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Twitter Blue users could have exclusive access to the upcoming ‘Edit’ button

“Tweets, but editable”. The number of times I’ve encountered that phrase on Twitter is countless and after more than a decade of having lost hope of an edit button ever being announced we have our first look at what such a thing might look like. On iOS anyway, as is almost always the case the […]

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Google’s ‘Switch to Android’ app helps iOS users do just that

Google has finally countered Apple's "Move to iOS" app by releasing "Switch to Android" for iOS on the App Store, confirming earlier rumors. As the name indicates, it's designed to help iPhone and iPad users import contacts, photos, calendars and video to an Android device. It also shows users how to turn off iMessage in favor of Android messaging and transfer photos/videos by connecting to iCloud. 

Google dropped the new app without a lot of fanfare, as TechCrunch notes. On its Switch to Android website, the app is still not mentioned and can only be found on the App Store with a direct link — search results still turn up nothing.

Google's 'Switch to Android' app is finally available on iOS

The app is a big improvement over the current system, which requires you to back up photos, video, calendar and contacts using the Google Drive iOS app. It was first spotted last summer by 9to5Google in code tucked into Google's Data Transfer Tool, and seen in a more recent release with the ability to import iCloud video and photos into Google Photos. 

Apple's equivalent app arrived way back in September 2015, so Google certainly took its time responding. "Move to iOS" works in much the same way, helping users import photos, video, messages, contacts and more over to an iOS device. One Android device maker, Samsung, has its own device migration app as well called Smart Switch, helping you switch from an iPhone or other Android device to a Galaxy smartphone. However, it's only available on Google Play or its own Galaxy store and doesn't run on iOS. 

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You can now use PayPal to send money to users in Ukraine

PayPal will now allow peer-to-peer payments to and from Ukraine. The company announced today that it was significantly expanding its services in Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s invasion. Prior to this, Ukrainian PayPal customers could only use the payment platform to send money outside of the country. Earlier this month, the company announced it was exiting Russia, citing the country’s “violent aggression” against Ukraine.

PayPal users in Ukraine will now be able to send money to and receive money from outside the country, as well as domestically. It’s a move that likely will make life easier for Ukrainians receiving financial support from family and loved ones who live abroad. Ukrainians will also be able to send funds directly to their bank account by linking their Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.

Perhaps most significantly, PayPal is waiving its own fees (until June 30th) for both sending and receiving funds in Ukraine. The payment platform traditionally charges a fee for international transactions that starts at 5%, and increases depending on your payment method and the region where your recipient resides. 

A new payment option is likely to have a significant impact in Ukraine, where only a few options exist to send or receive money abroad. Sending money to individuals in Ukraine (or virtually anywhere abroad) can be costly. Every payment platform that serves a global customer base in Ukraine (including WesterUnion, MoneyGram, Remitly) charges an international transaction fee or commission, and exchange rates can often be unfavorable. Hopefully, this temporary grace period from PayPal will make a significant impact for those seeking to send money to loved ones in Ukraine. 

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Trump’s free speech app Truth Social is censoring content and kicking off users

Former President Trump’s social media platform Truth Social, which launched only two days ago, is struggling with technical glitches and onboarding new users in the early stages of its rollout. The site, which billed itself as a sort of free speech alternative to Twitter with more lax content moderation policies, has already booted a few users off of its platform. Other users are struggling to even access the platform, which now has nearly half a million people on its waitlist.

User Matt Ortega was rejected from Truth Social on the basis of his username, @DevineNunesCow, reported Mashable. A parody Twitter account of the same name poked fun at former Rep. Devin Nunes, who is currently the CEO of Truth Social’s parent company.

A few users have pointed out that Truth Social’s moderation policy is significantly more strict than that of Twitter, despite its claim to be a refuge from Big Tech’s censorship. Unlike Twitter, Truth Social users can get suspended or booted from the platform altogether for posting content that moderators consider to be false, defamatory or misleading. While Twitter has had broad bans in the past on Covid-19 and election misinformation, it regularly allows other types of misinformation to fly by. Truth Social users also can get banned for posting content that moderators deem to be “libelous, slanderous, or otherwise objectionable”. Twitter tends to be selective in how it handles disputes between users, unless it involves targeted harassment campaigns.

Still, it’s unlikely Truth Social will be able to enforce such a strict moderation policy should it continue to grow in scale. The platform is relying on a combination of volunteer moderators, user reports and bots to handle content removal.

New and prospective users are also running into technical glitches while attempting to sign-up on the app, which is only available on iOS. The platform faced a 13-hour service outage just hours after its Sunday evening debut due to a flood of new users. It is now rate-limiting the number of new accounts which can be registered on the site. A waitlist to join the app, at the time of publishing, is more than 500,000 people long.

The app currently has a 4.1 star average user rating on Apple’s App Store, though a number of 5-star reviewers noted they hadn’t been able to sign up on the app yet. One reviewer who rated the app five stars wrote that they had yet to receive an email confirmation from Truth Social that hadn’t expired: "Every time I try to create an account, I don’t receive the email to confirm my email address. No, it’s not in junk mail either. One time I received the email many hours later and it was already expired. I keep trying and will continue to keep trying. 5 stars because I think someone is playing games and the review doesn’t matter because I haven’t even been able to set up an account yet. Just trying to resolve an issue.”

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Surface Duo users rejoice – the Android 11 update is finally rolling out!

Today is a day of wonderment and joy for the owners of the original Surface Duo because after languishing on Android 10 since it launched, Microsoft’s foldable device is finally getting its Android 11 update that was supposed to roll out before the end of 2021. The Android 11 OTA is rolling out to unlocked […]

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Best gifts for Samsung phone users

Best gifts for Samsung phone users to buy this holiday season.
Mobile | Digital Trends

Need last-minute gift ideas? Here are 10 great picks for Pixel users

We rounded up the best gifts for Google Pixel users, so if you’re still on the hunt for a good gift, then look no further!
Android | Digital Trends

Google Play users have voted for their favorite game and app for 2021

At the beginning of November, users were able to vote for their favorite app and game on the Play Store for the Google Play Users Choice Awards that are held every year. The Google Play editorial team also reveal its choice of best apps and games based on their quality, design, technical performance, and innovation. […]

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Twitter’s tool for removing unwanted followers arrives for web users

All Twitter users can now remove a follower without having to block them. The company started testing this option last month, and starting today, everyone will have access to it. To quietly stop someone from seeing your tweets in their feed, go to the Followers tab on your profile, click the three-dot menu next to the user in question and select the "Remove this follower" option.

This is part of Twitter's efforts to reduce harassment on the platform. Blocking someone you don't want to follow you could lead to retaliation from that person via their allies or their secondary accounts after they find out. Cutting them in this fashion and muting them will mean they're none the wiser that they're out of the loop.

This method won't prevent someone you boot from your followers list from seeing your public tweets. Only blocking them or making your account private will do that. Elsewhere, Twitter is testing a Safety Mode, which automatically blocks accounts that use “potentially harmful language.” It's also looking into more ways to filter and limit replies, so it seems the company is making its anti-harassment efforts a bigger priority.

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It’s time to vote for 2020’s Google Play Users’ Choice awards

It’s that time of year again where Google asks you, the app user, the game player, the movie and TV show watcher, and you in the corner, the book reader, to pick your favorites from a shortlist that the search giant has drawn up. These Users’ Choice winners will be announced on December 1st, along […]

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iCloud outage takes down backups and photos for some users

If you’ve been having problems syncing data across your Apple devices, you’re not alone. Apple is reporting (via 9to5Mac) outages across several of its iCloud services, including backups, calendars, Find My, photos and even sign-ins. The company only…

Uh oh: the Pixel 5 is apparently already coming apart for some users

Have we ever had a Google Pixel phone without some kind of controversy? I don’t think so. This time around, it looks like we might have some manufacturing issues with the Google Pixel 5, and some users are reporting gaps between the display and screen of their brand new phone. Uh oh. Google Pixel 5 […]

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Apple will let Epic Games users ‘sign in with Apple’ for a bit longer

A day before Apple was set to shut down the “sign in with Apple” prompt for Epic Games users, the company has retreated on its threat. Apple issued an indefinite extension on the matter, meaning for now, Epic Games players can still use “sign in with…
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Chromebook users get three free months of Stadia Pro

Google is giving you an extra incentive to buy a Chromebook: a whole lot of cloud gaming that could make your laptop shine. The tech giant has introduced a perk that gives Chromebook owners a free three-month trial of Stadia Pro. You’ll need a system…
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Nokia 1 Users Can Expect Android 10 to Arrive Soon

If you’re a Nokia 1 user, we have some great news for you: Android 10 is coming your way sometime soon.  If you haven’t received the update yet, not to worry. Android 10 is rolling out to the Nokia 1 in waves, and they’re just getting started. Wave one, which includes many countries in South […]

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Google is knocking $10 off any game for all current and previous Stadia Pro users

If you’ve had your eye on any particular game on Google Stadia, now might be the time to pick it up. Google is offering a $ 10 discount on any game in the Stadia store for a huge amount of users, with the only catch that your account has to be a Pro subscriber, even if […]

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Lawsuit accuses Google of tracking users in Incognito mode

A proposed class action lawsuit filed against Google is accusing the company of violating federal wiretap laws by tracking users’ online activities even when they’re in Incognito mode. The complaint says the tech giant uses tools like Google Analytic…
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Some users are reporting early deliveries, have you received your OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro yet?

The brand new OnePlus 8 Series only launched on April 14th with pre-orders opening the day after, but some Reddit users in the US are reporting that they’ve already received their orders. Others have said that they’ve had tracking numbers and shipping confirmations emailed to them. Have you received your OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro […]

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Google launches braille software keyboard for visually impaired Android users

Google has created a new type of braille keyboard in Android with software only, potentially greatly improving the typing experience for millions of visually impaired Android users. Unfortunately, for the last ten years the default typing experience for blind or otherwise visually impaired Android users has typically involved the use of external braille keyboards which […]

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Comcast made a VR version of its Xfinity Stream app for visually impaired users

Comcast has teamed up with wearable tech startup NuEyes to help people with low vision see more of the TV shows and movies they enjoy. Under the partnership, the company's Xfinity Stream app, which gives users access to live TV and On Demand content,…
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Washington, DC sues DoorDash for allegedly misleading users about tips

DoorDash's change in tipping policy has come too late to avoid legal repercussions. The District of Columbia Attorney General has sued DoorDash over claims it not only stiffed couriers (aka Dashers) through its tipping practices, but misled customer…
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Samsung posts video asking users to treat their Galaxy Fold nicely

After a big launch during the Galaxy S10 Unpacked event on February 20th, Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, was revealed to suffer from a number of flaws, most notably with its display and the ingress of foreign objects. Samsung canceled preorders and pulled review units from tech sites while the Galaxy Fold underwent […]

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Netflix raises prices for existing users in the UK from October 3rd

It isn’t all that long ago since Netflix announced that it was raising the price of its Standard and Premium Plans in the UK for new subscribers, and now it seems like its the turn of those with existing subscriptions to feel the pain. From October 3rd?, kicking back and bingeing on the new season […]

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Peer-to-peer 8Chan mirror makes users responsible for its child porn

It's been a few days since Cloudflare stopped providing security protections to 8Chan, which led to the notorious site going offline. While 8Chan's leaders are still trying unsuccessfully to bring the site back, some of its users have found a way to…
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Google Files celebrates 100 million users with dark mode

Google Files is apparently really popular. It’s amazing that Android has never really had much in the way of a native file manager app until Google decided to roll out Files, leaving the market entirely to third-party app developers and phone makers. Turns out that tons of us were itching for an official solution from […]

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Google begins showing more browsers and search engines to Android users in Europe

After some legal back-and-forth with the EU, Google got hit with a pretty hefty fine over anticompetitive behavior focused on forcing Google Search and Chrome as the default search engine/browser combo on Android devices. The European Commission didn’t like Google heavy handing their own products into Android devices like that, so Google has had to […]

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Juul’s pilot program could trace retailers that sell to teen users

Juul has launched an experimental track-and-trace program meant to curb teen vaping, perhaps as an attempt to appease the FDA and other government agencies. The e-cig company has been in authorities' crosshairs since last year due to its products' po…
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Android ad fraud scheme drained users’ batteries and data

BuzzFeed News has confirmed a massive ad fraud scheme, which was originally uncovered by at least two fraud detection firms, that drained users' batteries and data. The scheme begins by hijacking the in-app advertisements of developers using Twitter'…
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YouTube Premium teams up with Samsung Galaxy S10 to offer users 4 months free

YouTube is giving Samsung Galaxy S10 customers a reason to celebrate by giving the gift of YouTube Premium! Starting today, users can enjoy four months of free, uninterrupted, ad-free access to YouTube, and our new music streaming service, YouTube Music.

With this new offer, users can bring the best of YouTube Premium and Galaxy S10 together for an incredible viewing and listening experience:

Seamless, ad-free streaming

The world’s first HDR10+ certified Dynamic AMOLED screen on Galaxy S10 devices means YouTube videos—including YouTube Originals—look crisper and fuller than ever. And now, you can watch ad-free.

Background play

Keep in your flow, even with your phone in your pocket. With YouTube Premium, you can keep videos playing when the screen is off.

Next-gen downloading

YouTube Premium means you can download videos for when you’re on the go. And by connecting with Galaxy S10’s next-generation Wi-Fi 6 support, downloading is as fast as it’s ever been.

YouTube Music

A new music streaming app, made by YouTube. Enjoy millions of official songs, albums, live performances, music videos, and more—ad-free, offline and in the background with YouTube Premium.

Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Tab S5e devices will also come with a 4-month offer once available for purchase. And all other Samsung Galaxy device owners who activate a device between February 20, 2019 – February 29, 2020 will be able to try YouTube Premium for 2 months free*. Both 4- and 2-month offers are available globally where Samsung Galaxy devices and YouTube Premium are available**.

Ready to redeem your offer with a qualifying device? Click here.

*Standard eligibility applies: Offer only available to customers who are not current YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium or Google Play Music subscribers, have not been YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Red, or Google Play Music subscribers, nor participated in a YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, Google Play Music, or YouTube Red trial before. At the end of the trial period, users will be automatically charged the standard subscription price unless cancelled before the end of the trial. Offer must be redeemed by March 31, 2020.

**Offer available to participants in the United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada (excluding Quebec), Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

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Apple opens in-app subscription discounts to existing users

In a ploy to keep people paying for apps, Apple will let developers offer discounted subscriptions to current and recent subscribers. Until now, developers could only offer freebies and introductory discounts to new users, which means that they could…
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Google launches two new apps for users with hearing challenges

This week Google released two new apps to the Play Store that are intended to help users who are challenged with hearing issues. The apps – Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier – were designed to help people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing by increasing the level of autonomy they can maintain in their lives while […]

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Facebook secretly pays users for complete access to their data

According to TechCrunch, Facebook has been paying teenagers around $ 20 a month to use a VPN app called "Facebook Research" that allowed the company full access to all of their phone and web activity. The app appears to be a reincarnation of Onavo Pro…
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Twitter starts rolling out simplified web interface to some users

Don't be surprised if Twitter looks very different on the web in the near future. The social network has started rolling out a previously teased web redesign that, for starters, boasts a much simpler look — the three-column view is gone in favor of…
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China cracks down on Twitter users critical of its government

It won't surprise you to hear that China keeps a tight lid on homegrown social networks, but it's now doing more to stifle free expression on outside networks, too. The New York Times reported that Chinese law enforcement recently began a crackdown…
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LiFiMax’s invisible light internet works with up to 16 users

If you need to connect multiple folks in a room but are concerned about security or radio frequency pollution, French company Oledcomm has a new LiFi tech solution. LiFiMax mounts on a ceiling like a smoke detector or light and provides up to 16 dong…
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Another Google+ data bug exposes info for 52.5 million users

Google's semi-defunct social media platform Google+ has suffered its second data breach in three months and, as a result, will be completely shuttered in April, four months earlier than previously planned.
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Spotify’s holiday discount on Premium works for lapsed users too

Spotify is offering a couple of holiday deals and they're not limited to new users like these sorts of discounts typically are. First time Spotify Premium users in the US can get three months for $ 0.99 as long as they haven't used a 30-day trial befo…
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Facebook used phone numbers from two-factor authentication to target users with ads

It’s pretty rare for Facebook to ever be in the news for a good reason, and this time it’s because the social media/data harvesting company has confessed to using user phone numbers to target people with advertisements. Normally not a huge deal, but in this instance they were using numbers from 2FA systems to send […]

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MoviePass test reactivates accounts if users don’t opt out

Former MoviePass subscribers who thought they were able to evade the company's previous attempts at reactivating accounts without consent may want to check their emails. According to various social media posts on Twitter and Reddit, the beleaguered c…
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Two new updates for Datally to help users manage data usage

Although wireless carriers have been pushing unlimited data plans and many users may not have to worry about their data usage, Google is still trying to help those users who do want to stay on top of their wireless data usage. Last year they released a new app called Datally that monitors app data usage […]

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Fitness app PumpUp left users’ personal data exposed on server

While it's not at the catastrophic level of MyFitnessPal's 150 million-user data breach , the company behind the workout app PumpUp left information for 6 million of its members exposed. The Amazon cloud-hosted back-end server holding the data didn't…
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Innovative wheelchair design isn’t for all wheelchair users

You'll often see positive news stories coming out of the tech press involving robotics projects that are designed to help people with mobility issues. Exoskeletons, like Toyota's WelWalk, ReWalk, and Ekso Bionics' eponymous walking frame, help people…
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iHeartRadio offers curated playlists to free users

iHeartRadio added on-demand music streaming powered by Napster to its broadcast radio-centric service in 2016. The company later added curated activity-, era- and genre-based playlists for paid subscribers since then, too. Now the company is bringing…
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Facebook starts telling users if Cambridge Analytica had their data

Though initial reports estimated that around 50 million Facebook users' information was improperly obtained by Cambridge Analytica, Facebook upped that number to 87 million last week. The company also said that it would soon be informing those users…
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Facebook survey asks users if it is ‘good for the world’

Facebook has scrambled to win back trust after the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the leaked 'ugly truth' memo. The company has made it easier for users to delete their data, dump third-party apps in bulk and started rolling out news verification to…
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Support for chat shows up for some users in Android Messages

Last month news surfaced that Google was working to expand the features available through their Android Messages app. The improvements appear to include things like support for a web interface on a computer that syncs with Android Messages, support for chat over data networks, less reliance on carriers, and more enhancements that come with RCS […]

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Greater transparency for users around news broadcasters

A big goal for us in 2018 is to provide greater transparency across the board to our community of creators, advertisers, and viewers. In one small step towards that commitment, today we will start rolling out notices below videos uploaded by news broadcasters that receive some level of government or public funding. Our goal is to equip users with additional information to help them better understand the sources of news content that they choose to watch on YouTube.

We’re rolling out this feature to viewers in the U.S. for now, and we don’t expect it to be perfect. Users and publishers can give us feedback through the “send feedback” form. We plan to improve and expand the feature over time.

The notice will appear below the video, but above the video’s title, and include a link to Wikipedia so viewers can learn more about the news broadcaster.

News is an important and growing vertical for us and we want to be sure to get it right, helping to grow news and support news publishers on YouTube in a responsible way. This work follows a series of changes we made throughout 2017 to better surface authoritative news content. In 2017, we launched a “Breaking News” shelf on the home page to prominently surface news after a major event and a “Top News” shelf in YouTube search results to highlight news from authoritative sources for news-related queries.

This notice on publishers receiving public or government funding, though still in its early stages, not only carries forward our work in this area through 2017, but represents one of many more steps we will take throughout 2018 to improve how we deliver news content on YouTube.

Geoff Samek, Senior Product Manager YouTube News, recently watched “The Oxford comma’s unlikely origin.”

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OkCupid’s ‘real’ name push isn’t sitting well with users

OkCupid is facing a lot of backlash for ditching usernames in favor of real names. As TechCrunch noted, its app's Google Play and App Store pages are flooded with one-star reviews posted over the past month, complaining about the features the service…
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Carriers will be able to hide signal strength numbers from users in Android P

Here’s a “feature” you probably weren’t asking for in the next version of Android: no signal strength numbers when you’re using a certain carrier’s network. Despite that being pretty anti-consumer, that’s probably what you can expect starting with Android P. According to some commits in AOSP, the signal strength in the settings of your phone […]

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Google Dashboard gets redesign and new focus for users

In an announcement made today, Google shared an update on a major redesign to their Google Dashboard platform that will start rolling out next week. The Google Dashboard originally launched in 2009 as a way for users to quickly figure out what products they use and access some history and settings. Since then Google has […]

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