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Android’s stock texting app now includes anti-spam safeguards

Your Android phone's text messages could soon be relatively junk-free without needing help from carriers. Android Police has learned that Google is rolling out spam protection to the Messages app for at least some users. It's not clear just what th…
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Android Messages hits the web for browser-based texting

Google added Rich Communication Services (RCS) into its Android OS to help it compete with Apple's popular iMessage. Google has also been exploring texting from your web browser since at least February. Now the feature appears to be officially availa…
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Florida may finally implement full ban on texting while driving

There are 43 states that currently treat texting while driving as a primary offense, but Florida isn't one of them — you have to break another law before texting enters the picture. However, less-than-attentive commuters might not get away with it…
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Pixel phones hit with a texting bug as Google works on a fix

Following the texting bug that hit Samsung Galaxy S8 phones a week ago, many Pixel phones are unable to receive text messages after the official Android 8.0 Oreo update. Outgoing texts seem unaffected, but incoming messages just aren’t happening. Google is aware of the issue and actively working on a solution. The first sign of […]

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You could soon be thrown in jail for texting while walking in New Jersey

New Jersey could be set to outlaw texting while walking. According to a proposed bill, those found guilty of the act could be fined, jailed, or both. The move comes in the wake of a sharp rise in accidents related to distracted walking.

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[TA Deals] These Super Soft Texting Gloves are only $6.75 right now


Winter is here, and while you may or may not have a whole lot of snow on the ground, it’s still bitter cold out. Gloves are the obvious answer to that problem, but they also make it difficult to respond to text messages, check up on social media, and other things on your smartphone. It’s very inconvenient to take your glove off to use your smartphone, especially in the bitter cold. And that’s just what these Super Soft Texting Gloves over on Talk Android Deals aim to fix.

No longer do you have to take your gloves off to respond to that important text message, as these gloves keep your hands warm and still let you use your smartphone!

Here’s the great features that come with these Super Soft Texting Gloves:

  • Works w/ most smartphones & tablets
  • One-size-fits all
  • Extra comfortable fit & feel
  • Simple color & design matches everything
  • Keeps your hands & fingertips warm

These Super Soft Texting Gloves come in both Black and Gray colors. Normally they retail for $ 10, but the price has been slashed by 32% over on Talk Android Deals, bringing it down to a meager $ 6.75. That’s not a bad price to pay for convenience!

Head on over to the link below to get yours today!

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