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CBS All Access bids for ‘One Day at a Time’ after Netflix cancellation

CBS All Access is showing serious interest in keeping One Day at a Time alive. According to Vulture, the streaming service has sent Sony an official bid for the sitcom to pick up where Netflix left off and keep it going for at least one more season….
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NASA bids Kepler ‘goodnight’ with last set of commands

The Kepler Space Telescope has officially gone to sleep for good. On November 15th, the death anniversary of its namesake German astronomer Johannes Kepler, its ground team sent it a series of "goodnight" commands. They were meant to disable the tele…
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NASA’s Cassini probe bids farewell to Saturn with epic image

NASA's Cassini spacecraft was always destined to be a doomed hero. After two decades in space, diligently exploring Saturn and its many strange and beautiful moons, operators deliberately crashed the spacecraft into the planet to make sure the moons…
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