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Apple’s AR/VR solution might require two Apple Watches to work

The upcoming Apple AR/VR headset may require two Apple Watches to use. At $ 300 a piece for the cheapest Apple Watch, that’s pricey.
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Twitch lets streamers require verification before viewers can chat

Twitch might have another way to deter "hate raids" and similar abuse: make it impractical to create a troll account. The livestreaming service has introduced an option that lets streamers and moderators require one-time phone or email verification for chatters. Broadcasters can either require it for everyone or set exemptions based on account age, follow duration or status. A streamer can require verification only for first-timers, for example, or waive the requirement for subscribers and VIPs.

The company will allow as many as five accounts to verify through one phone number for the sake of businesses. However, trolls can't rely on this to evade bans. Twitch will ban every account linked to a phone number if one of them faces a ban, whether it's one channel or across the entire service. You also can't use VOIP or landline numbers

Twitch said it would gauge the impact of verification after launch. It also teased plans for another tool to fight ban evasion in the "coming months."

This might not spook the most determined harassers. They may create new email addresses or borrow phone numbers. It might reduce the dependence on moderators to curb bad behavior, however, and could discourage 'casual' harassment from those who were previously unafraid to lose their accounts. Don't be surprised if you see fewer hit-and-run incidents the next time you're watching a stream.

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India may require online shops to hand over site code

India’s plan to tightly regulate online shopping could give it a peek at how many internet giants work. Bloomberg says it obtained a draft e-commerce policy that would mandate access to sites’ source codes and algorithms. This would help prevent “dig…
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DJI’s Mavic Mini is so small it doesn’t require FAA registration

DJI's new drone, the Mavic Mini, is a palm-sized device that's so light it doesn't require FAA registration. DJI hasn't officially announced Mavic Mini, but it hasn't done a great job of keeping it a secret, either. Today, a listing on the online ret…
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Google will require regular security patches for smartphones going forward

Ask anyone what their biggest gripe with Android is, and one of the most common answers will likely be the updates. Or, rather, the lack of updates. Unless you’re rocking a flagship from a big manufacturer or a Google Pixel device, you’re probably not getting them as frequently as you’d like, and that includes monthly […]

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Drivers push NYC to require tipping option in ride-sharing apps

In New York City, some ride-sharing services offer an in-app option for riders to tip the driver. Uber doesn't, so the Independent Drivers Guild is pushing the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) to make a decision on the matter. The group has ov…
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DirecTV streaming services won’t require a satellite dish

AT&T isn't about to sit on its thumbs while Dish's Sling TV scoops up people eager to ditch conventional TV. It's introducing a trio of DirecTV streaming services in the fourth quarter of this year that won't require a satellite dish or existing…
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