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DJI’s Action 2 camera and extended battery bundle returns to an all-time low price

DJI's Action 2 is an option worth paying attention to if you're in the market for an rugged camera, and now might be the time to scoop one up. It's currently on sale as part of a bundle on Amazon for $ 279, which is a third off the regular price of $ 419.

Buy DJI Action 2 power combo at Amazon – $ 279

What helps set the Action 2 apart from other rugged camera options is a magnetic modular mounting system that can boost the functionality. This bundle includes a magnetic protective case that's designed to reduce the surface temperature. In addition, you'll get a battery module. DJI says this can extend the battery life from 70 minutes to up to 180 minutes while adding an extra microSD slot. You'll also get a magnetic lanyard, so you can wear the Action 2 around your neck.

A module with a second touchscreen is available separately, which could be helpful for vlogging use. A bundle of the camera and the dual-screen module is also a third off on Amazon at the minute. Meanwhile, since it uses magnets, attaching the Action 2 to a mount should be a cinch.

DJI announced the Action 2 last year as a successor to the Osmo camera from 2019 — some Osmo accessories are compatible with the Action 2. The latest model has a 12-megapixel sensor that can capture 4K video at up to 120 frames per second and 1080p footage at up to 240 frames per second for your slow-motion edits. The camera has a 155-degree field of view as well.

There's a sensor designed to help it capture accurate color tones in challenging lighting conditions and while it's being used underwater. DJI says the Action 2 is waterproof at depths of up to 10 meters, as well as dustproof and drop proof. In addition, the SpanShot feature allows users to hold down the power button to turn on the camera and start recording right away. There's also a stabilization system called HorizonSteady. DJI says its algorithm can detect and correct camera shake and rotation in real-time.

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