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DJI’s Action 2 camera and extended battery bundle returns to an all-time low price

DJI's Action 2 is an option worth paying attention to if you're in the market for an rugged camera, and now might be the time to scoop one up. It's currently on sale as part of a bundle on Amazon for $ 279, which is a third off the regular price of $ 419.

Buy DJI Action 2 power combo at Amazon – $ 279

What helps set the Action 2 apart from other rugged camera options is a magnetic modular mounting system that can boost the functionality. This bundle includes a magnetic protective case that's designed to reduce the surface temperature. In addition, you'll get a battery module. DJI says this can extend the battery life from 70 minutes to up to 180 minutes while adding an extra microSD slot. You'll also get a magnetic lanyard, so you can wear the Action 2 around your neck.

A module with a second touchscreen is available separately, which could be helpful for vlogging use. A bundle of the camera and the dual-screen module is also a third off on Amazon at the minute. Meanwhile, since it uses magnets, attaching the Action 2 to a mount should be a cinch.

DJI announced the Action 2 last year as a successor to the Osmo camera from 2019 — some Osmo accessories are compatible with the Action 2. The latest model has a 12-megapixel sensor that can capture 4K video at up to 120 frames per second and 1080p footage at up to 240 frames per second for your slow-motion edits. The camera has a 155-degree field of view as well.

There's a sensor designed to help it capture accurate color tones in challenging lighting conditions and while it's being used underwater. DJI says the Action 2 is waterproof at depths of up to 10 meters, as well as dustproof and drop proof. In addition, the SpanShot feature allows users to hold down the power button to turn on the camera and start recording right away. There's also a stabilization system called HorizonSteady. DJI says its algorithm can detect and correct camera shake and rotation in real-time.

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Boeing’s Starliner safely returns to Earth after second test flight

Boeing's Starliner has returned to Earth safely after docking with the International Space Station for the first time. The six-day Boeing Orbital Flight Test-2 mission came to an end when the spacecraft landed at the US Army's White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. It's the first American capsule to touch down on land instead of in the ocean. Starliner undocked from the ISS at 2:36PM ET and by 6:05PM, it was firing its thrusters to drop out of orbit. 

The uncrewed Starliner, which took over 800 pounds of equipment to the ISS (including a Kerbal Space Program plush toy), brought back over 600 pounds of cargo. Among the returned items were reusable Nitrogen Oxygen Recharge System tanks, which are used to provide air to those on the ISS. They'll be refilled and taken back to the space station later.

The spacecraft's first test flight took place in 2019. While it reached orbit, an automation system issue prevented thrusters from firing, meaning Starliner was unable to dock with the ISS. An attempt at a second test flight last year was scrapped because of a propulsion system valve problem, which led to a nine-month delay. In the interim, SpaceX conducted more crewed trips to the ISS than previously planned. 

After assessing the data from this flight, Boeing will be able to start planning crewed flights that will take astronauts to the space station and bring them back to Earth. The New York Times says NASA will announce the astronauts who'll be flying on Starliner this summer, and the mission could take place before the year ends. 

Mark Nappi, vice president and program manager, Boeing Commercial Crew Program, said:

"We have had an excellent flight test of a complex system that we expected to learn from along the way and we have With the completion of OFT-2, we will incorporate lessons learned and continue working to prepare for the crewed flight test and NASA certification. Thank you to the NASA and Boeing teammates who have put so much of themselves into Starliner."

Mariella Moon contributed to this story.

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8chan returns without its most notorious community

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Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition returns on June 29th

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Audible returns to Sonos speakers after two-year hiatus

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‘Left 4 Dead’ character returns to haunt ‘Dead by Daylight’

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SpaceX Dragon spacecraft returns to Earth with ‘critical’ cargo

SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft returns to Earth from ISS, bringing with it scientific cargo that NASA says will be critical to its planned Journey to Mars.

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Billie Holiday returns to NYC’s Apollo theater as a hologram

Definitely an interesting way to virtually resurrect musical icons of years past, a hologram of Billie Holiday will be used in a new show being developed by the Apollo theater in New York City.

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