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Gladiatorial brawler ‘Gorn’ comes to PlayStation VR on May 19th

On May 19th, Gorn, one of the PC's better virtual reality showcases, will make its way to PlayStation VR. If you're not familiar with the title, it's a physics-based gladiator game. Gorn’s engine simulates every object in its arenas, including enemie…
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The legendary Nintendo PlayStation prototype is up for auction

For years it was the stuff of legend — a games console that incorporated both a CD drive and SNES cartridge slot made with the official backing of PlayStation and Nintendo? Unlikely. But back in 2015 we saw the magical prototype for ourselves and ev…
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PlayStation studio chairman Shawn Layden is stepping down

One of the most iconic figures in PlayStation's management is stepping down. Sony has announced that Sony Interactive Entertainment's Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden is leaving the gaming division. The tech giant didn't initially say when L…
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PlayStation Classic price drops to $25 at Best Buy, Amazon

We get it — you really don't like the PlayStation Classic. You've told us, over and over again. We weren't huge fans when we reviewed it, but that was when it cost $ 100. The price quickly dropped over the next few months, to $ 60, $ 40, and even $ 30….
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Sony officially discontinues the PlayStation Vita

You knew the PlayStation Vita wasn't long for this world, and now it's official: Sony has discontinued the last two Vita models. The move marks the last step of a long, gradual phase-out that included a halt on first-party games in 2015, the discont…
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Google hires former Xbox, PlayStation exec Phil Harrison

Phil Harrison followed up almost two decades as an executive for both Sony and Microsoft as an investor in computer and video game companies. But he's moving back to the tech world with a new role as Vice President and GM of Google, Harrison announce…
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Sony may finally let you change your PlayStation Network name

Many a gamer has had regrets about their choice of username — xXxDeathCrusher420xXx might not be quite so appealing in adult life as it was in your teenage years. And for PlayStation fans, that's been a big problem when your PSN name has always been…
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PlayStation Vue drops its cheapest packages, now starts at $40

Until now, in some areas, PlayStation Vue offered "Slim" versions of its streaming TV packages that dropped local TV channels and cost $ 10 less than the standard options. Now, as it's rolled out local broadcasts from more networks and in more places…
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Virtual reality content startup Jaunt lands on PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR just got some additional content via the recently announced app launch by Jaunt. The platform will have instant access to 150 cinematic titles from the startup. The app includes videos like the award-winning animation Invasion, CBS…
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PlayStation Vue is almost ready for Android

Sony’s live television streaming service, PlayStation Vue, is coming very soon to an Android device near you. The company finally revealed when people in the United States with an Android-powered phone or tablet can start streaming everything from their favorite channels to their mobile devices. Hit the break for details. Dan Myers, Head of Product […]

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Pre-orders are now open for the $400 PlayStation VR Core Bundle

As promised, Sony is now offering the Core Bundle of its upcoming PlayStation VR headset. It includes the headset, an external processing box, and various cords, but doesn’t include a PlayStation camera or Move controller.

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PlayStation sells well (again), but mobile is hurting Sony

Sony made money. Again! The company saw in tiny increase (0.5%) in sales compared to the same quarter last to 2,581 billion yen (or $ 21.5 billion), but income now stands at $ 1.69 billion. This quarter's financial results was yet more balancing (and c…
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