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Company made to change name that could be used for website hacks

Companies have jokingly given themselves code-based names in the past (you can thank XKCD for that), but one of them was just forced to mend its ways. The Guardian reports that UK business registrar Companies House has forced a software consultant to…

Samsung may have leaked the Note 20 Ultra on its own website

Samsung may have accidentally unveiled its next flagship ahead of schedule. On the company’s official Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese Note 8 product pages, there’s a photo of a new Note-series phone. According to frequent Samsung leaker Max Weinbach,…
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Facebook’s redesigned website finally starts rolling out to everyone

After the better part of a year, Facebook has started rolling out its redesigned desktop website to all of its users. The company announced today it plans to complete the rollout over the "next few weeks." Moving forward, "The New Facebook" will be t…
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Google says nationwide coronavirus website is in development

President Trump misspoke when he said Google was developing a national screening and test result site for potential coronavirus patients (that's just Verily's Bay Area pilot for now), but there was apparently a degree of truth involved. In a series…
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OnePlus reveals its second website data breach in two years

Early in 2018, popular cellphone maker OnePlus revealed it had coughed up credit card information on over 40,000 users in a data breach, and now it's informing users of another one. This time, while the website is the source of the breach, the compan…
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LG G7 One confirmed for Canada through LG’s website

The LG G7 One was one of the coolest things announced at IFA this year, especially for anyone itching for a flagship-caliber Android One device. However, LG didn’t do much in the way of availability details, so we’ve been left wondering when and where we can buy their latest device. While we still don’t have […]

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LG’s ThinQ smart display appears briefly for pre-order on B&H website

For a brief period of time, the “LG ThinQ Google Assistant Smart Speaker With Touchscreen” or LG ThinQ smart display, made an appearance on the B&H website for interested consumers to place pre-orders for the device. The listing has since been taken down indicating its appearance was likely an error. However, if you are interested […]

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Neo-nazi website Daily Stormer briefly resurfaces with Russian domain

After being rejected by both GoDaddy and Google, neo-Nazi publication The Daily Stormer resurfaced today with a Russian domain extension. As Vox reports, Stormer's efforts to secure a Chinese hosting service ( were cut short, so it…
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DOJ demands info on 1.3M visitors to protest-organizing website

A month ago, the Department of Justice served a warrant (PDF) to Dreamhost regarding one of its clients. This is routine for law enforcement to make such requests, the website hosting service said in a blog post — except the page in question, disrup…
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GOP website outed its response to the VP debate a bit early

Today the Republican National Committee showed tech companies aren't the only ones to get a little jumpy with the publish button. Following Apple's early Twitter leak of the iPhone 7, the GOP website pushed up blog posts declaring its VP candidate, M…
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Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX leaks from Samsung’s own website

Samsung Gear Fit2

Samsung’s own website has leaked the existence of an all-new Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX. Images of the fitness band and Bluetooth earbuds leaked online last week, but now an announcement could be just over the horizon.

Strangely, these devices are up and available to look at over on Samsung’s S Health website; however, Samsung has yet to even make an announcement to unveil these two new devices. On the other hand, Samsung’s website does not provide any concrete details, so we’re still going off of leaks as far as specs go.

The Gear Fit 2 is believed to feature a 1.84-inch AMOLED display, 4GB of internal storage, built-in GPS, water resistance, and a handful of fitness features.

Samsung Gear IconX

There aren’t a whole lot of details on the Gear IconX Bluetooth earbuds either. From the images, they look like they’re comfortable, and they’ll hopefully have great sound, making it perfect to pair with the Gear Fit 2.

We’ll hopefully hear an announcement very soon, though I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t hear anything until IFA 2016 in September.

source: Samsung
via: Mobile Bulgaria

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Huawei P9 Lite shows up on Romanian retailer’s website


The Huawei P9 Lite hasn’t been officially announced just yet, but it’s already showing up as for sale from a retailer in Europe.

That retailer is, a Romanian-based website. The website shows the Huawei P9 Lite as available in Gold, Black, and White color variants, all sitting at around USD$ 300. We’re not sure if you can actually go through the payment process on the website, or if they’ll actually even ship it to you right away, as it’s entirely possible this is just an “early” pre-order. Then again, lists the Huawei P9 Lite as in stock.


Either way, we still haven’t heard anything official, but according to the retailer, the specs on the handset are still quite nice. Featuring a 5.2-inch IPS Full HD display, a HiSilicon Kirin 650 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and a 3,000mAh battery. The specs are interestingly a tad different than what Huawei announced in Russia not too long ago.

As far as camera optics go, you can expect to see a 13-megapixel rear camera, a 5-megapixel front camera, dual-SIM functionality, 4G LTE connectivity, and a fingerprint scanner. You, of course, also have Huawei’s EMUI atop of Android 6.0.

Whatever the case, it seems like the P9 Lite is available in Romania through We’re not sure as to when the Huawei P9 Lite will be available from other retailers in the region. Huawei did reveal that the P9 Lite would be available in Russia in June, so it could be some time before we hear anymore details.

Meanwhile, Huawei officially took the covers off of its P9 and P9 Plus not too long ago.

We’ll have to just sit and wait for an official word from Huawei before we can get some solid details. If the launch in Russia is anything to go by, we could be waiting a couple months before we hear anything else.

Are you looking forward to the P9 Lite?

via: GSM Arena

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TAG Heuer Connected is back in stock at the company’s website

tag_heuer_connected_with_smartphoneAnyone remember TAG Heuer’s Connected premium Android Wear smartwatch? Well, the smartwatch is back up for purchase after being sold-out for nearly two months.

In December we reported that TAG Heuer was experiencing higher demand than expected. Later that month they terminated online sales and increased production in order to catch up. This news came to us as a bit of a surprise because it’s not everyday you see smartwatches fly off the shelves like that. There’s still a handful of people out there who see no good use for a smartwatch.

Earlier this week, TAG Heuer added more supply and put the smartwatch back up for sale on its website. Just as a reminder, the TAG Heuer Connected is as premium as they get. It’s durable and made of expensive materials, that’s why the price tag comes in at $ 1,500 USD. This is the most expensive Android Wear smartwatch you can buy. As a courtesy, the TAG Heuer Connected will ship for free. To read more about it or get your own, hit the source link.

Source: TAG Heuer

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