Samsung’s 55-inch Odyssey Ark: Taking gaming monitors to a whole new dimension

2022 has been a great year for monitors. We’ve already gotten the world’s first QD-OLED monitor from Alienware with another on the way from MSI. And earlier this summer, Sony joined the fray with its new Inzone brand of gaming hardware. But now, Samsung is taking things to a whole new level with the Odyssey Ark.

Boasting a huge quantum mini LED panel with a 1000R curve, the Ark delivers an immersive experience with great visuals and surprisingly good sound. Not only does Samsung claim that the Ark is the world’s first 55-inch monitor with a 4K resolution, 165 Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, you also get support for HDR 10+ and Dolby Atmos audio. And while the sound on many monitors is often an afterthought (assuming they can even output anything at all), the Ark features a total of six speakers: one in each corner and two woofers in back. And when combined Samsung says the Ark’s speakers were designed to create a dome of sound.

And now, after getting the chance to check this thing out in person, I can say this monitor is unlike anything else on the market. Even compared to other ultrawide displays, the Ark’s dimensions allow it to wrap around you like some sort of high-tech cocoon. Colors are rich and, thanks to its matte finish, you don’t have to worry about reflections ruining your graphics. The monitor also supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro for VRR, so you can get the best performance regardless if you’re gaming on a console or a PC. And while you won’t see pure blacks like you would with an OLED display, Samsung says the Ark’s contrast is 4 times better than its previous-gen monitors.

Meanwhile, to make controlling the Ark easy, Samsung includes not one but two remotes, both of which have built-in solar panels so you don’t have to worry about keeping them charged. The first remote is similar to what you’d get with a TV, but the one that feels a bit more special is the wireless Ark Dial. It lets you quickly change video settings, adjust volume and switch between the monitor’s special display modes. It’s super easy to use, and best of all, it means you don’t have to reach around back and fumble with hidden buttons or a joystick like you do with a lot of rival monitors.

Unlike most displayers this size, the Odyssey Ark supports portrait orientation, which Samsung calls Cockpit mode.
Sam Rutherford/Engadget

The best thing about the Ark is all the modes and features Samsung included to help you get the most out of this giant panel. First, there’s Flex Move Screen, which allows you to adjust the size of your content and move it around, you know, in case you don’t need the Ark’s full 55 inches. There’s also Samsung’s Gaming Hub which supports game streaming platforms like NVIDIA GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Google Stadia natively. You even get RGB lighting on the back, not that you can really see it with so muchscreen between you and the rear of the display.

But my favorite thing is the Multi View mode, which lets you have up to three different apps open at once, including the ability to move and resize windows however you like. That means you can game while having a movie and social media on the side, or you can double up by having two games open plus YouTube, or basically anything in between. And if there’s a layout you particularly like, you can save that arrangement so next time, you can open everything up with a single press. The one caveat is that due to a limitation of HDMI, you can only display content from the Ark’s built-in apps and one external device at the same time. So while you can have a console and a PC plugged in at the same time thanks to support for four HDMI ports (all of which are HDMI 2.1), you can’t output content from both simultaneously.

Finally, there’s the Ark’s special move, which is being able to rotate into portrait orientation, or as Samsung calls it, Cockpit mode. You still get support for all of the monitor’s features like Multi View and Flex Move, but now on a display that curves up and over your head. And you know what, it really does feel like you’re sitting in the pilot’s seat on a plane. My only regret is that I wish I could have installed a shoot ‘em up like Ikaruga, so I could really take advantage of the Ark’s verticality in Cockpit mode. And if you want a huge new display but don’t have a ton of desk space, Samsung even includes a VESA wall mount in the box.

That said, starting at $ 3,500, the Odyssey Ark is a big financial commitment for anyone. But if none of the other monitors released this year are big enough for you, Samsung’s new flagship gaming monitor could be the massive centerpiece your home battle station needs.

Pre-orders for the Odyssey Ark start today, and when combined with reservation discounts, potential customers can save up to $ 300 before sales officially go live sometime in early September.

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‘Rogue One’ will return to IMAX theaters before the Disney+ debut of ‘Andor’

Ahead of Andor’s debut on September 21st, Disney will bring Rogue One: A Star Wars Story back to theaters. The 2016 film will return to IMAX screens in the US on August 26th, along with an “exclusive look” at the upcoming Disney+ series. Details on the preview are sparse, but it’s likely to expand on the most recent Andor trailer Disney shared on August 1st. Either way, Rogue One’s rerelease will give Star Wars fans a chance to rewatch the film before Diego Luna reprises his role as Cassian Andor.

Set five years before the events of Rogue One, itself a prequel to A New Hope, Andor tells the story of how the rebellion began. Disney is billing the series as a spy thriller. With Andor, Diego Luna isn’t the only actor returning to the franchise. Genevieve O’Reilly and Forest Whitaker reprise their roles as Mon Mothma and Saw Gerrera. The series was originally scheduled to debut on August 31st, but Disney pushed it back to give more time for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law to find an audience. The first three episodes of Andor will debut simultaneously, with subsequent episodes to follow every Wednesday.

Rogue One is widely considered one of the better films to come out of the Disney Star Wars era. The movie made more than $ 1 billion during its original box office run and even earned two Academy Awards. If you don’t live near a theater with an IMAX projector, you can watch the film on Disney+.

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[Review] Improve your smartphone photography with the ShiftCam SnapGrip kit

Smartphones these days are much more important as cameras than telephones for most people. Whether you’re shooting photos and videos as a professional, recording your life through images, or just a social media enthusiast, you’ve probably considered camera quality before buying a phone. The smartphone camera experience is good, but not great. Sure, the images […]

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Genshin Impact’s next major update arrives on August 24th

Genshin Impact’s long-awaited 3.0 update will launch on August 24th, Hoyoverse announced on Saturday. Dubbed “The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings,” the update will add a new rainforest and desert-themed region called Sumeru for players to explore, as well as a handful of new characters, including multiple five-star combatants, to collect. Collie, one of the new additions to the roster, can be earned for free through the upcoming Graven Innocence event. As you might expect, 3.0 will also continue Genshin Impact’s overarching story. 

Hoyoverse shared a lengthy teaser trailer detailing what the update has to offer. The studio also announced that Genshin Impact’s next three updates will arrive within five weeks of one another. As such, you can expect to play them around September 28th, November 2nd and December 7th, respectively. The game’s most recent update arrived on July 13th

New content for Genshin Impact is only one of a few projects Hoyoverse is working on at the moment. Earlier this year, the studio announced Zenless Zone Zero and Honkai: Star Rail. Neither game has a release date yet, but Hoyoverse began beta testing the former at the start of August.

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Apple reportedly tried to partner with Facebook to get a cut of its revenue

Facebook and Apple have been at odds for several years now; Apple announced back at WWDC 2020 that iOS would require apps to ask users to opt-in to cross-app advertising tracking. Facebook spent much of the next months speaking out against Apple's plans and predicting revenue instability due to the upcoming changes, but the feature was released in iOS 14.5 back in April of 2021. Somewhat surprisingly, though, a new report from The Wall Street Journal claims that before this all went down, Facebook and Apple were working on a partnership and revenue-sharing agreement.

According to the Journal, Apple and Facebook were considering a a subscription service that would offer an ad-free version of the platform. And since Apple takes a cut of in-app purchases, including subscriptions, it could have been a very lucrative arrangement indeed. 

Another arrangement that was discussed and ended up being a point of contention was Apple taking a cut of "boosted posts," which essentially amounts to paying to put a post in front of a larger audience. Facebook has long considered boosted posts part of its advertising portfolio; as the Journal notes, small businesses often use boosted posts to reach more people. The issue came down to Apple saying boosts should be considered in-app purchases, which would be subject to the 30 percent revenue cut that the company takes. Facebook, on the other hand, maintained that those were advertising products which aren't subject to Apple's cut.

Since rolling out its user-tracking changes in 2021, research firm Insider Intelligence claims that 37 percent of iPhone users have opted in to letting companies track their activity across apps. Since the change went into effect, Facebook (now Meta) has seen its revenue growth shrink significantly — and last quarter, Meta reported the first revenue decline in the company's history. 

As these discussions reportedly took place between 2016 and 2018, we're a long way off from these talks. Apple is doing its best to position itself as a defender of privacy, and Meta… well, Meta is busy trying to make the Metaverse a thing. But for now at least, advertising is the only notable way Meta makes revenue, so the company will have to continue to adjust to a world in which iOS app tracking protection is a thing that most users take advantage of.

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Apple blocked the latest Telegram update over a new animated emoji set

Ever since Apple launched the App Store, developers big and small have gotten caught up in the company's approval process and had their apps delayed or removed altogether. The popular messaging app Telegram is just the latest, according to the company's CEO Pavel Durov. On August 10th, Durov posted a message to his Telegram channel saying the app's latest update had been stuck in Apple's review process for two weeks without any real word from the company about why it was held up. 

As noted by The Verge, the update was finally released yesterday, and Durov again took to Telegram to discuss what happened. The CEO says that Apple told Telegram that it would have to remove a new feature called Telemoji, which Durov described as "higher quality vector-animated versions of the standard emoji." He included a preview of what they would look like in his post — they're similar to the basic emoji set Apple uses, but with some pretty delightful animations that certainly could help make messaging a little more expressive. 

"This is a puzzling move on Apple's behalf, because Telemoji would have brought an entire new dimension to its static low-resolution emoji and would have significantly enriched their ecosystem," Durov wrote in his post. It's not entirely clear how this feature would enrich Apple's overall ecosystem, but it still seems like quite the puzzling thing for Apple to get caught up over, especially since Telegram already has a host of emoji and sticker options that go far beyond the default set found in iOS. Indeed, Durov noted that there are more than 10 new emoji packs in the latest Telegram update, and said the company will take the time to make Telemoji "even more unique and recognizable."

There are still a lot of emoji-related improvements in the latest Telegram update, though. The company says it is launching an "open emoji platform" where anyone can upload their own set of emoji that people who pay for Telegram's premium service can use. If you're not a premium user, you'll still be able to see the customized emoji and test using them in "saved messages" like reminders and notes in the app. The custom emoji can be interactive as well — if you tap on them, you'll get a full-screen animated reaction. 

To make it easier to access all this, the sticker, GIF and emoji panel has been redesigned, with tabs for each of those reaction categories. This makes the iOS keyboard match up with the Android app as well as the web version of Telegram. There are also new privacy settings that let you control who can send you video and voice messages: everyone, contacts or no one. Telegram notes that, like its other privacy settings, you can set "exceptions" so that specific groups or people can "always" or "never" send you voice or video messages. The new update — sans Telemoji — is available now.

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Xiaomi’s Mix Fold 2 is almost the perfect rival to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4

This week brought us the refined Galaxy Z Fold 4 from Samsung which improves upon its predecessor without being revolutionary. Xiaomi also launched a new foldable called the Mix Fold 2, and if it was ever released outside of China it could provide the sort of competition that Samsung needs to continue innovating in the […]

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Does the Pixel 6a have an SD card slot? How the phone handles expandable storage

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Samsung heir Jay Y.Lee gets a presidential pardon

South Korean president President Yoon Suk Yeol has pardoned Samsung heir Jay Y. Lee and has cleared him of bribery charges in hopes of revitalizing the country's economy. Lee was originally sentenced to five years in prison in 2017 after being found guilty of bribing public officials to back the merger of two Samsung affiliates, which would have solidified his control over the tech giant. He walked free after a year in detention, but the South Korean Supreme Court overturned that decision and ordered the case to be retried. 

While Lee was sentenced with two-and-a-half years of prison time in early 2021 in that retrial, he was paroled half a year later in a development that civic groups had described as another example of the justice system being lenient towards the country's elite. Now, Lee doesn't have to worry about being sent to prison on bribery charges again — the presidential pardon even allows him to rejoin Samsung's board and to travel overseas to close deals. He was previously not allowed to take on an official role at Samsung under the conditions of his parole, even though the company's executives had been keeping him apprised of the latest developments. 

According to Bloomberg, Lee is now expected to make major strategic decisions for the tech giant, including deals related to chipmaking. The Korean government said in a statement:

"In a bid to overcome the economic crisis by vitalizing the economy, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, whose suspended prison term was ended recently, will be reinstated."

Similarly, Justice Minister Han Dong Hoon said at a briefing:

"With urgent needs to overcome the national economic crisis, we carefully selected economic leaders who lead the national growth engine through active technology investment and job creation to be pardoned."

In its latest earnings report, Samsung posted a 12 percent profit increase due to weak mobile and PC demand, which it blamed on "geopolitical issues and concerns over inflation on top of continued weak seasonality." The company also expects demand for consumer devices to stay weak over the coming months. 

As Bloomberg said, it's unclear if Lee intends to take over as Samsung's chairman, which has been a vacant position since his father Lee Kun-hee passed away in 2020. It's worth noting that Lee still isn't completely free of legal problems, though, and could still face jail time if he's found guilty in a separate case of fraud and stock manipulation. He will continue attending hearings related to that case.

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SpaceX’s reusable Falcon Heavy rocket can now carry US spy satellites into orbit

SpaceX may soon handle some of the US government's highest-priority satellite missions. Bloombergreports the Space Force has certified SpaceX to launch top secret spy satellites using Falcon Heavy rockets equipped with reusable boosters. The move gives SpaceX more high-profile government missions, of course, but also promises to save federal money by reducing the costs of ferrying these satellites to orbit. The Space Force has already saved over $ 64 million for GPS missions by using reusable Falcon 9 rockets, Space Systems Command's Falcon chief Walter Lauderdale said. 

The Space Force issued the certification in June, but didn't disclose the approval until now. SpaceX can carry spy satellites aboard Falcon 9 rockets, but they don't always have the power needed for heavier payloads. The first Falcon Heavy-based launch is expected sometime between October and December, when SpaceX will deliver a National Reconnaissance Office satellite.

This could represent a significant if temporary blow to rival rocket producers. The Boeing and Lockheed-Martin joint venture United Launch Alliance still hasn't received similar approval for a version of its Vulcan rocket using Blue Origin motors. Air Force officials are still reviewing the approach to 39 national security launches slated for fiscal 2025 through 2027. SpaceX isn't guaranteed to win business that would otherwise go to ULA, but its earlier certification could influence any decisions.

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Google Pixel Buds Pro tips and tricks

Learn how to maximize your Google Pixel Buds Pro with our exhaustive list of tips, tricks, and recommendations.
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FTC kicks off efforts to regulate data security and surveillance tech

The Federal Trade Commission is officially starting its efforts to broadly regulate data security. The agency has published an early notice of proposed rulemaking that asks the public to comment on commercial surveillance and data gathering practices, such as camera monitoring or protections for sensitive info. Officials not only want to understand the harms and benefits of technologies, but gauge interest in rules that could require stricter safeguards (such as tougher encryption) and bans on deceptive security claims.

The FTC's request for input also touches on specific issues, such as biased surveillance systems and algorithmic errors. Similarly, regulators are interested in whether or not existing data security practices hurt children.

In explaining the proposal, the FTC was concerned that enforcement by itself wasn't enough to protect consumers. The Commission can't seek civil penalties for first-time violators, for instance. In theory, new rules would encourage stronger security policies, provide more relief to hack victims and ensure a more consistent approach to cases.

On top of the comments, you'll have a chance for more direct feedback. The FTC is hosting a virtual public forum on September 8th that will give people two minutes each to share their views. The session will also include a panel discussion.

The FTC is still far from outlining rules, let alone putting them into effect. Even so, there's plenty of pressure to act. Governments at multiple levels in the US are increasingly banning or withdrawing at least some uses of surveillance tech, and there's a growing backlash against companies that either misuse personal data or are prone to data breaches. New regulations could reduce violations and otherwise ensure that data holders show more respect for your privacy.

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Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 now and get a $60 Best Buy gift card

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the must have smartwatch right now and you can get a $ 40 Best Buy gift card when you preorder.
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The iPhone 14 Pro may be more expensive than we expected

The iPhone 13 Pro is already one of the pricier smartphones available. The iPhone 14 Pro could be even more expensive.
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The best OnePlus phones for 2022

OnePlus has built quite the tech empire over the last few years, with a wider array of models than ever. We break down the best that OnePlus has to offer.
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The best iPhone 12 Pro cases and covers

The iPhone 12 Pro is Apple’s latest high-powered phone. But it’s not going to do well if it tumbles onto concrete. Protect it with the best iPhone 12 Pro cases.
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Common Google Pixel Buds Pro problems and how to solve them

Having issues with your Pixel Buds Pro? From glitchy sound to unresponsive Bluetooth, here’s a list of the most common Buds Pro problems and how to solve them.
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Blizzard will stop selling ‘Overwatch’ loot boxes on August 30th

Blizzard will stop selling Overwatch loot boxes on August 30th, the studio announced in a blog post published on Tuesday. The date coincides with the end of the game’s recently launched Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 event. Blizzard notes players will still have the chance to earn free loot boxes after the 30th. Additionally, the game will automatically open any loot boxes in a player’s inventory before the launch of Overwatch 2 on October 4th. With the new game set to replace Overwatch at that point, that will ensure players don’t lose any skins and other cosmetics before the switch.

In June, Blizzard announced Overwatch 2would abandon loot boxes in favor of a seasonal battle pass and a “consistently updated” in-game store. The move came after the studio said it would not release Diablo Immortal in Belgium and the Netherlands due to laws in those countries against that kind of monetization.

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Motorola confirms August 11 launch date for its Razr 2022 and X30 Pro flagships

Originally slated for launch last week, Motorola has instead confirmed that the Razr 2022 and X30 Pro flagships will instead be announced on August 11th, a day after Samsung’s Unpacked event. While Motorola hasn’t given a reason for the delay in launching the Razr 2022 and X30 Pro, we do have a good idea of […]

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Google Pixel Buds Pro review: Shut up and take our money

Small and comfy, the Pixel Buds Pro sound great and are packed with features. If you’re an Android user, meet your new buds.
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What we bought: This LED desk lamp gave me the best lighting for video calls

Over the past two years, my work-from-home situation morphed from temporary to permanent, and I’ve had to reconfigure my home office as a result. I purchased a standing desk, a monitor, and spent countless hours rearranging my furniture. One of my primary concerns is that I have a relatively small space, and therefore prefer things that can pull double duty. So when I decided to update my desk lamp, I knew I needed a multi-tasker that wouldn’t take up a lot of real estate. For me, the Edge Light from Lume Cube ended up being the perfect solution.

Prior to purchasing the Edge Light, I relied mostly on a lamp that I bought from CB2 nearly twenty years ago. It’s good looking but it has a large six-inch base that takes up quite a bit of space. It also doesn’t provide the right lighting environment for video calls. While it’s serviceable enough as a desk lamp, the light is just too warm and subdued for Zoom sessions. Plus, it’s not flexible enough for me to angle the light to illuminate my face properly. That’s a problem when, like most everyone else, I was suddenly having multiple video meetings a week. I really noticed it when I was a guest on a podcast; watching the video back made me realize how poor the lighting was.

Lume Cube
Lume Cube

That prompted me to purchase a cheap ring light from Amazon, but I soon realized that was a mistake. Suddenly I had not one but two lamps taking up residence on my small desk. I knew I needed to rethink my entire lighting situation.

That’s why I was glad when I saw that Lume Cube, which is known for its portable photo/video lighting rigs, had come out with the Edge Light late last year. It’s essentially an LED desk lamp that also doubles as a video conferencing light. On top of that, it’s a clamp-on model, which means it wouldn’t take up a lot of space. It is fairly pricey at $ 120, but since it appeared to solve so many of my pain points, I decided it would be worth it.

I’ve now had it for a few months, and I absolutely love it. It has freed up so much real estate on my desk. It’s tall enough to position behind my webcam when I need it for video calls, and thanks to its five pivot points, I can easily swing it around so that I can use it to illuminate my desk. The lighting is fantastic, too – I can adjust both the brightness and the warmth so that it’s bright but not too harsh. According to the company, it provides multi-level diffusion for soft light and has a color adjustability between 3200 and 5600K.

Lume Cube
Lume Cube

The controls are pretty intuitive – simply tap the circular button to switch between brightness and warmth, and then tap the plus and minus signs to adjust the levels to your liking. The buttons are all “soft touch,” meaning they don’t need any pressure. On top of that, the lamp actually comes with two charging ports – one USB-A and one USB-C – which I am always using to charge up all of my various devices and accessories.

Perhaps my one complaint is that the light does produce a tiny bit of glare on my glasses when it’s positioned directly in front of me. The company suggests getting two Edge Light lamps to reduce this effect, but that’s a little too rich for my blood. I’ve since managed to angle the light so that the glare isn’t as bad, which is good enough for me.

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MG’s new all-electric hatchback will cost just $31,400 when it arrives in the UK

Last month, MG revealed the all-electric MG4 hatchback with range of up to 281 miles (on the WLTP system). Now, we know it will be one of the least expensive EVs available in the UK with a starting price of £25,995 ($ 31,400). It’s set to arrive in the UK in September this year.

As a reminder, China’s SAIC Motors now owns the MG brand following the collapse of MG Rover in 2005. The vehicles are manufactured in China, but SAIC has a design studio in London. It also has joint venture partnerships with Volkswagen, GM and others to produce branded vehicles in China.

The MG4 first arrived as the Mulan in China, built on SAIC’s MSP (Modular Scalable Platform) architecture that will be used on future MG EVs. It’ll come in three versions in the UK. The starting SE Standard Range model is priced at £25,995 with a 51kWh battery delivering 218 miles of WLTP range, compared to £36,195 ($ 43,800) for the ID.3 with a 58kWh battery and 265 miles of range.

The £28,495 ($ 34,490) Long Range SE model uses a 64kWh battery to go 281 miles on a charge, which takes about 35 minutes to go from 10-80 percent thanks to the 135kW charging capacity. 

And finally, the EV Trophy costs £31,495 ($ 38,120) and offers 270 miles of range with the 64kWh battery. The extra cash gets you features like an upgraded version of the MG Pilot system (with lane-keeping, blind spot warnings, etc.), a leather interior and more.

As for performance, the highest-powered 201 bhp version with the 64kWh battery can go from 0-62 MPH in under eight seconds, with the top speed limited to 99 MPH. On all vehicles, MG is promising copious storage, an “Active Grille Shutter” that improves aerodynamics, a 10.25-inch infotainment screen, Car Play and Android Auto connectivity and more. However, the price will likely be the main draw, particularly as the UK recently eliminated its EV rebate incentive.

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What’s the difference between the OnePlus 10T and OnePlus 10 Pro?

Not sure what the difference is between the the new OnePlus 10T and the OnePlus 10 Pro? No worries, we’ve got you covered with this side-by-side comparison of how the two smartphones differ, including the pricing strategies by Oneplus. Your choice depends on whether price, charging speed, and performance are more important than better cameras, […]

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Amazon Luna is now available on the Samsung Gaming Hub

Amazon Luna landed on the Samsung Gaming Hub today which is pre-installed on Samsung Smart TV and monitors released in 2022. With Samsung smart TVs selling in such high numbers it’s likely that Amazon Luna will see a tidy bump in its userbase, especially since you only need a compatible gaming controller to get started. […]

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Samsung’s One UI 5 beta is already available for some Galaxy S22 owners

Samsung’s One UI 5 beta is starting to roll out to select Galaxy S22 owners in spite of a botched announcement from earlier today.
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These are the OnePlus phones that will get updated to OxygenOS 13

While it was a little strange that OxygenOS 13 was announced alongside the OnePlus 10T which comes with OxygenOS 12.1 out of the box, we should see the new Android 13-based software roll out to a bunch of devices over the coming months. Surprisingly, the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro have made it on to […]

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The Pixel Fold may skip an important feature used on other foldables

A folding smartphone without a selfie camera on the inner display? That might be what Google gives us with the Pixel Fold.
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Instagram will test extra-tall photos to go along with Reels

Instagram will soon allow users to post 9:16 photos to their feed as part of a test the company plans to undertake “in a week or two.” The tidbit of news came out of Adam Mosseri’s weekly Q&A. “You can have tall videos, but you cannot have tall photos on Instagram,” the executive said. “So we thought maybe we should make sure that we treat both equally.”

While it’s already possible to share 9:16 photos through Instagram, you have to do so through the app’s Stories feature, meaning those images will disappear unless you save them as a Highlight. Currently, vertical photos you post to your feed will top out at 8:10 as long as you crop them correctly.

The timing of the test comes after Mosseri recently announced Instagram would walk back its unpopular full-screen interface. The company had been testing the redesign since mid-June, only to find that most people didn’t like it. “For the new feed designs, people are frustrated and the usage data isn’t great,” Mosseri told Platformer last week. Among the most vocal detractors of the redesign were photographers who found the new interface would overlay captions on top of their images, obscuring part of their work in the process. Instagram’s latest test would suggest the company still intends to move towards a more TikTok-like experience.

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Toyota will buy back your recalled bZ4X EV

Toyota recalled the bZ4X in June over concerns the electric crossover's wheels could fall off at speed, and now it's taking extra steps to satisfy upset customers and keep vehicles off the road. Electrek has learned (and Engadget has confirmed) that Toyota's US branch is offering to buy back the bZ4X. The terms will vary based on your state and "particular circumstances," according to a letter to customers.

The automaker outlined compensation for those who still want the EV. You can continue to drive a loaner at no cost, complete with free fuel for the temporary car and storage for the bZ4X. You'll also get $ 5,000 credit towards your loan, lease or full purchase price. There will also be extensions to your warranty and free EVgo charging time.

Toyota is offering the buybacks and other perks "until a remedy is available." The recall also covers pre-orders for Subaru's sibling model, the Solterra, although that SUV hasn't yet reached American buyers.

There's no mention of just when or how Toyota will fix the bZ4X wheel fault. That makes the situation difficult for owners. The buyback gives them a chance to purchase another vehicle rather than wait indefinitely for a fix, but auto industry supply shortages could leave them either waiting months for a replacement or settling for a less-than-ideal alternative.

Engadget is a web magazine with obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics

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Lucid Motors has drastically reduced its production target, again

Luxury EV startup Lucid Motors changed its yearly production target again, lowering it to an expected output of between 6,000 and 7,000 vehicles, the company announced today. That’s only a fraction of the 20,000 cars that Lucid initially promised to deliver in 2022. The Tesla competitor has only produced 1,405 vehicles so far this year, giving it a mere four months to build thousands of new cars.

Supply chain woes and a shortage of parts and raw materials are to blame for the slow output, the company claims. In a call with investors, the California-based company’s CEO Peter Rawlinson said it is planning a number of structural changes to amp up production. "Our revised production guidance reflects the extraordinary supply chain and logistics challenges we encountered," said Rawlinson. "We've identified the primary bottlenecks, and we are taking appropriate measures – bringing our logistics operations in-house, adding key hires to the executive team, and restructuring our logistics and manufacturing organization."

On top of ongoing production struggles, this May the company was forced to recall all of its 2022 Air EVs due to wiring issues — a total of over 1,000 cars. Such challenges haven't appeared to impact demand for the luxury vehicles. So far, there have been 37,000 reservations for Lucid Motor’s all-electric sedan, the Lucid Air, the company disclosed in the call. On top of that, Lucid plans to sell over 100,000 cars to the government of Saudi Arabia — which poured over $ 1 billion into the company and owns a 62 percent stake.

Engadget is a web magazine with obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics

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