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Your Verizon bill will be more expensive from June 16th onwards

Verizon must have heard you saying that you had way too much disposable cash the other day (well someone must have said it) and has responded by announcing that it’s going to increase your bill starting from June 16th onwards. Why? Well, it’s because the carrier is following the trend or its execs can’t afford […]

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Bill Simmons tapped to head Spotify’s global sports division

Spotify has promoted The Ringer’s Bill Simmons to a new role as head of global sports strategy, reported Deadline. Simmons has worked under the streaming service’s umbrella since it bought his sports and culture podcast network The Ringer back in 2020. In his new role, we’ll likely see Simmons expand upon the current lineup of NBA, MLB and NFL-focused podcasts and dive into international territory. We’ve already gotten a hint of that with shows like The Rugby Pod with Andy Goode, Big Jim Hamilton and host Andy Rowe.

Spotify’s non-US audience is getting larger — the service is currently available in 178 countries. Its number of subscribers actually grew by 2 million in the first quarter of 2022 (despite losing all of its Russian subscribers), which it pinned on "outperformance in Latin America and Europe". Last year, the streaming service expanded to 86 new countries, with the goal of eventually streaming to over 1 billion users. Earlier this year, Spotify announced it was going to become the main partner of FC Barcelona, as well as its official audio streaming partner. Given the fact that no global sports coverage would be complete without soccer, we’re likely to see even more from this space. There’s no doubt an appetite amongst Spotify’s global audience for shows focused on the Premier League, FIFA and the World Cup, as well as other international sports topics.

The promotion of Simmons is a part of a broader shake-up in Spotify’s exec structure. Parcast founder Max Cutler will become Spotify’s head of creator content and partnerships, overseeing originals and heading an entirely new division of “creator-focused” content. Julie McNamara will oversee studio partnerships and Hollywood-produced works.

In Spotify’s latest earnings call, it announced it reached a record 422 million global monthly active users. But despite its strong growth, the initial concerns that Spotify may have bitten off more than it can chew with its $ 1 billion investment in podcasts hasn’t faded. While podcast listening hours skyrocketed during the pandemic, there’s no guarantee that Spotify will be able to hold on to that momentum in the future. 

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NYC bill would ban grocery apps from promising 15-minute deliveries

Grocery apps in New York City might have to tone down promises of ultra-fast deliveries. The New York Postreports city Councilman Christopher Marte plans to introduce a bill that will ban these apps from advertising 15-minute delivery times. The estimates encourage couriers to violate traffic laws and put people at risk, Marte said.

The bill should be ready within the next few weeks. It would be part of a larger legislation bundle tackling grocery apps. Marte said he was pressing for bills that would provide more benefits and protections to delivery workers, but hasn't shared more details.

The potential law comes as competition for fast deliveries heats up in New York. Services like Gorillas, Fridge No More and Jokr already boast of 15-minute delivery times, and DoorDash is piloting a similarly quick service in Manhattan. In many cases, the services manage speedy deliveries by shopping within a small radius and using full-time employees instead of gig workers.

However, they also follow a small but growing string of e-bike accidents in NYC. At least 20 people died in collisions linked to e-bikes in 2020. The bill won't guarantee the safety of delivery workers, but it might reduce the chances that they'll gamble with their health to arrive on time.

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NYC bill bans AI recruiting tools that fail bias checks

New York City could soon reduce the chances of AI bias in the job market. The Associated Pressnotes the city's council has passed a bill barring AI hiring systems that don't pass yearly audits checking for race- or gender-based discrimination. Developers would also need greater transparency (including disclosures of automated systems), and provide alternatives like human reviews. Fines would reach up to $ 1,500 per incident.

The bill was passed November 10th. Departing Mayor Bill de Blasio has a month to sign it into law, but hasn't said whether or not he will. If the measure goes forward, it would take effect in 2023.

A signed law could reduce the chances that AI hiring technology skews candidate pools and the demographics of the resulting employees. Pro-business organizations like the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce are already in favor, suggesting the disclosures are vital for both employers and their talent.

However, there are already concerns an enacted law wouldn't help as much as promised. The Center for Democracy & Technology's Alexandra Givens told the AP the bill doesn't account for other biases, such as ableism or ageism. This also assumes the audits are effective — New York University's Julia Stoyanovich argued the requirements were "very easy to meet." There's a concern the legislation might inadvertently shield employers whose AI platforms have different or harder-to-detect biases.

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Congress approves COVID-19 spending bill with contentious copyright measures

US Congress has finally passed a new spending bill with COVID-19 relief measures, which on the one hand is good news for many Americans. As often happens with crucial legislation, however, lawmakers tacked on some extra legislation, including a contr…

Bill Nye is pissed

Bill Nye is pissed. In an energetic interview with Engadget this week, he covered everything from the pandemic, to climate change, to the vice presidential debates and QAnon. But ostensibly, he was here to promote his newly launched VR Science Kit. 
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Senate bill would set privacy requirements for COVID-19 tracking

Now that COVID-19 lockdowns are slowly starting to lift in the US, a group of senators want to set privacy expectations for the contact tracing apps that could help keep the virus in check. Senators Marsha Blackburn, Jerry Moran, John Thune and Roger…
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Android beat Windows Phone, and Bill Gates really regrets it

If you go back a few years and checked out the most dominant operating system on the planet, it was Windows with absolutely no competition. Microsoft steamrolled literally everyone else in the PC space, including Apple. But then the smartphone happened, and Microsoft kinda sorta didn’t really live up to the name that they had […]

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California advances bill offering protections to gig economy workers

Gig economy companies like Uber and Lyft have fought hard to avoid treating workers as full-fledged employees, but they might not have much choice in California before long. The state Assembly has passed a bill, AB5, that would require businesses to…
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House Democrats will introduce bill to reinstate net neutrality rules

Now that the Democrats have the majority in the US House of Representatives, net neutrality is back on the table. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has revealed that Democrats will introduce a bill to restore Obama-era net neutrality rules on March 6th. T…
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Texas bill would make it illegal to throttle data in disaster areas

The revelation that Verizon (Engadget's parent company) throttled California firefighters' data is prompting new legislation… in Texas. State Representative Bobby Guerra has submitted a bill that would make it illegal for wireless carriers to "imp…
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US senators propose new bill to keep ZTE on a leash

Last year, the US Senate abandoned its attempts to block the President's deal with ZTE that effectively ended trade sanctions against the Chinese firm. That doesn't mean American lawmakers stopped keeping a close eye on the company, though. A group o…
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Bill Gates remembers Paul Allen: ‘I will miss him tremendously’

Yesterday, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen passed away at the age of 65 following a battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and today, Bill Gates shared a few thoughts on the man he says changed his life. "When I think about Paul, I remember a passionate…
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California’s net neutrality bill is a step closer to becoming law

Now that the FCC has undone net neutrality protections implemented under the Obama Administration, one response has been to implement tight regulation at the state level. Tonight in California's State Assembly lawmakers passed SB 822 by a vote of 61…
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NYC bill could force Airbnb to turn over its hosts’ info

The New York City Council voted in support of regulation that would force Airbnb, HomeAway and other short-term rental services to hand over about hosts using their sites. State law already prohibits rentals of most apartments for less than 30 days u…
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‘Right to repair’ bill introduced in California

An all-too-common occurrence for smartphone owners, or any electronic device for that matter, is breakage. This is why we see so many cases made available to protect items that cost several hundred dollars. Despite efforts to avoid damage it seems inevitable and when it happens, device owners are not left with many choices when it […]

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House passes contentious anti-online sex trafficking bill

Sex-trafficking victims, prosecutors and state attorneys will be able to sue websites that host ads and content linked to the sex trade under the bill the House has just approved. The bill called "Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Traffick…
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NSA surveillance expansion bill moves to House for a vote

Intelligence officials might not get the permanent surveillance powers they're looking for, but they could get some key concessions all the same. The House Intelligence Committee has passed the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017 in a partis…
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The U.K.’s first-ever ‘plastic’ £5 bill has really upset vegans

When the Bank of England released its first-ever “plastic” bill in September, it proudly highlighted its many security measures aimed at deterring counterfeiters. But this week a revelation about the new bill appears to have upset a number of vegans….

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Sprint customers can now pay for Napster with through their Sprint bill

Sprint is making it easier for customers to pay for Napster — now customers of both can pay for Napster through their Sprint bill. The change will be a much bigger deal for Napster than Spotify or Sprint.

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A new bill will force companies to place a backdoor in their devices to undermine their own encryption

The Feinstein-Burr anti-encryption bill, also known as the Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016, has officially surfaced. Here’s everything you need to know about the bill, which is still a draft at the moment.

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Senators behind encryption bill know how the FBI hacked the iPhone

The FBI isn’t ready to tell Apple or the general public how it cracked the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, but it’s disclosing that information to Senators — notably two behind an bill that would force companies to comply with court orders.

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Pay your credit card bill using the Amazon Echo

Too busy whipping up a soufflé to check your bank balance online? You can now ask Amazon's Echo devices to give you the info, thanks to a partnership with Capital One. You just need to say "Alexa, ask Capital One for my Quicksilver card balanc…
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Weekly Rewind: iPhone sales slow, Google beats Go, Bill Nye wants electric NASCAR

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it’s almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories.

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Senate blocks NSA reform bill and Patriot Act extensions

The USA Freedom Act aimed at addressing the NSA’s bulk collecting of phone call metadata was approved by the House of Representatives ten days ago, but blocked by the Senate tonight (live video stream here). The Section 215 provisions of the Patriot …
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