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TiVo Edge DVR adds Dolby Vision to become the ultimate binge box

TiVo has launched a new device that could make binge-viewing sessions across multiple subscriptions a lot more manageable. It's called the Edge, a DVR-slash-live TV-slash-streaming player for cord cutters that hasn't been a secret for a while now –…
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TiVo plans to split its product and licensing divisions

TiVo, one of the early makers of DVRs, has been on the hunt for potential buyers. The company announced it is splitting its product and intellectual property licensing divisions on Friday, perhaps in hopes of becoming more attractive to buyers. It ho…
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TiVo update will add Amazon’s Alexa to select DVRs

Earlier this year, Tivo announced that it would make its set-top boxes compatible with voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. According to The Verge, compatibility with Amazon Alexa is now rolling out in an update to these devices…
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