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Senators propose legislation to protect your phone at the border

For years, US border agents have been demanding access to digital devices as people pass into and out of the country. The practice has raised red flags and lawsuits, and the number of searches has spiked under the Trump Administration. Last month, th…
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US senators propose new bill to keep ZTE on a leash

Last year, the US Senate abandoned its attempts to block the President's deal with ZTE that effectively ended trade sanctions against the Chinese firm. That doesn't mean American lawmakers stopped keeping a close eye on the company, though. A group o…
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Senators grill Google over rumored China search engine

Google refused to confirm if it's truly been developing a censored search engine for China after reports about the project's existence came out, but it might soon have no choice but to come clean. A group of six Democratic and Republican Senators led…
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Senators investigate safety procedures for autonomous cars

Just a day after the NTSB released its preliminary findings on the Uber crash in Arizona, senators Edward J. Markey and Richard Blumenthal began an investigation into safety protocols for driverless car testing. In a letter sent to major auto manufac…
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Senators behind encryption bill know how the FBI hacked the iPhone

The FBI isn’t ready to tell Apple or the general public how it cracked the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, but it’s disclosing that information to Senators — notably two behind an bill that would force companies to comply with court orders.

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