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Tesla Autopilot now recognizes traffic cones

Tesla's Autopilot has been adept at recognizing other cars on the road, but those aren't the only things you have to worry about on the road — what about the traffic cones that wall you off from roadwork? You can relax after today… well, for the…
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Tesla hopes to unveil its electric pickup truck in November

Tesla missed its goal of unveiling its electric pickup truck this summer, but it does have some idea of when to expect its smaller cargo hauler. Elon Musk told Twitter followers that the electric pickup's reveal will "most likely" take place in Nove…
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Now Tesla owners can attach a picture to their repair request

While many Tesla owners love their electric vehicles, one complaint we've heard about has been about waiting for repairs. Last year Elon Musk announced Tesla would bring most collision repairs in-house to help reduce wait times to same-day or even on…
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Tesla will reportedly raise prices in China again this week

Buying a Tesla in China could be more expensive in the very near future. The automaker will increase prices on its cars in the country this Friday, according to Reuters. That potential price lift is said to be in response to the yuan weakening agains…
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Tesla rolls out fix for Dog Mode overheating bug

You don't have to worry about Rover roasting due to that Dog Mode bug. The company has confirmed to Engadget that it's rolling out a fix for a flaw that disabled the automatic temperature regulation if you manually set the fan. You can leave your E…
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Report: Tesla plans to build a solar roof testing facility in Fremont

Tesla might be putting its solar roof tile technology to the test, based on a building permit it recently secured from the city of Fremont. As CNBC has discovered, the permit will allow it to build "a test structure to evaluate Tesla solar roof produ…
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Tesla opens Vegas V3 Supercharger station powered by solar and battery

Tesla is opening a V3 Supercharger station right on the Las Vegas Strip. The automaker released a video today with more details about its newest charging site, located next to the LINQ hotel's High Roller ferris wheel. Drivers can take advantage of T…
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Drivers may overestimate Tesla Autopilot because of its name, study suggests

Tesla's Autopilot system might have a catchy name, but it may send the wrong message to drivers, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. A survey the non-profit organization conducted revealed that a lot of people don't fu…
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YouTube coming to Tesla screens

At the 2019 E3 video game convention in Los Angeles this week, Tesla revealed that they are planning to make YouTube available via the main infotainment screens in their vehicles. Support for YouTube should drop when Tesla pushes out version 10 of the software stack that Tesla makes available in their vehicles. The journey to […]

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Tesla warns employees against leaking info

Tesla has a rough history with leakers, and it's apparently eager to remind employees of that fact. CNBC said it had obtained an email from Tesla's security team (yes, the irony is thick) warning staff against leaking sensitive information. The messa…
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Judge orders Elon Musk and the SEC to settle Tesla tweet dispute

Tesla chief Elon Musk told reporters outside the Manhattan Federal Courthouse that he was "very happy" over the outcome of the SEC's latest complaint against him. The commission sought to hold him in contempt for violating their previous settlement o…
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Tesla drops mid-range Model 3 battery option

Now that the $ 35,000 Model 3 is here, Tesla appears ready to streamline its options. The automaker has removed the Mid Range battery option from its Model 3 configuration tool, leaving a gap between the Standard Range and Standard Range Plus models…
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The Morning After: Tesla will raise prices, but keep some of its stores

We've got the biggest stories from SXSW over the weekend, as well as news on more suspicious cryptocurrency dealings (to paraphrase, it was an elaborate pyramid scheme), and you've told us what you really thought about the Pixel 3.
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Apple hires former Tesla and Microsoft senior designer

Apple has hired Andrew Kim, formerly of Tesla and Microsoft, to bolster its design team. Kim captured the attention of many in 2011 with a custom iOS device stand and again in 2012 when, as a fan, he shared his vision for an overhaul of Microsoft's b…
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Tesla raises prices, cuts options to simplify its EV lineup

Tesla has made good on its plan to cull options for its electric cars, and the changes are… mixed. Electrek has learned that Tesla has raised the prices of the Model S 75D and Model X 75D by $ 1,000 to $ 78,000 and $ 84,000 respectively, albeit with…
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Tesla defends Autopilot in first quarterly safety report

Over the past year, Tesla has received a lot of flak for being involved in crashes and accidents while Autopilot was engaged. Back in March, a Model X crashed into a median barrier, claiming the life of an Apple engineer. A few months after that, a M…
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Bluetooth key fob for Tesla Model 3 spotted in FCC pictures

Among the quirks of the Tesla Model 3 is that unlike most cars, it doesn't come with a traditional key or key fob at all. Instead, it relies mostly on a Bluetooth Low Energy link to its owner's nearby iPhone or Android device, with keycards available…
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Tesla offers ‘immediate’ Model 3 deliveries to boost sales numbers

Tesla is determined to burnish its Model 3 sales figures, and that means getting the EV into customers' hands as quickly as possible — including through some unconventional methods. Electrek has learned that Tesla is emailing reservation holders pro…
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Tesla will open its security code to other car manufacturers

Tesla might just get into the habit of releasing source code for its in-car tech. Elon Musk has signaled his intention to post the source code for Tesla's car security software, letting any automaker roll it into their own machines. It would be "extr…
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Tesla is adding classic Atari games to its cars

Tesla isn't limiting its fun-oriented EV updates to its upcoming party mode. Elon Musk has promised that "some of the best" Atari games will be playable in Tesla cars as part of a version 9.0 software update coming in roughly four weeks. The exec d…
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Tesla opens Model 3 orders to more people and trims prices

If you're in line for a Model 3 then we have good news. The company has announced that it's opening pre-orders to all reservation holders in the US and Canada, now that it's able to produce more cars (apparently that tent manufacturing line is helpin…
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The Morning After: NTSB’s tiff with Tesla

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Morning! Fortnite is back, and we've spent some time with a very special iPhone 8 Plus. It's RED. And then there's Vizio's 2018 TV lineup.
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Elon Musk pulls Tesla and SpaceX pages after #DeleteFacebook challenge

Elon Musk isn't known for kidding around, and he just made that clear in his response to Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal… more or less, at least. The entrepreneur has hidden the official Facebook accounts for Tesla and SpaceX in response to…
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Tesla says it’s being underpaid because its batteries are too fast

It looks like Tesla's batteries are too fast for their own good. As the Sydney Morning Herald reports, the company claims it's not being properly paid for the electricity its South Australia battery farm is generating for the country's power grid. An…
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Tesla will create ‘virtual power plant’ with 50,000 Australian homes

Tesla isn't done bolstering Australia's power grid just because its giant battery farm is up and running. South Australia premier Jay Weatherill has unveiled a partnership that will provide 5kW solar panels and Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries to "at lea…
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Tesla reportedly lands deal to build an EV factory in Shanghai

It's difficult for foreign car makers to crack the Chinese market. Unless they're willing to partner with a local brand (and thus give up both profits and technology), they have to pay for shipping vehicles and swallow a 25 percent import duty fee. T…
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Cummins unveils an electric big rig weeks before Tesla

Sorry, Tesla, but someone just stole the thunder from the electric big rig you were planning to unveil this fall. The engine giant Cummins has unveiled a concept semi truck, the AEOS, that runs entirely on the power of an electric motor and a 140kWh…
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Tesla will livestream the first Model 3 deliveries tomorrow

Elon Musk promised to hand over the first 30 Tesla Model 3s at a special soirée tomorrow (July 28th), and buyers and fans of the EV are psyched. Rightfully so — it's the most important electric car ever, with sales estimated at around 400,000…
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Tesla reveals a sleek solar panel built for your existing roof

Tesla's home energy efforts might be centered around its solar roofs, but it knows that not everyone can (or wants to) rip up their roof just to bring renewable energy to their home. To that end, the company is offering a first glimpse at Panasonic-…
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Tesla: Model 3 production is on track to start in July

Tesla's final earnings report for 2016 is most notable for what it tells us to expect in the upcoming year. In a letter to shareholders (PDF), Elon Musk & Co. report that Model 3 production is on track to start in July, ramping up to full-scale p…
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Weekly Rewind: Emoji freeze iPhones, Tesla taps solar power, Samsung scandals soar

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it’s almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from this week.

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Tesla ex-partner finds someone else to help with self-driving tech

Now that Tesla has kicked Mobileye's image recognition tech to the curb, what is its former partner going to do? Run into someone else's arms, of course. Mobileye has revealed that it's teaming up with Delphi on a self-driving platform that automaker…
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Tesla hopes existing tech improves its semi-autonomous driving

Many have speculated that Tesla could have prevented the Autopilot-related Florida crash if its cars had lidar (visible light detection and ranging) to better understand the world around them, not just cameras and radar. However, Tesla might have a w…
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Weekly rewind: Doggie dates, Harry Potter 8, and the cheapest Tesla yet

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it’s almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories.

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Tesla Autopilot promo shows what it can do for your commute

Why let fans make the videos when you can do it yourself? Tesla Motors just made public a new video — if it ever runs as a TV ad, it could be the company's first one — promoting it Autopilot feature that do a lot of the driving on their own. Now, t…
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The Tesla light show wishes you a Merry Christmas

In yet another example of brilliant brand marketing, a Wednesday YouTube video shows the highly anticipated Tesla Model X performing a that-minute light show that is sure to put your neighbors’ displays to shame

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Inhabitat’s Week in Green: Tesla Model S recall, and more!

When a problem comes along, you must fix it. This week Tesla noticed a defective seatbelt in one of its Model S sedans, so the automaker immediately issued a recall for all 90,000 vehicles on the road out of "an abundance of caution." In other transp…
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Weekly Rewind: T-Mobile’s big breach, dog cloning, and the new Tesla Model X

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you. From Peeple to the massive T-Mobile hack, it’s all here.

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City of LA’s electric vehicle fleet includes a Tesla Model S

For anyone who thought that Los Angeles' efforts to turn its traffic problems green would end after a partnership with Waze, think again. The City of Angels has committed to leasing 160 battery-powered electric vehicles and 128 plug-in hybrids for…
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