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‘Apex’ crosses 70 million players as EA focuses on ‘live services’

Other than the news that NBA Live will take the 19/20 season off, EA's quarterly earnings call reported revenue is up from last year, thanks largely to the games it's published as "live services." Those are the ones where it's continually rolling out…
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EA leaks personal data for ‘FIFA 20’ Global Series players

EA opened up registrations for the FIFA 20 Global Series competition today. However, those trying to register noticed that the sign-up page displayed personal details of players who had already done so. They saw usernames, email addresses and dates o…
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Four players fight for undersea supremacy in ‘Swimsanity’

If you've ever watched The Little Mermaid and thought to yourself, "dang, that'd be some good hunting," have I got the game for you. Swimsanity is a four-player adventure shooter set at the bottom of the sea that offers a surprisingly wide variety of…
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Recommended Reading: Pro soccer players train with video games

How Soccer Players Are Getting Smarter On the Field With Brain-Training Video Games Tom Taylor, Sports Illustrated Athletes are employing all kinds of tech during training to gain a competitive edge while tracking progress. Sports Illustrated tell…
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A fake ‘Pokémon Go’ app tricked half a million players into downloading malware

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab says it’s identified a malware-infected Android app called “Guide for Pokémon Go” that it believes has been downloaded more than half a million times by fans of the hit smartphone game.

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Inviting more players to the game

The YouTube Gaming team has been on a six-month speedrun. Last summer, we released an app and website designed to connect gamers with each other, and with the creators and content they love. Since then, we’ve enabled Mobile Capture, so you can record and live stream mobile gameplay on-the-go directly from Android devices, and we’ve introduced Sponsorships in beta, which makes it easy to back your favorite gamers while receiving extra perks including a live chat badge chosen by the creator and access to exclusive chat sessions.

Now we’re inviting more players to the game. Starting today, the YouTube Gaming mobile app will be available on iOS and Android in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, homes to top gaming creators like jacksepticeye, Vanoss, and TypicalGamer. Many more countries are coming soon, so get ready.

YouTube Gaming is built just for gamers, and we asked you to tell us how to make it the best way to connect with your community. Today we’re sharing some new ways we’re helping you find and watch awesome videos and live streams based on feedback we’ve heard:

  • Homepage navigation: Say goodbye to the sidebars! We’ve simplified the homepage to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • Game and channel browsing: We’ve added pages for you to manage your games and channels, plus discover new ones.
  • Dedicated live destination: You’ll find a new “Live” tab on the homepage that brings together top streams, top games, and streams from channels you’re subscribed to.
  • Android live playback: Our Android live stream player joins iOS and the HTML5 desktop player with an upgrade to support quality switching, 60fps playback, and DVR mode.
  • Pop-out player: On Android, you can now pop out the YouTube Gaming player to keep it visible above other apps on your device.

We’re so excited to bring YouTube Gaming to more countries, and look forward to watching more together.

Alan Joyce, Product Manager, recently played “Alpha Protocol.”

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Carolina Panthers ban hoverboards due to “drag racing” among players

Likely an attempt to keep players healthy during the postseason, the Carolina Panthers head coach thought it would be a good idea to keep his team off hoverboards instead of drag racing in the halls.

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New MotusPro tracking lab could change the way baseball players train

MotusGlobal, famous for saving pitcher’s arms with the mThrow, today announced a full body tracking system for baseball players called the MotusPro. Sensors fitted to a shirt, gloves, and shoes track millions of data points per movement for analysis.

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