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EU offers bounties to help find security flaws in open source tools

The European Union believes it has a simple way to bolster its digital security: offer lots of cold, hard cash. The European Commission is launching bug bounties in January that will offer prizes in return for spotting security flaws in 14 free, open…
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Snapchat is a popular source for news among college students

A number of studies have shown that people turn to social media for news, and of all of the social networks out there, Facebook consistently leads the pack in this regard. But a new study from the Knight Foundation has turned up a surprising finding…
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Facebook’s ‘trusted’ news source survey is two simple questions

When Facebook said it would rank the trustworthiness of sources in your News Feed based on community feedback, it raised questions as to what that survey would look like. Well, we know now… and it's not terribly complicated. BuzzFeed has obtained…
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Source claims Bixby Voice U.S. launch next week

The delays related to Samsung’s release of the voice-activated portion of the their digital assistant platform, Bixby, are well known and seem to continue with no end in sight. Until now that is if a tipster on Reddit is to be believed. According to this source, the official release date is set as next Tuesday, […]

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