Twitter has finally made a Fabric app to track mobile statistics

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Twitter’s Fabric is a mobile development toolkit and today they have announced a new app. In the past, developers were forced to check Fabric on their computers, but now should be excited to hear that they can view all the stats from their mobile device.

Developers will be able to keep track of the health of their app, see its monthly active users, discover crashes affecting specific users, and more. This should be helpful for developers while on the go or when out of the office.

It also features push notifications about important issues, for example, if your app starts running into major problems like crashing. However, it won’t send you literally every single real-time issue, so don’t worry about being overloaded with notifications. You can also control the notifications for each app. Every alert can also be muted for a few hours if needed.

If you use Fabric to track mobile statistics, you should definitely check out the mobile app. It is available in the App Store or the Play Store, and also works with Apple Watch or Android Wear.

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