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Sonos will launch its own voice assistant on June 1st for no good reason other than it can

Admit it, you’ve dreamed that instead of being locked down to using Siri, Bixby, Alexa, and the Google Assistant that there could be another option limited to being used on Sonos products running its S2 software. You haven’t? Well, Sonos is launching its own voice assistant anyway as an alternative to other services, with compatible […]

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Sonos is missing out on the forced YouTube Music conversion

Google’s YouTube Music transition from Google Play Music has been bumpy at best. YouTube Music still isn’t the best streaming service on the block and still hasn’t fully replicated GPM’s features, and a big one that’s missing is annoying Sonos owners. No YouTube Music on Sonos See, Sonos uses its own streaming protocol, not the […]

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Sonos sues Google for infringing on five more speaker patents

Just one day before Google's Pixel 5 reveal, Sonos has filed a new lawsuit against the search giant, alleging it has infringed five more patents. The patents cover technologies that form the basis of some of Sonos' best-known features, including its…
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IKEA Sonos Symfonisk speakers get colorful new covers

IKEA’s Symfonisk speakers are a great bargain: Sonos-compatible speakers but priced like any other piece of IKEA stuff. The downside in this instance was that you could only get them in a utilitarian white-and-grey or black-and-dark-grey color scheme…
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Every smart device you love will die — starting with Sonos

Every smart device you own will die — Sonos was just the start. When the company announced it would retire a slew of 10-year-old devices, like the original Play 5, the consumer backlash was swift. And you could see why people were angry: Hardcor…
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Save $80 on a Sonos Beam this Black Friday

With just a couple of days before the official start of Black Friday, Sonos has detailed what you can expect from its sale. Later this week, you'll be able to save on the company's Beam, Playbar, Playbase and Sub speakers, as well as its Amp amplifie…
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Sonos offers its early adopters a 30 percent discount on new speakers

If you've been hanging onto an old Sonos speaker for forever but have been interested in switching to a recent model such as Move, One or Port, the company might tempt you further with its Trade Up program. If you have an eligible speaker, you can cl…
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YouTube Music comes to Sonos

YouTube Music just got a little bit louder! Beginning today, YouTube Music is now available to play on all Sonos speakers. Through the Sonos app, fans around the world with a YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscription can now easily play official songs, albums, thousands of playlists, and artist radioon top of YouTube’s tremendous catalog of remixes, live performances, covers that you can’t find anywhere else.

Check out some of the YouTube Music features available on Sonos:


Loaded with listening suggestions based on your favorites, Recommended has playlists for your every mood, plus your favorites and last played, ready to go. From Mellow Moods to Energy Boosters to Throwback Jams, quickly find what’s right for you in the moment.

New Releases

Find a collection of the freshest music specifically tailored to your tastes. Listen to newly released songs and albums. This week, my list featured Maggie Rogers, YouTube Music’s latest Artist on the Rise.

Top YouTube Charts

YouTube Charts are the best way to see what’s hot in music right now. The Top 100 Songs chart catalogs the most popular songs globally, and you’ll also find a local version that’s tailored to what’s trending in your country.

Your Mixtape

This personalized playlist features a mix of your favorites and new songs we think you’ll love. It’s constantly updating, so you can always count on Your Mixtape to deliver a new combination right at your fingertips within the Sonos app.


Easily find your saved playlists, albums, and songs in your Library.

Available in all countries where YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are available, fans with a subscription can now easily play YouTube Music through a Sonos app. Already have Sonos and ready to try YouTube Music? Start your free trial at, and learn more about setting up your account with Sonos here.

Brandon Bilinski, Product Manager for YouTube Music, who recently listened to “Light On” by Maggie Rogers on his Sonos Play:5

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Sonos now works with YouTube Music

If you've been looking for an easier way to play weird covers of "7 Rings" through your Sonos speakers, today's your lucky day — YouTube Music subscribers can now stream tunes directly through the Sonos app. You'll find your saved music in your libr…
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Sonos IFTTT recipes let your smart home control your music

Last month, Sonos promised to open up its API to third-party companies, and it's off to a great start by partnering with IFTTT. IFTTT lets you automate smart home devices like door locks, thermostats and lights, which opens up some interesting possib…
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Plex podcasts comes out of beta, includes Sonos and Android Auto support

Plex recently launched podcast support in beta, adding yet another type of media that’s supported in your Plex experience. Now that we’ve had a chance to test it out and work through some kinks, Plex is officially taking the beta tag off of podcasts and making it official to everyone with a few new features. […]

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A closer look at Sonos Beam: Smaller, smarter and more connected

Sonos just announced the Beam, a smaller, smarter Playbar. It's all good and well to see it on stage, but what does it sound like? Luckily I just got to spend some time with it to find out — and on first pass it feels like a winner. Not just for the…
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Audible returns to Sonos speakers after two-year hiatus

It's taken a while (over two years in fact), but Audible is now available on Sonos again. Following an incompatible update the service was removed in August 2015, much to the annoyance of bibliophiles everywhere, but today it makes its triumphant ret…
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Wink pairs with Sonos to auto-tune your smart home

Sonos announced it was opening up its ecosystem a couple months back and, sure enough, controls for Tidal and Pandora followed, with Airplay 2 support also inbound. Unsurprisingly, its upcoming Alexa integration hogged the limelight, but the smart sp…
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Sonos wants to integrate voice assistants into its speaker lineup

Sonos was previously the king of a pretty uncontested market. They made premium WiFi speaker systems that were a little more efficient than Bluetooth speakers, and they made their equipment compatible with as many things as possible. So far that’s been a pretty successful strategy, but with the rise of other “smart” speakers like Alexa, […]

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Sonos alarms are waking users a day early

Waking up to your favorite music is always nice, but it becomes rather annoying when you can't turn off said alarm. That's exactly what Sonos users are experiencing and one editor on our staff dealt with the headache first hand. In fact, the alarms a…
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