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Google needs to convince us WearOS isn’t dead (again)

WearOS 3 still isn’t widely available, so at Google I/O 2022 we need to see strong evidence the platform really does have some life left in it.
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The Chase Bliss Habit helped me enjoy making music again

I’ve been stuck in something of a creative rut for the last year or so. I’ve been sitting on two (or maybe three) tracks for an EP since last January, unable to push through. It’s gotten to the point where, honestly, I haven’t even been enjoying making music these last several months.

I tell you this because, in a post detailing the difference between the Blooper, Mood and Habit pedals (which are all built around a similar core), Chase Bliss founder Joel Korte brags that the Habit “could get anyone out of a creative rut.” And if you only have one takeaway from this review, it should be that Joel is probably right.

Now, I’m not going to say that the Chase Bliss Habit is for everyone. It’s pricey, it’s weird and it can be complicated. But it’s also wholly unique and surprisingly versatile. It is, at its core, a delay pedal – a rather crisp and clean digital delay. And you can certainly treat it as such and get great results. It has tap tempo, MIDI capabilities and can handle everything from short slapback echo to Frippertronics-esque slowly degrading loops. But, if that’s all you use it for you won’t get your $ 399 worth.

Chase Bliss prefers to call Habit a “musical sketchpad,” and while that’s an apt description, it might confuse some people. This isn’t a looper in the traditional sense, so don’t expect to lay down a four-chord backing track and start writing melodies over it. Instead this is more of a happy accident machine where you might stumble into an inspiring idea.

Those are the two extremes, however. There’s a world of sounds in between for you to explore on the Habit, from tape-like warbles, to complex multitap delays and glitchy stutters. The trick here is that Habit is always recording incoming audio to a three-minute digital “tape” loop. And then you can add effects, harmonize with yourself, scan through what you played one minute ago or just emulate a casino full of slot machines.


Chase Bliss Habit
Terrence O'Brien / Engadget

What’s impressive is that Chase Bliss manages to cram so much range into a standard-size guitar pedal. Part of that is down to the company’s extensive, but standardized control scheme. Basically, every Chase Bliss pedal (save for its Automatone series) is built around the same core platform that features six knobs, four three-way switches, a pair of foot switches and 16 dip switches on the back. It’s a lot of variables crammed into a very small space, and it can be quite intimidating.

But the manual for the Habit is comprehensive, easy to understand, fun and, dare I say, beautiful? It’s filled with illustrations and examples that help make what is a reasonably complicated device seem approachable. And it’s presented in a Field Notes-style booklet with a cardboard cover. It’s probably a silly thing to highlight, but this might be the best product manual ever.

Chase Bliss Habit

The hardware itself is likewise a step ahead of the competition. Now, there’s not a ton of ways to stand out in the pedal game if you’re sticking to standard sized metal enclosures, but Chase Bliss opts for knurled metal knobs and the LEDs are nestled inside tiny metal calderas. They’re small touches that elevate a Chase Bliss pedal above other players in the market, which is important when you’re charging this much.

The two primary knocks against it on the hardware front are a lack of stereo outs and a nonstandard ¼-inch MIDI connection. Frankly, I don’t think the former is a major issue. I have a small handful of stereo pedals in my collection, and I almost never actually use them in stereo. The MIDI port on the other hand is a bit of a downer, especially now that ⅛-inch TRS MIDI is a widely adopted standard. Instead you need a special adapter box or a custom wired cable to connect other MIDI gear to Habit.

Also, because Chase Bliss has to make room for the dip switches all the jacks are on the sides of the pedal. This is hardly dealbreaker, but connecting audio, power and expression does eat up a little more real estate on your pedalboard than if the jacks were on the top.


Those complaints are minor nitpicks, though, and they almost don’t matter once you start playing. Even when using it as a relatively straightforward delay pedal the Habit shines, especially once you start exploring the modifiers you select using the three-way switches across the middle. (The fourth switch just above the foot switches is used for selecting and saving a pair of presets, and we’re just going to ignore that.) The middle switch changes between the two banks or turns the modifiers off, while the left switch selects which specific modifier you’re using and the knob above it dials in the amount and style of said modifier.

Chase Bliss Habit
Terrence O'Brien / Engadget

Each modifier has two different variations, depending on which way you turn the knob. For example, modifier A-1 is a stepped speed change quantized to fifths and octaves. To the right of 12 o’clock plays the repeats forward, while to the left plays them in reverse. This means that even if you don’t touch any of the other controls you have seven distinct delays at your fingertips.

The other modifiers include tape-like lo-fi effects, smooth pitch changes and a multimode filter. But the two most interesting are probably the trimmer and the dropper. Trimmer slices bits of audio off the start or end of a note and can be used to create complex stuttering rhythms. Meanwhile Dropper causes your signal to drop out, appropriately enough. Turn the Modify knob to the right and you’ll find rhythmic patterns; to the left and the echoes will randomly disappear. Crank that and you get heavily degraded, almost granular effects (which you can really lean into with the Spread and Scan knobs, but more on that later).


Chase Bliss Habit
Terrence O'Brien / Engadget

The controls across the top are, more or less, what you’d expect on a standard delay pedal. There’s level, repeats (feedback) and size (time). One important thing to note is that, as you increase or decrease the size, there is no change in pitch. The ones below it though are where the interesting things happen. We’ve already mentioned the modifier knob, but next to that are the Spread and Scan controls. Spread controls a second playback head which allows you to get standard multitap echoes at lower settings, but as you start to increase it, it reaches further and further back into the past. It’s less of a delay and more of a sonic time machine. If used smartly, you can create cascading counter melodies as you play along with yourself from 30 seconds ago.

Scan has two modes: auto (default) and manual (controlled by one of those dip switches on the back). In auto mode it introduces random snippets of old audio. The Scan and Spread knobs interact, so as Scan starts rummaging through the past, it drags that secondary Spread playhead with it. This is important because, as you crank up the Scan, you’re making Spread all the more unpredictable. This can be fun if you’re looking for glitchy chaos, or frustrating if you’re trying to lock into a groove with yourself.

If you set Scan to manual, you’re picking out the moment of your choice from the last three minutes. This is particularly handy if you’re using the Habit as a musical sketchpad, since you can record three minutes of noodling and then go back and find the bits you really want to savor.

Chase Bliss Habit
Terrence O'Brien / Engadget

There is a middle ground, which is my preferred method of using Scan. If you press and hold the left foot switch it momentarily sets Scan to maximum and then snaps back to where you have it when you let go. If you use this with Scan set to zero, you’re able to insert controlled bits of chaos exactly when you want to. And since both Spread and Scan are linked to Size everything stays in sync pretty nicely.

Then there’s the three-way switch on the far right labeled In-Out-Feed. This is probably the most powerful control on the entire pedal. In the middle, or out, position you get a predictable sound where every echo sounds exactly the same. When switched to in, each echo is fed through the modifier circuit again. This can give you sparkling chimes that climb in pitch until they send your dog running for cover. Or echoes that crumble more with each repeat. Or, notes that get shorter and shorter as the Trimmer modifier shaves more and more off.

To the right is Feed mode, which sends the output of the Habit right back through the input creating echoes of echoes and accumulating modifier effects off into infinity. This is where things can get really wild. This can get you metallic, almost reverb-like drones. But it also means that, if you start turning knobs, those changes are printed to the internal “tape loop” because what’s coming out is coming right back in again and getting recorded. This becomes even more powerful when combined with the Collect dip switch on the top.


Chase Bliss Habit

By default, Habit is always recording to a three-minute loop, but it overwrites what happened three-minutes ago. If you turn on Collect, then the loop is never erased and you’re able to overdub. This is where you can start building sketches of songs and then, by turning on Feed, record what happens as you tweak knobs and dramatically transform what you played.

Now, I’ll be honest: I haven’t had a lot of success using this to make an actual song. The quirks of Habit also mean that this mode is best suited for particular styles of music. You can create odd stuttering and loping guitar pieces, or ambient washes, but probably nothing with a traditional song structure. But, it’s still quite enjoyable and meditative to sit and slowly build up a composition by recording three minute passes of music. And that is one other thing to keep in mind: The internal loop is three minutes and there is no way to shorten it if you only want to record 30 seconds, so using Collect requires patience. This is a great way to find interesting sounds for sampling, though. Running an instrument into the Habit, and then running the results into the SP-404 has been incredibly fun.

That’s the other big takeaway you should have, by the way. The Habit is fun. Despite its complexity and occasional unpredictability, it’s easy to get lost in the joy of creating new and bizarre sounds.

Dip switches

Chase Bliss Habit

The thing that lends Habit its greatest sense of complexity is definitely dip switches on the top. They’re one of the defining features of a Chase Bliss pedal. They basically come in two flavors: expression and customization. You can, for instance, flip the Dry Kill switch to get rid of your unaffected tone. While there is some lag introduced by the pedal, it’s still useful for getting synth-like arpeggios or processing audio that you’re not playing live. This is also how you enable things like Collect, Manual Scan and latch. Normally, if you hold the left footswitch momentarily it automatically maxes out the Scan parameter, while holding the right loops the last echo. With latching on those will continue until you hold down the footswitch again.

The Expression and Ramping switches add movement or allow you to control specific parameters. For example, if you connect an expression pedal and then flip the Size switch, you can quickly increase or decrease the echo time with your foot while playing. But, all Chase Bliss pedals also have an LFO which the company calls Ramp or Bounce. Ramp can be one-shot or looping (Bounce), and can be a triangle wave, square or random. So you could, for instance, set the Modify parameter to increase and decrease pitch over time to create arpeggios, or randomly change the amount of Spread to sprinkle in bits of the past.

Chase Bliss Habit
Terrence O'Brien / Engadget

Ramp and expression can be in either rise or fall mode. Meaning, that either it sweeps a parameter up from the minimum to where you’ve set the knob, or down from the maximum to the knob setting.

One thing to note: When you enable Ramp the level knob changes the speed of the Ramp, rather than volume of the effect. So, set your levels first before you start messing with the dip switches. Oh, and if you connect an expression pedal without flipping any parameter switches on the back, it controls the level. This is handy if you want to fade in the delay only occasionally while playing.

The competition

Chase Bliss Mood and Blooper
Chase Bliss

Obviously, if you don’t need or want all these crazy features and are just looking for a straightforward delay pedal, don’t get a Habit. It can do typical delay stuff, but you don’t need to spend $ 400 on a “typical delay.”

There are delay pedals out there that cover some similar ground. For instance, the $ 299 Red Panda Raster 2. It’s a digital delay with pitch and frequency shifting, plus internal modulation. But it doesn’t really have equivalents of the Scan, Spread and Collect features, which are pretty unique to Habit.

The more likely choice you’re trying to make is between three different Chase Bliss pedals: the Mood, Blooper and Habit. All three are related, but their strengths lie in specific areas.

Like Habit, Blooper is a collaboration with YouTuber Knobs (which has since joined Chase Bliss) and its focus is on looping. It starts with the same core conceit of any looper: record audio and then play it back. Its unique features are in how you mangle that loop by overdubbing and applying modifiers. It’s probably the most complex of the three, and even has a browser-based interface where you can export loops and swap in different modifiers. I’d actually say “musical sketchpad” is a better fit for Blooper.

Mood grew out of the development of Blooper. It’s a more straightforward affair. It has an always-on recorder, similar to Habit, but it plays shorter “microloops” and includes reverb for added ambience. If you want spacey granular effects without having to search too long for sweet spots, then Mood is your better bet.

Chase Bliss Habit


Habit, on the other hand, is focused on delay and freeform looping. Its strengths are in creating complex rhythmic echoes and unpredictable melodic interplay. It’s just as at home on a pedalboard supported by other effects as it is on a desktop being manipulated like an instrument in its own right. It has many of the same strengths as the Blooper and Mood, but it’s also probably the most experimental of the bunch. It’s also more difficult to tame – Habit is clearly chaotic neutral. It doesn’t care about rules or tradition, it wants only to be free to wreak musical havoc. And that makes it an undeniable blast.

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FAA extends environmental review of SpaceX Boca Chica launch site (again)

SpaceX has to wait even longer to find out if it can launch Starship flights out of its Boca Chica facility in Texas. The US Federal Aviation Administration has delayed its decision on the environmental review of the launch site yet again, pushing back its target date of completion to April 29th. SpaceX must secure the FAA's approval, along with a vehicle operator license, to be able to launch Starship missions out of Boca Chica as planned. 

To be exact, the agency is looking into whether launching the massive reusable vehicle out of the facility will have a significant environmental impact on the area and will be a threat to the safety of the public. Its original target date for completion was December 21st, 2021, but it pushed the date back to February 28th, 2022 and then again to March 28th. On the official page for the environmental assessment, the FAA said it's updating its target date to April 29th "to account for further comment review and ongoing interagency consultations." The FAA received 19,000 comments for the draft version of the review published last year.

SpaceX chief Elon Musk recently revealed that the company is hoping to send Starship into orbit for the first time in May. If the FAA finishes its review on time, and with a favorable result for the company, then there's a chance the launch could happen in a couple of months. It's worth noting, though, that Musk's timelines could be a bit too optimistic.

In case the Boca Chica site fails the FAA's environmental review or if the agency issues an environmental impact statement (EIS) to dig deeper into the company's plans over the next few years, then SpaceX could shift to its backup plan. During a Starship presentation earlier this year, Musk said SpaceX already has approval to launch the Starship from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The move would delay the vehicle's first flight by six to eight months, since the company has to build a launch tower on the launch site, but at least the wait wouldn't last for years. 

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Congressional lawmakers try again to secure some benefits for gig workers

Senators Mark Warner (D-VA) and Todd Young (R-IN), along with Rep. Susan DelBene (D-WA) introduced a bill today that would create a $ 20 million pilot program with the Department of Labor to incentivize states and cities to test out portable benefits. The idea that benefits like health insurance and paid vacation should be universal, rather than tied to your job, has gained steam in recent years. Such social insurance programs, normally backed by Democrats, have sparked interest from some Republicans motivated by the rapidly changing workforce and economic climate following the pandemic.

“More Americans than ever are engaging in part-time, contract or other alternative work arrangements. As the workforce changes, it is increasingly important that we provide workers with an ability to access more flexible benefits that can be carried to multiple jobs across a day, a year, and even a career,” said Sen. Warner in a statement.

Under the bill, the Department of Labor would create a $ 20 million grant fund to incentivize states, cities and nonprofits to experiment with portable benefits for independent workers. It’s not the first time Warner and DelBene have introduced such legislation. The duo has been regularly pushing to pass portable benefits bills since 2017 — none of which have gotten very far. One of their measures, to provide states with emergency unemployment benefits for gig workers, was folded into the CARES Act.

The bill gives states and cities a lot of room to figure out what their portable benefits program will look like. This could include unemployment benefits, life and disability insurance, sick leave, worker training and health insurance.

A number of states such as California, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey and Colorado have looked at implementing portable benefits programs of their own. But critics of portable benefits warn that such a system would mean that gig economy companies like Uber, Lyft, Doordash and others would be largely off the hook. Indeed, Uber and other gig companies have backed portable benefits legislation in their fight to continue to classify their workers as independent contractors.

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[Updated Jan 27] Amazon are once again accepting pre-orders for the Motorola-branded MA1 Wireless Android Auto Dongle

Announced during CES, the Motorola-branded MA1 Wireless Android Auto Dongle is now available to pre-order at Amazon. The dongle plugs into the USB port on your car and makes it possible to connect wirelessly to Android Auto with your smartphone. Updated January 27: Pre-orders for the Motorola-branded MA1 Wireless Android Auto Dongle are live once […]

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[Deal] Mpow’s M30 Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 are discounted to under $20 again

If you missed out on the Mpow M30 Wireless Earbuds deal that we ran last week for Prime Day today’s offer is almost as good. Reduced to just $ 19.78 as opposed to the Prime Day price of $ 19.50, you can pick up the Mpow M30 Wireless Earbuds from Amazon right now. Features: Use either of […]

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Motorola plans to “Flip the Smartphone Experience” once again on September 9th

While the Motorola Razr perhaps wasn’t quite as well-received as the brand might have hoped, there is no denying the nostalgic charm of the modern take on the legendary Razr from yesteryear. There were bumps in the road, and also in the display apparently, but that didn’t stop Motorola from saying that it was working […]

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Motorola Edge+ leaks again, announcement seems imminent

With MWC being canceled this year, it left a lot of phones without an announcement. Motorola was supposedly gearing up to debut the Motorola Edge+ at the annual event, but since then it just seems like we’ve been seeing trickle leaks while they prepare another standalone event for the phone. Motorola Edge+, 5G, Verizon This […]

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Twitter broke Tweetcaster: is it 2012 again?

Tweetcaster, one of the oldest available third-party Twitter apps on the Play Store, has reportedly stopped working. If you’ve been with us in the Android news sphere for a while, you might remember back in 2012 when tons of Twitter apps started to go down; it doesn’t look like this is the same thing, but […]

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Samsung does it again with December security update rolling out before Google

Samsung has been acing their security update support in recent years and they’ve now begun rolling out the new December security update to some phones before even Google, again. Samsung has been steadily improving their update game over the last few years, with the delay between Google’s releases and Samsung’s updates shrinking from over half […]

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[Black Friday Deal] Save $80 on the Litter-Robot 3 Connect Clean bundle and never scoop again

Let’s rip the band-aid off right here and say that waking up in the morning and walking past the whiffy litter box that had only been cleaned the night before is not the best life you dreamed of when you were a kid. If you own a cat that spends even a modicum of time […]

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EA’s ‘NBA Live’ franchise is out for the season, again

One again, EA's NBA franchise is skipping a season, as the company announced during today's earnings call that NBA Live 20 has been cancelled. Three months ago the project was simply delayed with plans for a "different approach," but that won't be en…
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Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3300 leaks again, giving hope for better Wear OS watches

Qualcomm’s current flagship smartwatch processor, the Snapdragon 3100, really isn’t that great. It gets the job done, sure, but it can’t quite match custom SoCs from companies like Samsung and Huawei. And Wear OS watches clearly haven’t taken off, so some ingredient in the recipe is off. We’re hoping that changes with a next-generation wearable […]

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Tesla will reportedly raise prices in China again this week

Buying a Tesla in China could be more expensive in the very near future. The automaker will increase prices on its cars in the country this Friday, according to Reuters. That potential price lift is said to be in response to the yuan weakening agains…
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‘Travis Strikes Again’ comes to PC and PS4 on October 17th

You won't have to own a Switch to play a modern take on the No More Heroes universe. Suda51's Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition is now slated to launch on PC (via Steam) and PS4 October 17th. The expanded title includes both the…
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Huawei tentatively allowed to continue dealing with US companies again

Huawei has had a rough few months after being banned from working with US companies, but now it looks as if that turmoil is over. US President Trump announced in a news conference that Huawei would be allowed to continue dealing with US companies, including companies like Google that make critical parts of Huawei’s ecosystem. […]

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Samsung’s Galaxy A80 makes smartphones weird again, and we like it

Meet Samsung’s newest phone, the Galaxy A80. It’s strange, weird, and different, and it’s bringing some of the funky innovation back to smartphones that we’ve been missing for a few years. Sure, it’s probably going to be a commercial flop, but we love seeing phones like this again. This phone is built for the “era […]

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JBL delays Link Bar release yet again

If you pre-ordered JBL's $ 399 Link Bar last August, you could end up waiting almost a year for it to arrive — or possibly longer. Pre-order customers were originally told the all-in-one soundbar, TV box and Google Assistant speaker would ship in Oct…
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Google somehow let another major Pixel 3 leak happen, again

I’m pretty tired of writing about Pixel leaks at this point, and not because I’m not excited about the phone. Every other day somebody gets their hands on a phone, or buys one on the black market, or uploads a video with it on the internet. New phones are exciting, but you have to make […]

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Huawei trolls Apple again by parking juice van outside flagship store

It’s that time of year again where people queue up to buy the new phone from a company named after a fruit. While I would give you points for saying BlackBerry, it is, of course, Apple, and the people are queuing up to get their hands on either the iPhone XS or XS Max that […]

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Qualcomm wants to improve wireless audio (again) with AptX Adaptive

Bluetooth audio on smartphones and other gadgets still really isn’t perfect; the audio quality has gotten much better recently, but it still can’t touch the quality of wired headphones, and I feel like we don’t even need to mention the potential for connection issues. Qualcomm originally created AptX as a means to make Bluetooth audio […]

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Dell is going public again

Dell went private back in 2013 to reorganize without quite so much external pressure to perform. Now, however, it's ready to go public once again. The company has unveiled a plan to buy its own tracking stock in a $ 21.7 billion deal that, in exchan…
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Drake smashes single-day Apple Music and Spotify records (again)

Drake is back to breaking streaming music records, although this time he's getting a helping hand. To start, Apple has confirmed that the man from the 6 smashed his own single-day record on its music service, with his album Scorpion resulting in over…
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Here we go yet again – Sprint and T-Mobile re-open merger talks

Several years ago, a recurring news item that seemed to spring up on a regular basis was the continuing saga of legal fights between Apple and their Android competitors. With those issues largely settled, a replacement for that void has appeared in the form of a merger involving wireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile. After a […]

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PewDiePie in trouble once again for racist outburst

Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg is back in the headlines for, once again, expressing racist sentiment in one of his YouTube videos. During a stream of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the world's most popular YouTuber said the n-word during an expletive-fi…
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Nike’s self-lacing HyperAdapt goes on sale again this weekend

If you're still chasing the Marty McFly dream, Nike's self-tightening shoe is coming around for the second time this weekend. While a few pairs of the $ 720 HyperAdapt 1.0 were available late last year, the company is rolling more out around the world…
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ASUS ROG Zephyrus review: Gaming laptops will never be the same again

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus is an entirely new breed of gaming notebook. It packs in the most powerful laptop graphics hardware on the market, NVIDIA's GTX 1080, in a frame that's almost half the size of similar machines. Mostly, that's due to being one of…
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Theranos settlement means it could have a lab again in 2019

Theranos has been headed toward disaster for a while through its dodgy blood testing methods, but it might have just avoided the worst possible outcome. The biotech outfit has reached a settlement with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service…
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Playboy goes full-frontal, again

Playboy is bringing nudity back to the magazine a year after striking totally bare bodies from its pages. In October 2015, the publication's CEO Scott Flanders said that nudity was "passé" when you can find it in any form imaginable online. Bu…
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Never print another lost dog poster again with Trakz GPS for pets

We all love our pets. Dog people, cat people, whoever we are, we can all agree that we would never want to lose our furry friends. Trakz GPS tracker wants to help make sure that this never happens.

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Top European scientists want to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid — again

This week European scientists launched the “I Support AIM” campaign — an initiative to urge the European Space Agency (ESA) to move forward with its Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM) in 2020. Over 100 scientists have signed on.

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We’re liveblogging Apple’s ‘Hello Again’ MacBook launch!

Hello again, indeed! If it feels like we were just doing this, it's because… we were. Apple held an event last month to unveil the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2. There was much fanfare and we had quite a bit to say about it all. Now, just a few…
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Facebook crushes earnings again and hits a billion daily active users on mobile

User numbers up, revenue up, profit up. Facebook reported yet another set of healthy performance figures on Wednesday, with the data showing that more than a billion mobile users now hit the site on a daily basis.

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Charge through ‘Resident Evil 4’ yet again on August 30th

Capcom announced that Resident Evil 4 was getting re-released on modern consoles earlier this year, but now exactly when the best modern entry in the series will surface. And it's a little earlier than expected, too. Previously, all the publisher/dev…
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Global internet speeds are on the rise again

Yes, South Korea still has the fastest internet in the world. But, according to content delivery network Akamai, average global speeds are up overall from late last year, jumping to 6.3 Mbps. More than that, we're seeing increases in increases in IPv…
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ASUS again teases that ‘Zenvolution’ for Computex 2016

In December 2015, word got out that ASUS began production on its next flagship(s). Jump to last week and we’re hearing about a June release for the ZenFone 3 and its variants. It seems very likely that the phone will be made available next month as the company scheduled a Computex 2016 event for the […]

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The LG G5 shows up in a leaked photo (again)

lg g5 profileRemember that photo of the front and back of the G5 that we saw yesterday? Want another look at the device before its official announcement? You’re in luck. 

Evan Blass has released yet another photo of the device, front and back, showing what’s probably the always on display and the rear camera module and fingerprint scanner. It doesn’t reveal anything new, but it does give a great look at the fantastically sleek design that LG is going with for their 2016 flagship. Even if you miss the volume buttons on the rear, it’s hard to argue that this isn’t one of the most attractive designs LG has come up with in recent years.

Fortunately, we aren’t too far out from the actual announcement of the device. There isn’t much left for LG to shock anyone with, but it’ll be nice to get some high quality images and complete clarification on what the G5 can and can’t do.

source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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Android News, Rumours, and Updates

PlayStation sells well (again), but mobile is hurting Sony

Sony made money. Again! The company saw in tiny increase (0.5%) in sales compared to the same quarter last to 2,581 billion yen (or $ 21.5 billion), but income now stands at $ 1.69 billion. This quarter's financial results was yet more balancing (and c…
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The best tech toys for kids will make you wish you were 10 again

Are you hunting for the perfect tech toy or gadget gift for your child? It can be tricky to find great tech for kids. There’s a lot to choose from, but what will go the distance? And what will end up at the bottom of a toy box?

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Robotic exoskeleton and zaps of electricity helped man walk again

It's not the first time Mark Pollock tested Ekso Bionics' exoskeleton, but he can now move more naturally, as you can see in the video below the fold. That's because Pollock, who's been paralyzed from the waist down since 2010, gained back some con…
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