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The Essential team is back (without Andy Rubin) to make your phones more secure as OSOM

The team behind the Essential Phone is back at work, sort of. Essential is still gone, so don’t get your hopes up for a PH-2, but they might still have a hand in your next smartphone anyway. This time they’re focused on hardware and software security as a startup called OSOM, and they’re doing it […]

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Verizon and Yahoo Mobile team up to bring you an extremely purple handset for $50

Verizon and Yahoo Mobile have teamed up to bring you the ZTE Blade A3Y with budget-level specs and a matching $ 50 price tag. Sporting a vivid purple finish, the Yahoo phone manages to look both garish and appealing at the same time. For just $ 50 the Yahoo phone can hardly disappoint, and to be perfectly […]

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Join the team: TalkAndroid is looking for new contributors!

Interested in writing about the world of Android, covering Google news, and sharing your opinion about the latest phones and tablets on the market? Or perhaps you like making lists of the best devices, apps, and services? If so, TalkAndroid is looking for new writers to join the team and do just that. We’re looking […]

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US arrests two members of console hacking group Team Xecuter

Two members of Team Xecuter, a group that develops and sells devices that allow people to play pirated copies of games on their consoles, are in FBI custody. On Friday, the Department of Justice said Max Louarn, a 48-year-old French national, and Gar…
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Apple will reportedly team up with Martin Scorsese on a $180 million movie

After teaming up with Netflix last year for The Irishman, director Martin Scorsese’s next major flick will reportedly have backing from Apple. Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline all report that Apple is in final talks with Paramount to join…
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Formula E team fills the sports void with online marble races

Formula E is delivering more than realistic race simulations to fill the gap in broadcasts left by the temporary shutdown of conventional sports. The Envision Virgin Racing team has teamed up with Jelle’s Marble Runs, the YouTube channel of Marbleymp…
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Apple and Google team up to help with COVID-19 contact tracing on your smartphone

Unless you legitimately do live under a rock and have been there for the better part of the last decade, you’ve probably had your life seriously affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a tough virus to manage because it’s easily spread by people in close proximity, and because of how contagious it is that […]

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Steph Curry: Giannis chat was about ‘PUBG,’ not plans to team up

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the NBA's reigning MVP, and his contract with the Milwaukee Bucks will end after next season, making him the hottest potential free agent in the league. That also means any conversation he has with affiliates of other teams w…
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AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon team up to push next-gen RCS texting

For years we've been hearing about the potential of RCS, a protocol replacement for SMS that would bring iMessage and Whatsapp-like features to texting. Unfortunately there's been very little to show for it, with spotty support among carriers, and on…
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Pokémon Go has been invaded by Team Rocket’s monsters

If you want to collect monsters commonly associated with the villainous Team Rocket, you may want to put on a pair of sneakers and play some Pokémon Go in the next few days. As part of the game's Team Rocket invasion, you'll spot monsters like…
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Jaguar confirms that the I-Pace team is building an electric XJ

While announcing plans to build a "range" of electrified vehicles at its Castle Bromwich, UK plant, Jaguar confirmed that the first new EV to roll off the line there will be an all-electric version of its flaship sedan, the XJ. Development of the new…
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‘Gods & Monsters’ is the latest from the ‘AC: Odyssey’ team

Ubisoft's latest game goes back to classical mythology with 'Gods & Monsters,' which the publisher showcased with a cartoony first trailer at E3. According to Ubisoft, it's an "adventure about a forgotten hero on a quest to save the Greek gods."…
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Microsoft, Alphabet team up to teach quantum computer programming

The very concept of a quantum computer can be daunting, let alone programming it, but Microsoft thinks it can offer a helping hand. It's partnering with Alphabet's X and Brilliant on an online curriculum for quantum computing. The course starts wit…
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‘Apex Legends’ team plans to fix player hitbox issues

Apex Legends is a success by most measures, but that doesn't mean it's without problems. A Respawn community manager said the developer is aware of and "discussing" multiple complaints that the hitboxes (the invisible shapes that determine whether o…
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The Morning After: IBM’s AI debate team

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to the middle! Games-maker Activision Blizzard had its best year yet — but it's laying off hundreds of employees. IBM's AI failed to beat a human debating champion, and Niantic is turning Pokémon…
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Want to join the Talk Android team? We’re hiring!

Have an interest in Android and Google news? Want to use that interest and write for a team with other smartphone enthusiasts? Talk Android might just be the destination for you! We’re looking for part time writers to join our site and cover the daily news cycle, review gadgets, and offer your opinion one of the […]

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Google and Netflix team up for a “Lost in Space” game on Google Home

Google likes to create fun experiences on Google Home, adding to the little gadget’s highly functional approach. This time around they’ve partnered with Netflix to craft a game based on the streaming service’s new show, Lost in Space.  There’s only so much you can do with a game where the only feedback is sound, so it […]

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EA and the CW team up for a ‘Madden NFL’ eSports special

Sure, Madden NFL is a massively popular video game series that began in 1993 as John Madden Football, but it has never really broken through to the mainstream. The franchise has been making inroads to the eSports space over the last couple of years,…
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Lily Drone team says it has no timeframe for issuing refunds

When Lily Robotics announced that its self-flying, follow-along camera drone wouldn't be produced, it promised to refund $ 34 million in pre-orders back to its customers. That's still the plan, but according to a new refund request form, the company i…
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Donald Trump’s ‘Transition Team’ launches

Now that the election is complete, the business of transitioning into a Donald Trump presidency is upon us. The president-elect's Transition Team launched its Twitter account and the website, inviting citizens to connect with the incom…
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Google and Facebook team up on a direct connection to Asia

Google and Facebook are looking to speed up their connection to Hong Kong. According to an announcement today, the two internet giants have teamed up with the Pacific Light Data Communications Company and TE SubCom to build the first direct undersea…
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Fleksy’s team is going to Pinterest, but its technology is going public

It’s not very common for a team to be acquired but not its technology, and that’s exactly what happened today between a photo sharing service and a keyboard replacement. Pinterest has announced it is bringing in the team behind Fleksy, which is a very popular keyboard replacement that’s used by millions of people on Android […]

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YouTube forms team to fight false copyright claims


YouTube has taken the next step in its battle against false copyright infringement alerts by creating a team dedicated to minimizing mistakes.

The move follows cries for help from content creators using the video-sharing website that have had their videos removed in the past due to baseless legal claims.

Speaking about YouTube’s latest plan when it comes to tackling the issue, Spencer from YouTube’s Policy Team has released a statement on the website’s help forum.

According to the website spokesperson, YouTube has been monitoring false video removals very closely and is striving to do even better looking to the future.

Spencer said:

The good news is that the feedback you’ve raised in comments and videos on YouTube and beyond is having an impact. It’s caused us to look closely at our policies and helped us identify areas where we can get better.

It’s led us to create a team dedicated to minimizing mistakes and improving the quality of our actions.”

Revealed in this latest post, YouTube will soon be rolling out a number of new initiatives to help out content creators, strengthening communication between YouTubers themselves and the website’s support team.

Meanwhile, users are being told that YouTube will be increasing transparency into the status of monetization claims, with the website’s makers hoping to get things rolling as quickly as possible.

It’s clear that the YouTube community is growing tired of false copyright claims, so YouTube’s Policy Team will be hoping its latest plan of action turns out to be a brilliant one.

Source: Google Product Forums

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Rossignol and PIQ team up to track your skiing performance

PIQ has teamed up with Rossignol to give you all the skiing metrics you probably never thought you needed. The 13-axis ski sensor, which is identical to PIQ's golf and tennis models, comes with a special strap that attaches it to any ski boot. It can…
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