardless of platform,” said Won-Jin Lee, president of Samsung’s Service Business Team.

Amazon’s Luna cloud gaming service has only been available to the general public since March, and is already available on Fire TVs. Its partnership with Samsung could give the nascent gaming service an easy way to reach people who have never used it in their homes. Twitch (which is owned by Amazon) once had an app for Samsung smart TVs, but it was retired in 2019. The platform’s return to the newest Samsung smart TVs will be happy news for streamers and their fans.

It seems natural for Samsung to further embrace the gaming community, given that smart TVs have become close to a necessity in gaming. Last year Microsoft announced that it would begin working with global TV manufacturers to directly integrate Xbox into smart TVs via an Xbox with Game Pass app. The idea of an “all-in-one” destination for all your cloud-based and console games is certainly convenient to some, and may help gamers avoid the time and hassle of switching between modes.

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PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium are Sony’s take on Xbox’s Game Pass

After months (if not years) of speculation, Sony has officially announced its revamped game subscription service as it looks to take on Microsoft's all-conquering Game Pass. The company is keeping the PlayStation Plus branding as it combines PS Plus and PlayStation Now into a three-tier service, but don't expect Sony to add new PS4 or PS5 games on their release day.


Engadget is a web magazine with obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics

Taco Bell’s Xbox Game Pass-style pass will put a taco in your belly daily for $10 a month

The Taco Lover’s Pass will let you pick between seven popular items on the menu every day for just $ 10 a month through the mobile app.
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‘Windjammers 2’ is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Three years after its initial announcement, Windjammers 2 doesn’t have a release date yet, but the good news is it’s coming to Xbox Game Pass. Developer Dotemu shared that tidbit of new information in a trailer it posted on Wednesday. When it finally launches, Windjammers 2 will be available on Game Pass for both PC and Xbox, and it will support online crossplay across all Xbox and PC versions of the title. That means Steam and Game Pass users will have the chance to play against one another.

The trailer also offers a look at the two final characters that will make up the game’s initial 12-person roster. There’s Jodi Costa, who fans will recognize from the 1994 original, and newcomer Sammy Ho. Both have their own set of special moves you’ll need to master to make the most of their capabilities. In addition to PC and Xbox, Dotemu will release Windjammers 2 on Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, PlayStation 4 and PS5.

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Microsoft’s Bethesda deal: Great for Game Pass, troubling for exclusives

Microsoft’s $ 7.5 billion acquisition of ZeniMax Media is huge news in many ways. It brings renowned studios like Bethesda, id and Arkane into the Xbox family, along with popular franchises including Doom, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. It makes the X…
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Xbox Series S is all about Game Pass

Microsoft has finally announced its budget next-gen Xbox, the $ 299 Xbox Series S. That price is appealing, but the cuts to storage and graphical power… not so much. We know that the Xbox Series X will be $ 500, and history has shown that gamers will t…
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The best games on Google Play Pass

When Apple Arcade launched last year, Android users probably felt a bit left out. For only $ 5 a month subscribers were getting unlimited, ad-free access to over 100 games for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV — even a few exclusives. However, Android us…
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Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for only $23

A three-month subscription of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is now only $ 23 at Best Buy, down from its normal $ 45 price tag. Game Pass Ultimate grants you access to a sizable library of games that you can play on your Xbox One or PC. Joining Game Pass nets…
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Xbox Game Pass clears 10 million subscribers

Microsoft's bet on subscription gaming appears to be paying off. The company has revealed that more than 10 million people now pay for Xbox Game Pass, a buffet-style service with an ever-changing library of first- and third-party titles. Microsoft la…
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Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass will be totally different stores

Google and Apple have just begun a public experiment. One that affects the daily lives of millions of people; specifically, anyone who plays mobile games. Apple launched Arcade on September 19th, charging $ 5 a month for unlimited access to more than…
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Google teases Google Play Pass is coming soon

We know that a Google Play Pass is in the works from Google, and it looks to compete pretty closely with the upcoming Apple Arcade. Supposedly you’ll be able to pay one monthly fee to get access to a big variety of Google Play games and apps with no microtransactions, which sounds great! We just […]

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Google’s going to give Apple Arcade some competition with Google Play Pass, a subscription service for games

Subscription game services are all the rage lately. The concept goes all the way back to Gamefly with physical discs, but it’s changed more recently to accommodate digital delivery. PlayStation Now was the first major entry into the space, but was plagued with connection issues since many users didn’t have internet fast enough to handle […]

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Google ‘Play Pass’ is a $5 monthly Android app subscription

Google is testing a service called Play Pass that would offer users "hundreds of premium apps and games" for a monthly fee, according to Android Police. The idea of the offering cropped up last year on XDA Developers after users spotted code referenc…
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[TA Deals] Get an all-access pass to the advanced Code Avengers Pro coding academy

If you want to learn to code, the process can take a long time and cost a ton of money. The good news, though, is that it doesn’t have to be, and Code Avengers has a solution for you. Right now we’re offering a subscription to the Code Avengers Pro coding academy that offers a […]

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