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Buffalo gunman clips proliferate on social media following Twitch removal

Following Saturday’s horrific mass shooting in Buffalo, online platforms like Facebook, TikTok and Twitter are seemingly struggling to prevent various versions of the gunman’s livestream from proliferating on their platforms. The shooter, an 18-year-old white male, attempted to broadcast the entire attack on Twitch using a GoPro Hero 7 Black. The company told Engadget it took his channel down within two minutes of the violence starting.

“Twitch has a zero-tolerance policy against violence of any kind and works swiftly to respond to all incidents,” a Twitch spokesperson said. “The user has been indefinitely suspended from our service, and we are taking all appropriate action, including monitoring for any accounts rebroadcasting this content.”

Despite Twitch’s response, that hasn’t stopped the video from proliferating online. According to New York Times reporter Ryan Mac, one link to a version of the livestream someone used a screen recorder to preserve saw 43,000 interactions. Another Twitter user said they found a Facebook post linking to the video that had been viewed more than 1.8 million times, with an accompanying screenshot suggesting the post did not trigger Facebook’s automated safeguards. A Meta spokesperson told Mac the video violates Facebook’s Community Standards.

Responding to Mac’s Twitter thread, Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz said she found TikTok videos that share accounts and terms Twitter users can search for to view the full video. “Clear the vid is all over Twitter,” she said. We’ve reached out to the company for comment.

Preventing terrorists and violent extremists from disseminating their content online is one of the things Facebook, Twitter and a handful of other tech companies said they would do following the 2019 shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand. In the first 24 hours after that attack, Meta said it removed 1.5 million videos, but clips of the shooting continued to circulate on the platform for more than a month after the event. The company blamed its automated moderation tools for the failure, noting they had a hard time detecting the footage because of the way in which it was filmed. "This was a first-person shooter video, one where we have someone using a GoPro helmet with a camera focused from their perspective of shooting," Neil Potts, Facebook’s public policy director, told British lawmakers at the time.

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Trump’s free speech app Truth Social is censoring content and kicking off users

Former President Trump’s social media platform Truth Social, which launched only two days ago, is struggling with technical glitches and onboarding new users in the early stages of its rollout. The site, which billed itself as a sort of free speech alternative to Twitter with more lax content moderation policies, has already booted a few users off of its platform. Other users are struggling to even access the platform, which now has nearly half a million people on its waitlist.

User Matt Ortega was rejected from Truth Social on the basis of his username, @DevineNunesCow, reported Mashable. A parody Twitter account of the same name poked fun at former Rep. Devin Nunes, who is currently the CEO of Truth Social’s parent company.

A few users have pointed out that Truth Social’s moderation policy is significantly more strict than that of Twitter, despite its claim to be a refuge from Big Tech’s censorship. Unlike Twitter, Truth Social users can get suspended or booted from the platform altogether for posting content that moderators consider to be false, defamatory or misleading. While Twitter has had broad bans in the past on Covid-19 and election misinformation, it regularly allows other types of misinformation to fly by. Truth Social users also can get banned for posting content that moderators deem to be “libelous, slanderous, or otherwise objectionable”. Twitter tends to be selective in how it handles disputes between users, unless it involves targeted harassment campaigns.

Still, it’s unlikely Truth Social will be able to enforce such a strict moderation policy should it continue to grow in scale. The platform is relying on a combination of volunteer moderators, user reports and bots to handle content removal.

New and prospective users are also running into technical glitches while attempting to sign-up on the app, which is only available on iOS. The platform faced a 13-hour service outage just hours after its Sunday evening debut due to a flood of new users. It is now rate-limiting the number of new accounts which can be registered on the site. A waitlist to join the app, at the time of publishing, is more than 500,000 people long.

The app currently has a 4.1 star average user rating on Apple’s App Store, though a number of 5-star reviewers noted they hadn’t been able to sign up on the app yet. One reviewer who rated the app five stars wrote that they had yet to receive an email confirmation from Truth Social that hadn’t expired: "Every time I try to create an account, I don’t receive the email to confirm my email address. No, it’s not in junk mail either. One time I received the email many hours later and it was already expired. I keep trying and will continue to keep trying. 5 stars because I think someone is playing games and the review doesn’t matter because I haven’t even been able to set up an account yet. Just trying to resolve an issue.”

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Australia plans laws to make social networks identify trolls

Australia could soon make life difficult for internet trolls — if at a significant cost. Reutersreports Prime Minister Scott Morrison has unveiled plans for legislation that, in some cases, could force social networks to reveal the identities of trolls and others making defamatory comments. A complaint mechanism would require online platforms to take these hostile posts down. If they don't, the court system could order a given site to provide details of the offending poster.

Morrison likened the current internet to a "Wild West" where anonymous attackers could "harm people." If that can't happen in real life, there's "no case" for it happening online, the Prime Minister said.

The proposed laws come weeks after Australia's High Court ruled media companies could be held liable for comments on Facebook posts. CNNlimited access to its Facebook pages in the country over those liability concerns. The intended legislation would take this a step further by mandating certain actions if a post is deemed harmful.

The move raises privacy questions. Anonymity might help trolls, but it also protects political dissenters and other innocuous critics — will Australia make sure any identity disclosure laws aren't used to discourage challenges to authority, as they are in China? And without examples of the legislation, it's unclear just what would constitute an offense serious enough to warrant revealing an identity.

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Google Discover continues to blend with social media, rumored to pick up a likes counter

Google has long flirted with the idea of their own successful social media network. Obviously Google+ began and ended as a terrible dumpster fire (we did at least get Google Photos out of it, to be fair) but they’ve also thrown in a few social media type features into their other products over the years. […]

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Starbucks pauses all social media ads over hate speech concerns

Starbucks is joining the chorus of major brands withdrawing ads from social networks to highlight complaints about online hate speech. The coffee chain announced it would “pause” ads on all social networking platforms, not just Facebook, while it hel…
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Google thinks it’s a good idea to try and make another social media network

Google’s favorite pastime is apparently making social media networks that are doomed to fail, and it’s been a few years since they’ve introduced a new one. Their latest is called Shoelace, and it’s trying to be really social. This is clearly something that Google struggles to do well, but sure the 3rd 9th time is […]

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Australia’s new law threatens social media companies with jail, fines

Australia's controversial bill that seeks to punish social networks and any other hosting service for failing to remove violent content from their platforms is now a law. The country's politicians drafted the Sharing of Abhorrent Violent Material bil…
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Series will give Snap’s founding story the ‘Social Network’ treatment

Quibi, an upcoming mobile-first video streaming service, will create a series based on Snap's founding. Film executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman — HP Enterprise's former CEO and current Quibi chief — have announced their plans for Quibi an…
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[TA Deals] Master social media marketing with this discounted bundle! (97% off!)

Social media marketing can be tricky to do well, especially if you don’t have much prior experience. Fortunately, if you’re planning on getting into it or if you need to give your brand a much-needed boost, Talk Android Deals is offering a bundle with a cool discount to help you out. The bundle includes 28 […]

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Furhat is a social robot for every situation

Earlier this month, Furhat Robotics launched its face-swapping social robot after many years of development and prototyping, which began at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Unlike the majority of robots, Furhat isn't built with…
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[Sponsored] Bestek’s massive Price Cut Sale knocks some gadgets down to just $0.01 with a social twist

Bestek’s latest promotion can potentially sell you some new gadgets for just a penny. I get it, that sounds like a stretch, but if you’ve got some friends that would be willing to help you out, you legitimately can get a new charger, HDMI switcher, or whatever else for basically free. Read on to find […]

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Samsung never learns, might unveil a new social network with the Galaxy S9

Samsung likes to throw things at a wall to see what sticks, but man, they’ve had some absolute duds and failures over the years, especially on the software side. We’ve had messaging apps like ChatOn, social networks for Galaxy Note users with PenUp, music streaming services and video hubs with Milk Music and Milk Video, […]

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Facebook patents tech to determine social class

We've got great news this week for nation-state employees tasked with using social media to spark a class war in previously stable democracies! Facebook is patenting technology to decide if its users are upper, middle or working class — without even…
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‘Social robot’ Jibo reaches Indiegogo backers three years later

Three years after an astronomically successful crowdfunding campaign raised over $ 3.6 million, Jibo the robot is finally ready. The social bot is available to buy on its site for $ 900; Those who backed its Indiegogo have already started receiving the…
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Rob Kardashian’s revenge porn is social media’s latest headache

Members of the Kardashian-Jenner family, like Kanye West's wife Kim and supermodel Kendall, didn't become famous by being afraid of the spotlight. Heck, their reality TV show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, centers around every move they make in th…
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VR arcades need to be social to succeed

Viveland, HTC's VR arcade, opened in Taipei eight months ago, with the Taiwanese company calling it the "world's first premium VR arcade." It has three jobs: make money, sell people on VR and serve as a testbed for future arcades that HTC plans to bu…
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SteamVR makes its launcher ‘more social’ with Home

We've seen attempts at free-flowing virtual worlds from the likes of Second Life and the (dearly departed) PlayStation Home, but with VR we're getting another shot at it. First Facebook Spaces appeared, and now Valve is beta testing SteamVR Home. The…
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Google is reportedly working on a new social app for photo editing and sharing

Google is reportedly working on yet another photo-based app. Unlike Google Photos, this app may be for groups to edit and share their photos. Google says that it’s “just experimenting” and that there aren’t any release plans yet.

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Spontime is a social media network that helps you to spend less time on social media

Social media has taken over our lives — many prefer to spend more time on social media than they do fostering relationships in real life. Spontime, aimed at sparking real-life interactions, is here to change that.

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Oculus Social launches on Gear VR, Facebook tie-in coming soon

Following the lead of nearly everything else on the internet, Oculus has announced it's adding social features to the company's VR platform. Starting tomorrow, Gear VR owners will be able to create a profile of their own, and then search for others b…
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Meerkat halts livestreaming plan, will transition to social network


Meerkat CEO Ben Rubin has decided to transform the Meerkat experience, after livestreaming tools from Twitter-owned Periscope and Facebook pushed users away.

Rubin sent around an email to investors around a fortnight ago, Re/code reports, with the message openly admitting to Meerkat’s struggles. It turns out that whilst Meerkat’s livestreaming functionality was a hit, competitors offering a similar service elsewhere were having a huge impact on interest.

Meerkat’s boss wrote:

“Mobile broadcast video hasn’t quite exploded as quickly as we’d hoped. The distribution advantages of Twitter/Periscope and Facebook Live drew more early users to them away from us and we were not able to grow as quickly alongside as we had planned.”

Speaking to Re/code about the next step for Meerkat, Ben Rubin has revealed that his app is waving goodbye to its old self, now focused on delivering a social network where “everybody is always live.”

Whilst the Meerkat app still functions as it always has, the team behind the app are now putting their attention and time into other projects.

Understandably, Rubin remains tight-lipped when it comes to discussing the future of Meerkat and the planned changes, however it’s thought that the new experience will be more Skype-esque in nature.

Re/code notes that it’s likely Meerkat will turn its attention from live-streaming content to strangers around the world to private conversations with friends in smaller, group video chats.

Just how long it’ll take Meerkat to make the transition remains to be seen, but we’re very interested to see where Meerkat goes.

Source: Re/code
Via: Mashable

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The Met Office wants you to name UK storms on social media

Britain has never experienced weather conditions on the level of Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy. Even so, the island nation is prone to the occasional storm, and to raise awareness the Met Office and Met Eireann, the Irish Meterological Servi…
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