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Elon Musk tells SpaceX and Tesla workers they must return to the office full-time

Elon Musk delivered an ultimatum to Tesla and Space X’s corporate workforces: Spend a minimum of 40 hours a week in the office, or leave the company. Musk today confirmed in a tweet that screenshots of an email sent to workers was real. According to The New York Times, workers at both companies received similar memos from Musk that made clear that all workers must report to a main office for 40 hours a week. Musk also wrote that employees would no longer be allowed to work from “remote branch” offices not related to their job duties, giving the example of an HR worker for the Fremont factory who works out-of-state.

“The more senior you are, the more visible must be your presence,” Musk said in a memo to SpaceX employees obtained by NYT. “That is why I spent so much time in the factory — so that those on the line could see me working alongside them. If I had not done that, SpaceX would long ago have gone bankrupt.”

Musk taking a hardline stance on remote work is in stark contrast to a number of other major tech companies that have allowed all or most workers to request to work-from-home permanently, including Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce and Slack. Apple recently suspended a requirement that workers return to the office at least three days a week.

As Bloombergreported today, Twitter employees — who are likely to be reporting to Musk once his acquisition of the company is complete — have internally expressed some concern the SpaceX and Tesla remote work policies (or lack thereof) herald unwelcome changes for their own workplace.

Tesla’s career website still lists a number of salaried and hourly remote positions. It’s unclear whether the new policy will apply to those positions. Engadget has reached out to Tesla for comment, though we are unlikely to hear back: the company dissolved its corporate communications department in 2020.

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Apple reportedly tells workers they’re allowed to discuss conditions and pay

Apple might be eager to minimize future complaints about working conditions. NBC News said it obtained a newly released internal memo telling employees they're allowed to discuss conditions and pay outside the company. Staffers should be free to talk about issues in the way they "feel most comfortable," including with managers and the People (human resources) team.

We've asked Apple if it can confirm the memo and comment on the release. The statement would reinforce the rights private workers already have under the National Labor Relations Act, which lets workers both organize and discuss conditions, as well Apple's own conduct policy.

Provided the news is accurate, it could represent a bittersweet moment for critics of Apple's working culture. The memo supports their beliefs the company unfairly limited talk about labor issues by shutting down surveys and Slack channels. Employees like Ashley Gjøvik also accused Apple of punishing workers for speaking out for by putting them on leave or even firing them.

However, the statement is also coming too late to prevent significant damage. Apple now faces eight labor charges alleging issues like harassment and wrongful dismissal. Outspoken #AppleToo advocate Cher Scarlett (who settled with Apple) just left the company, too. While a memo like this might allow more discussion going forward, it can't change the past.

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KidKraft’s Alexa-powered toy kitchen sizzles and tells dad jokes

Kids love to cook — or at least to pretend to. They enjoy emulating their parents, especially when it comes to making delicious things to eat. However, our kitchen routines have changed a lot thanks to voice control technology, which isn't easi…
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China tells online stores to stop selling e-cigarettes

E-cigarette sales bans are quickly becoming an international phenomenon. China's tobacco regulators have asked online shopping companies to "temporarily" close online stores that sell e-cigarettes — effectively, it's banning e-cig sales on the inte…
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Roomba update tells your robovacs to steer clear of trouble spots

iRobot's Roomba vacuums just got an update that improves their cleaning prowess by telling them what not to do. Roomba i/s and Braava jet M6 models now have Keep Out Zones that outline specific areas they're not allowed to visit. The company sugges…
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India tells scooter makers to prepare for a switch to EVs

Indian scooter and motorcycle manufacturers have to draw up a plan to switch to electric vehicles, and they only have two weeks to come up with one. According to Reuters, Indian officials have met up with the companies, including Bajaj Auto and Hero…
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The new Fi Fit Quiz tells you if Project Fi is, well, a fit

You’re not going to choose a wireless plan in the blink of an eye, but you can easily educate yourself on whether or not a particular carrier offers what you want. It’s possible one of the carriers you consider will be Project Fi. To help you know about its sole wireless plan, Google has created […]

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Loki Wi-Fi meat thermometer monitors your meal, tells you when it’s done

This “Smart Meat Thermometer” gives chefs a temperature probe for their cooking, and then relays the data via a mobile app to say how the food is cooking and when it’s likely to be ready.

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Google now tells you why you’re feeling sick

Google made improvements to how you search for symptoms and illnesses in the past, and now it's looking to be even more helpful. The company will now show you a list of medical conditions when you search for symptoms. In the above example, entering "…
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Sharp tells its workers to buy its products to help dig it out of financial hole

Struggling Sharp has told its workers to buy a load of Sharp stuff this holiday season to help dig it out of its financial mess. The Japanese electronics maker has even offered guidelines suggesting how much money different types of workers should spend.

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