Rivian opens its first three ‘Adventure Network’ fast charging sites

When Rivian drivers do eventually get on the road, they’ll have their pick of charging networks including a brand new one from the EV truckmaker itself. Rivian announced on Monday that the first three sites of its burgeoning “Adventure Network” of Level 3 fast DC chargers are coming online and will be accessible to nearly every other EV on the road, regardless of who makes it. 

The first station opened in Salida, Colorado with four chargers capable of delivering 200 kW of power — that’s about 140 miles of range for an R1T in 20 minutes — in addition to the existing set of Level 2 chargers. Rivian will officially open the other stations in Inyokern and Bishop, California, later in the week. 

You’ve probably never heard of any of these towns unless you frequent Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Forest, Mammoth Lakes or Death Valley National Park. Similar to Jeep’s efforts to install charging stations at trailheads, Rivian’s Adventure Network seeks to add fast charging capabilities along both popular cross-country routes and also near national parks and other out-of-the way locations.  


“We designed Rivian charging to support electrified adventure, and these first sites demonstrate how we’re enabling drivers to responsibly reach some of the nation’s most breathtaking natural spaces,” Trent Warnke, Rivian’s Senior Director of Energy and Charging Solutions, said in a statement. “In addition to scenic or off-the-beaten-path destinations, our fast charging rollout is designed to ensure travelers have places to charge along major transportation corridors coast to coast.” To that end, the company hopes to install some 3,500 chargers at 600 sites nationwide.

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Pre-registrations are open for the open-world Tower of Fantasy RPG game ahead of Q3 launch

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio have announced that pre-registrations for the upcoming Tower of Fantasy RPG title are now live on Android, iOS, and PC. The sci-fi action agame is set on the anime-inspired planet of Aida, an open-world of fantasy for you to explore.The game is set to launch during Q3 of 2022, and […]

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How will we know when an AI actually becomes sentient?

Many scientists and technologists believe AI will eventually become sentient. But how will we know when that happens? Currently, there’s no good way to tell.
Emerging Tech | Digital Trends

Apple’s mixed reality headset may feature an M2 processor

The latest version of Apple’s long-rumored mixed reality headset features the company’s recently announced M2 system-on-a-chip and 16GB of RAM, according to Mark Gurman. The Bloomberg reporter shared the tidbit of information in his latest Power On newsletter – along with details on a “deluge” of devices Apple plans to release over the next year, including a new HomePod speaker.

As The Verge points out, most recent reports, including those from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and The Information, have suggested the augmented and virtual reality headset would feature two processors. According to Kuo, one of the SoCs would have the same capabilities as the company’s M1 chip, while the other would be a lower-end chip designed to handle data from the device’s sensors.

After years of rumors, there’s been increasing evidence Apple is getting closer to the day when it will finally announce its mixed reality headset. In May, a Twitter user found evidence Apple likely used a shell company to obtain trademarks for “RealityOS.” Earlier in the year, developers also found references to the operating system in App Store upload logs. More recently, Tim Cook told China Daily he “couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities” presented by augmented and virtual reality, and told the publication to “stay tuned and you will see what we have to offer” on that front.

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Save money with the best free movie apps for iPhone and Android

Want to watch movies for free on your smartphone? We’ve got your back with this handpicked selection of great free movie apps for Android and iOS.
Android | Digital Trends

The best Apple Watch bands and straps for 2022: For every style and budget

These are the best Apple Watch bands and straps to stylize your timepiece. We’ve got a veritable feast of wrist-wear for every budget.
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FromSoftware’s next game is ‘in the final stages’ of development

FromSoftware fans may not have to wait years before they get the chance to play the company’s next game. In a recent Japanese-language interview translated by Gematsu, Elden Ring director and From president Hidetaka Miyazaki said his studio’s next game is in “the final stages” of development. Miyazaki shared the tidbit in response to a question about a previous interview he gave in 2018.

At the time, he told 4Gamer.net that FromSoftware was working on “three-and-a-half games.” Since then, the studio has released all but one of those projects. In 2018, we got Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and PSVR exclusive Déraciné. This year, From came out with Elden Ring, leaving only one of the projects Miyazaki mentioned in 2018 unaccounted for. "Development is currently in the final stages," he told 4Gamer.net this week when asked about the state of that game.

Miyazaki didn’t go on to share any other details on the project. However, some fans, citing a Resetera leak from January, have speculated the unannounced game could be a new entry in From’s long-running Armored Core series. The studio hasn't released a new mainline entry in the franchise since 2012. In the same interview, Miyazaki also said he was already working on his next game as director, and that he would like to create a "more abstract fantasy" title in the future. 

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Meta has reportedly barred employees from discussing abortion on internal channels

Meta has told employees not to discuss the Supreme Court’s recent ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, according to The New York Times. Pointing to a May 12th memo it shared after a draft of Friday’s decision was leaked by Politico, the company has deleted messages on its internal communication tools that mention the topic. In the document, the social media giant reportedly said it “would not allow open discussion” about abortion within the workplace due to “a heightened risk of creating a hostile work environment.”

One employee took to LinkedIn to voice their frustration with the situation. “On our internal Workplace platform, moderators swiftly remove posts or comments mentioning abortion,” said software engineer Ambroos Vaes. “Limited discussion can only happen in groups of up to 20 employees who follow a set playbook, but not out in the open.” Meta did not immediately respond to Engadget’s request for comment.

On Friday, Meta also told employees it would reimburse the travel expenses of employees in need of access to out-of-state healthcare and reproductive services “to the extent permitted by law.” That’s a policy many tech companies, including Google, had in place before Friday’s decision and that they reiterated after the Supreme Court announced its ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Friday’s action wasn’t the first time Meta moved to prevent its employees from dicussing a contentious topic at the workplace. The company updated its Respectful Communication Policy following the murder of George Floyd in 2020. At the time, the company told employees they could no longer discuss political and social issues in company-wide Workplace channels.

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You can sign up for Nothing’s Phone (1) waitlist here

After it was confirmed that Nothing’s Phone (1) would, at least initially, only be available to buy via an invite system (boo!), today brings the opportunity to join a waitlist to stand-in-line (virtually) for an invite code to buy the Phone (1) when stock becomes available on July 12th. Cue the enthusiast cheers. While you […]

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Common Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 problems and how to fix them

Having some teething problems with your brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3? Here’s our helpful rundown of common Galaxy Z Fold 3 problems and how to fix them.
Android | Digital Trends

Insta360’s next camera could be amazing for lowlight photography

Insta360 is teasing a new camera with apparent links to astrophotography and lowlight imaging.
Mobile | Digital Trends

Paralyzed race driver completes Goodwood hill climb using head movement to steer

Former Indy Racing League competitor Sam Schmidt is continuing to break new ground for accessible driving technology. The Arrow McLaren SP team co-owner has completed the signature hill climb at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed using head movements and his breath to steer — the first time anyone has demonstrated the feature at the UK event. Schmidt drove a McLaren 720S Spider modified by Arrow Electronics to track his head using infrared cameras. He controlled acceleration and braking by inhaling and exhaling through a "sip-and-puff" device. The racer also wore a semi-autonomous exoskeleton concept, the SAM Suit, that helps him walk.

Schmidt became quadriplegic in 2000 when he injured his spinal cord in a practice lap crash. He has long been an advocate for paralysis treatment, and in 2014 partnered with Arrow to drive a Corvette using a combination of head tracking, sip-and-puff and voice controls. In 2016, became the first American with a license to use an autonomous vehicle on highways, using a Corvette to drive in Nevada.

While alternative mobility solutions can return some level of autonomy to those no longer able to operate a vehicle for one reason or another, it's not entirely clear what role Arrow's technology might play in the future. We've reached out to the company for details on where it sees projects like the SAM heading. Arrow will also be racing against self-driving tech, which is becoming closer to a practical reality, with Level 3 autonomy already reaching public roads. With that said, completely driverless cars (Level 5 autonomy) will take years to arrive.

Update 6/24/22 7:27pm ET: Reached for comment, an Arrow spokesperson told Engadget that while SAM "is not precisely open source" the tech may be "available for future development if Arrow approves."

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Court OKs lawsuit by woman who says she helped create Pinterest

Pinterest must now face a lawsuit from a former friend of one of its founders who claims she helped create the platform. Bloombergreported that Alameda County Superior Court Judge Richard Seabolt on Thursday denied the company’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit. Christine Martinez, the plaintiff, claims she was asked by co-founder Ben Silbermann to help revive the app. The digital market strategist claims to have developed features tied to Pinterest’s Boards and created a marketing plan to enlist bloggers to promote the platform, among other contributions. 

Martinez filed a lawsuit against the company in September, and Pinterest filed the motion to dismiss in December. The company argued that Martinez’s claims are too old to fall within the statute of limitations. Seabolt disagreed with this and said Martinez “sufficiently alleges” that she and the Pinterest founders agreed to deferred compensation. Pinterest went public in 2019, an event that Seabolt deemed “transformative” and in his view sealed the company's obligation to pay Martinez.

In a statement to Engadget, Pinterest's chief communications officer LeMia Jenkins Thompson noted that the court dismissed several of Martinez's claims. Thompson also stated that, "as the facts come out, we are confident the evidence will confirm that Plaintiff’s claims are meritless and that the rest of this baseless lawsuit should be dismissed." 

According to the New York Times, Martinez was never formally employed at nor did she ever sign a written contract with the San Francisco-based company. Instead, Martinez argues that the agreement was implied, based on her discussions with Sciarra and Silbermann.

Martinez, who is a former lifestyle blogger and founder of an eccomerce startup, told the Times she was eager to help friends. “[…The Pinterest co-founders] had no marketing background or expertise in creating a product for women.”

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It’s being reported that Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 will be more expensive than its predecessor

As June crawls to an end, we are ever closer to the as-yet-unknown launch date for Samsung’s next batch of Wear OS 3 – powered smartwatches. And according to a leaked report, the Galaxy Watch 5 series will be more expensive than the Galaxy Watch 4 range that launched in 2021. The new Galaxy Watch […]

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Netflix confirms an ad-supported tier is coming

Netflix continues to lock down plans to offer ad-supported service. As The Hollywood Reporternotes, company co-chief Ted Sarandos confirmed to guests at the Cannes Lions festival that Netflix is adding an ad-backed tier with a lower price. He stressed that the option wouldn't bring ads to Netflix "as you know it today" — as with rivals like Peacock, you'll still have the option to avoid marketing altogether. This is just for people who "don't mind advertising," he said.

Sarandos didn't share further details. However, The Wall Street Journalsources recently claimed Google and NBCUniversal are the "top contenders" to help Netflix build the ads-included plan. Either would likely have an exclusive arrangement to serve and (at least in NBCU's case) sell ads. Roku has also had early discussions, according to tipsters. Industry executives talking to Netflix supposedly haven't learned specifics, such as the amount of ads you'll see each hour or whether there will be ad targeting. We've asked Netflix for comment.

The future option is an acknowledgment that Netflix left a large group of customers "off the table," according to Sarandos. The company lost subscribers for the first time in a decade this past quarter, and it's eager to return to growth quickly. An ad-supported plan could help with that goal by drawing in customers put off by Netflix's regular pricing.

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Your Chromebook now has access to your Android phone’s photos

ChromeOS version 103 is adding the ability for you to see your Android phone’s photos on your Chromebook.
Android | Digital Trends

Bungie sues ‘Destiny 2’ YouTuber who issued almost 100 fake DMCA claims

In December of last year, a YouTuber by the name of Lord Nazo received copyright takedown notices from CSC Global — the brand protection vendor contracted by game creator Bungie — for uploading tracks from their game Destiny 2's original soundtrack. While some content creators might remove the offending material or appeal the copyright notice, Nazo, whose real name is Nicholas Minor, allegedly made the ill-fated decision to impersonate CSC Global and issue dozens of fake DMCA notices to his fellow creators. As first spotted by The Game Post, Bungie is now suing him for a whopping $ 7.6 million.

“Ninety-six times, Minor sent DMCA takedown notices purportedly on behalf of Bungie, identifying himself as Bungie’s 'Brand Protection' vendor in order to have YouTube instruct innocent creators to delete their Destiny 2 videos or face copyright strikes," the lawsuit claims, "disrupting Bungie’s community of players, streamers, and fans. And all the while, 'Lord Nazo' was taking part in the community discussion of 'Bungie’s' takedowns." Bungie is seeking “damages and injunctive relief” that include $ 150,000 for each fraudulent copyright claim: a total penalty of $ 7,650,000, not including attorney’s fees.

The game developer is also accusing Minor of using one of his fake email aliases to send harassing emails to the actual CSC Global with the subject lines such as “You’re in for it now” and “Better start running. The clock is ticking.” Minor also allegedly authored a "manifesto" that he sent to other members of the Destiny 2 community — again, under an email alias — in which he "took credit" for some of his activities. The recipients promptly forwarded the email to Bungie.

As detailed in the lawsuit, Minor appears to have done the bare minimum to cover his tracks: the first batch of fake DMCA notices used the same residential IP address he used to log-in to both his Destiny and Destiny 2 accounts, the latter of which shared the same Lord Nazo username as his YouTube, Twitter and Reddit accounts. He only switched to a VPN on March 27th — following media coverage of the fake DMCA notices. Meanwhile, Minor allegedly continued to log-in to his Destiny account under his original IP address until May.

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Montblanc’s newest smartwatch has Wear OS 3 and costs nearly $1,300

Montblanc has lifted the covers from the Summit 3, its latest luxury smartwatch that runs Wear OS 3 out of the box.
Wearables | Digital Trends

This YouTube Apple Watch app is just as ridiculous as you’d expect

A new Apple Watch app called WatchTube will now let you watch your favorite YouTube videos on your wrist.
Wearables | Digital Trends

[Updated] Qualcomm and Asus roll out an old security patch to the Snapdragon Insider’s Phone – still no word of Android 12

$ 1,500 could buy you the Galaxy S22 Ultra and still leave you some change for accessories or it could have bought Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Smartphone for Insiders. One gets updated every month with security patches and frequent OS tweaks, the other is still running on Android 11 and hasn’t seen an update of any kind since […]

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Amazon’s new pitch: let Alexa speak as your relatives from beyond the grave

At Amazon’s Re:Mars conference, Alexa’s senior vice-president Rohit Prasad exhibited a startling new voice assistant capability: the supposed ability to mimic voices. So far, there's no timeline whatsoever as to when or if this feature will be released to the public.

Stranger still, Amazon framed this copycatting ability as a way to commemorate lost loved ones. It played a demonstration video in which Alexa read to a child in the voice of his recently deceased grandmother. Prasad stressed that the company was seeking ways to make AI as personal as possible. “While AI can’t eliminate that pain of loss, he said, "it can definitely make the memories last.” An Amazon spokesperson told Engadget that the new skill can create a synthetic voiceprint after being trained on as little as a minute of audio of the individual it's supposed to be replicating.

Security experts have long held concerns that deep fake audio tools, which use text-to-speech technology to create synthetic voices, would pave the way for a flood of new scams. Voice cloning software has enabled a number of crimes, such as a 2020 incident in the United Arab Emirates where fraudsters fooled a bank manager into transferring $ 35 million after they impersonated a company director. But deep fake audio crimes are still relatively unusual, and the tools available to scammers are, for now, relatively primitive.

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Best microSD cards for 2022: Top picks for your camera, tablet, or drone

A microSD card is an easy way to add more storage directly to your phone or tablet. We’ve picked out eight great cards that offer excellent bang for your buck.
Android | Digital Trends

Nothing confirms that the US is getting nothing – at least for now

It seems that its bad news for those in the US waiting on the launch of Nothing’s Phone (1) in mid-July because it has now been confirmed that the brand will skip the North American market in its entirety. Serial leaker, Evan Blass, first alluded to Nothing choosing not to launch the Phone (1) in […]

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The Nothing Phone 1’s LEDs do a lot more than you’d expect

The Nothing Phone 1 has an array of LEDs on its backside. But what do they do? A new video just showed us.
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T-Mobile’s 5G network just beat Verizon and AT&T (again)

T-Mobile has just defeated Verizon and AT&T as the best 5G mobile network for the second year in a row.
Mobile | Digital Trends

Verizon’s Fios Fiber, LTE, and 5G Home Internet plans are down to just $25*

There aren’t many savings to be made on your monthly bills in 2022 but Verizon has announced that it has reduced all of its Home Internet plans from $ 50 to $ 25 per month. The price cut applies to its Fios fiber, LTE Home, and 5G Home products, with the only real catch being that users […]

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Android 13 just took a big step forward to its release date

Google has rolled out the third beta for Android 13, which achieved platform stability two months earlier than Android 12 did.
Android | Digital Trends

How to turn on FSR on the Steam Deck

Looking to improve your resolution and performance on the Steam Deck? Enabling FSR can make the world of difference. Here’s how to do it.
Mobile | Digital Trends

watchOS 9 is bringing big health and fitness updates to your Apple Watch

Apple has talked about watchOS 9, the next version of its software for the Apple Watch, at WWDC 2022. This is what you need to know about the announcement.
Wearables | Digital Trends

Sylvania Smart+ light collection review: Round out your smart home on a budget

Whether you’re looking to finally jump on the smart home bandwagon and start buying some connected bulbs, or you’re just rounding out some lights around the house, Sylvania’s latest partnership with LEDVANCE wants your attention. This new Smart+ collection from both companies is aiming to deliver an easy smart bulb experience on a budget that’ll […]

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Razer’s Kishi gamepad for iOS is cheaper than ever right now

If you've been looking for a better way to play games on your phone than relying on touch controls, an external controller is what you need. The Razer Kishi is a solid dedicated gamepad option and the iOS version has dropped to an all-time low price on Amazon. It's currently $ 55, which is $ 45 off the regular price. The USB-C Android version, meanwhile, is $ 45.

Buy Razer Kishi (iOS) at Amazon – $ 55

The controller has a wired connection to your device, meaning that you won't need to charge it. That will also result in lower latency compared with a gamepad that's connected via Bluetooth. There is a Lightning port, but that's only for passthrough charging. You won't be able to use wired headphones (rival Backbone One has a 3.5mm headphone jack, however).

Along with Apple Arcade and other native iOS games, the Kishi is compatible with cloud gaming services like Google Stadia, GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming. You can also use it to play Xbox or PlayStation consoles using remote play apps.

The controller is compact when not in use, which makes it easy to keep in your bag. To use it, you'll need to unclip a rear panel. A belt holds the two halves together and it stretches to accommodate various phone sizes. You'll likely need to remove your phone's case before using the Kishi, since it needs to be plugged into the Lightning port.

The Kishi does the trick for on-the-go use, though some may find the stubby analog sticks and other design choices a little uncomfortable for long gameplay sessions. The iOS version of the gamepad has been heavily discounted ahead of the Kishi V2, a new version of the controller that's expected to arrive later this year.

Razer released the $ 100 Android edition of the Kishi V2 this month. It has a solid sliding bridge rather than the stretchy belt (an idea Razer seems to have cribbed from Backbone), clickier buttons and the option to keep certain cases on while using the device. There's also a share button that only works with the Razer Nexus app on Android. Players can use that to stream gameplay to the likes of YouTube and Facebook.

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[Deal] A $300 one-off payment gets you 16GB of high-speed data monthly for a year on AT&T

Looking for a new pre-paid plan with a handy amount of high-speed 5G data? AT&T has a limited-time offer of 16GB of data (instead of the usual 8GB) each month for a year for an upfront payment of $ 300, which works out to $ 25 a month. We’ve got more details for you after the break. […]

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The Black Shark 5 Pro delivers gaming goodness without the headaches

Gaming phones are often powerful, yet clunky devices. The Black Shark 5 Pro aims to deliver serious horsepower without the usual annoyances.
Android | Digital Trends

Android 13: Everything we know so far about the upcoming OS

Google has announced Android 13, its next major software release. Here’s what it’s expected to bring.
Android | Digital Trends

Microsoft Defender finally feels like proper antivirus software for individuals

Microsoft has launched Microsoft Defender for individuals as a new online security application for Microsoft 365 subscribers.
Android | Digital Trends

What are the benefits of 5G? How it helps you today (and tomorrow)

New 5G technology promises to revolutionize the way we communicate, but what are the tangible benefits it offers today, and what will it do in the future?
Mobile | Digital Trends

Finding recipes on TikTok and YouTube is my new favorite way to cook

Finding recipes on Google is a chore, so I decided to use TikTok and YouTube instead. And the results might surprise you.
Mobile | Digital Trends

[Deal] Save up to $55 on these Wear OS-powered smartwatches from Mobvoi

There’s still time to grab a neat present for your Dad this Father’s Day with Mobvoi discounting a pair of its Wear OS-powered TicWatch smartwatches by 18-20% which translates into savings of $ 55 and $ 40, depending on the model you choose. The top of the line TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS can be had for […]

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Common Android 12 problems and how to fix them

Android 12 introduces a wide range of useful new features, tweaks, and enhancements, although it isn’t short of a few teething problems. Here’s how to fix them.
Android | Digital Trends

Lawmakers ask Google to stop steering people seeking abortion to anti-abortion sites

A group of Democratic lawmakers led by Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Rep. Elissa Slotkin is urging Google to "crack down on manipulative search results" that lead people seeking abortions to anti-abortion clinics. In a letter addressed to Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, the lawmakers reference a study conducted by US nonprofit group Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). The organization found that 1 in 10 Google search results for queries such as "abortion clinics near me" and "abortion pill" — specifically in states with trigger laws that would ban the procedure the moment Roe v. Wade is overturned — points to crisis pregnancy centers that oppose abortion instead.

"Directing women towards fake clinics that traffic in misinformation and don't provide comprehensive health services is dangerous to women's health and undermines the integrity of Google's search results," the lawmakers wrote. CCDH also found that 37 percent of results on Google Maps for the same search terms lead people to anti-abortion clinics. The lawmakers argue in the letter that Google should not be displaying those results for users searching for abortion and that if the company's search results must continue showing them, they should at least be properly labeled.

In addition, CCDH found that 28 percent of ads displayed at the top of Google search results are for crisis pregnancy centers. Google added a disclaimer for those ads, "albeit one that appears in small font and is easily missed," the lawmakers note, after getting flak for them a few years ago. "The prevalence of these misleading ads marks what appears to be a concerning reversal from Google’s pledge in 2014 to take down ads from crisis pregnancy centers that engage in overt deception of women seeking out abortion information online," the letter reads.

Warner, Slotkin and the letter's other signees are asking Google what it plans to do to limit the appearance of anti-abortion clinics when users are explicitly searching for abortion services. And, if Google chooses not to take action to prevent them from appearing in results, the group is asking whether Google would add user-friendly disclaimers clarifying whether the clinic is or isn't providing abortion services. You can read the whole letter below:

A Supreme Court draft obtained by Politico in May showed that SCOTUS justices have voted to reverse Roe v. Wade, the landmark case that protected the federal rights to abortion across the country. Senator Ron Wyden and 41 other Democratic lawmakers also previously asked Google to stop collecting and keeping users' location data. They said the information could be used against people who've had or are seeking abortions in states with trigger laws. 

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Get free unlimited in-flight internet, 5GB of international data, and roadside assistance for a year on T-Mobile

As international travel continues to open up, T-Mobile is handing its customers a couple of handy freebies that will make accessing data when overseas so much easier. The carrier’s new Coverage Beyond product will give customers an allowance of high-speed data in more than 210 countries with the added bonus of free, unlimited in-flight internet […]

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The U.S. government’s USB-C demands are too little, too late

Democratic senators are urging the U.S. to follow EU’s footsteps and make USB-C the standard charger for all electronic devices.
Android | Digital Trends

TikTok says it’s storing US data domestically amid renewed security concerns

TikTok says it’s achieved a “significant milestone” toward its promises to beef up the security of its US users’ data. In a new update, the company says it has “changed the default storage location of US user data.”

As the company notes, it had already stored much of its user data in the United States, at a Virginia-based data center. But under a new partnership with Oracle, the company has migrated US user traffic to a new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

“Today, 100% of US user traffic is being routed to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,” the company wrote in a blog post. “We still use our US and Singapore data centers for backup, but as we continue our work we expect to delete US users' private data from our own data centers and fully pivot to Oracle cloud servers located in the US.” Additionally, TikTok says it has made “operational changes,” including a new department “with US-based leadership, to solely manage US user data for TikTok.”

The moves are part of a longstanding effort by TikTok to address US officials’ concerns over how user data is handled by TikTok and parent company ByteDance. The company has been working to separate US user data so that it’s not accessible to China-based ByteDance as US lawmakers eye legislation to curb the influence of Chinese tech companies.

Still, the new safeguards are unlikely to fully sway critics of TikTok, who say the company still hasn’t addressed all potential concerns about how US user data is handled. In fact, just after TikTok published its blog post, BuzzFeed Newspublished a report that raises new questions about how the company handles the data of its US users.

The report, which was based on hours of internal meetings leaked to BuzzFeed, says that “China-based employees of ByteDance have repeatedly accessed nonpublic data about US TikTok users.” The recordings, which cover a time period between last September and January 2022, offer new details about the complex effort to cut off Bytedance's access to US user data.

The report quotes an outside consultant hired by TikTok to oversee some of the work saying that they believed there was “backdoor to access user data in almost all” of the company’s internal tools. It also quotes statements from several employees who say “that engineers in China had access to US data between September 2021 and January 2022, at the very least.”

It also notes that while data deemed “sensitive,” like users’ birth dates and phone numbers, will be stored in the Oracle servers, other information about US-based users could remain accessible to ByteDance. “ByteDance’s China-based employees could continue to have access to insights about what American TikTok users are interested in, from cat videos to political beliefs,” the report says.

That may not seem as serious as more personal information like birthdays and phone numbers, but it’s exactly the kind of details that some lawmakers in the US have raised concerns about. US officials have questioned whether the app’s “For You” algorithm could be used as a means of foreign influence.

“We know we're among the most scrutinized platforms from a security standpoint, and we aim to remove any doubt about the security of US user data,” TikTok said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

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The first 100 units of Nothing’s Phone (1) will go on auction on StockX from June 21st

Besides showing off its fancy rear panel with glowing lights to a private audience during Art Basel in Switzerland, Nothing also announced when the Phone (1) will first be available to purchase, at least the first one hundred units anyway. First, we have a video showing off the flashing lights on the phone’s rear panel […]

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How to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone

Making the switch from Android to iPhone and want to bring your WhatsApp messages with you? Here’s how to do it.
Mobile | Digital Trends

WeGym Rally X review: Adding smarts to resistance bands

WeGym’s Rally X add smarts to training with resistance bands and an accompanying app to track progress. Are smart resistance bands worth it? Read our review.
Wearables | Digital Trends

How to download the WatchOS 9 developer beta right now

WatchOS 9 is coming in September, and Apple has already released a beta for developers to play with. Here’s how to get your hands on it now.
Wearables | Digital Trends

I tried iOS 16’s photo background remover and it blew me away

One of iOS 16’s standout features is a tool that removes the background from photos. It’s quick, convenient, and seriously impressive.
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You can finally move your WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS

After years of patiently waiting, WhatsApp users finally have the tools to help users move their chats from Android to iOS.
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New Samsung patents reveal stunning rollable phone designs

Rollable smartphones may be coming soon, and new Samsung patents offer an early glimpse at them.
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