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Elon and Jack hit Twitter to talk about a Twitter feature

Prospective Twitter owner Elon Musk and Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey had a little chat about a particular Twitter feature on Wednesday night.
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Florida pension fund sues Elon Musk over Twitter deal

Elon Musk's $ 44 billion buyout of Twitter is facing its first legal challenge. A Florida pension fund is suing Musk and Twitter, arguing that the deal can't legally close until 2025 due to the billionaire's stake in the platform. The proposed class-action lawsuit — filed today by the Orlando Police Pension Fund in the Delaware Chancery court— also declares that Twitter’s board of directors breached its fiduciary duties by allowing the deal to go through. In addition to Musk and Twitter, the lawsuit also named former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, current Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and the company’s board as defendants.

In a message to Engadget, Tulane Law School’s Professor Ann M. Lipton says the lawsuit raises "some very novel issues" under Delaware corporate law. Under a law known as Section 203, shareholders who own more than 15 percent of the company can’t enter a merger without two-thirds of the remaining shares granting approval. Without this approval, the merger can’t be finalized for another three years.

The fund’s lawyers state that Musk initially owned roughly 10 percent of Twitter’s shares, which would seemingly not make Section 203 applicable. But, the fund argues, Musk formed a pact with Morgan Stanley (which owns 8.8 percent of shares) and former CEO Jack Dorsey (who has 2.4 percent) to advance the deal. The combined stake of these parties allegedly makes Musk and his allies in the takeover deal an "interested shareholder" under Section 203 — which, if the court agrees with the underlying reasoning presented in the case, means the merger must either be delayed or get approval shareholders representing at least two-thirds of the company's ownership. 

“Section 203 is not often litigated, and so the issue of whether Musk's relationship with these parties actually counts for statutory purposes is an unsettled question and it will be interesting to watch how it unfolds,” wrote Lipton.

More details of Musk’s highly complex $ 44 billion buyout of Twitter have been made public since the social media platform accepted the billionaire’s offer last month. The New York Times reported that Musk promised investors returns of nearly five to ten times their investments if the deal went through. Parts of the deal are being scrutinized, including its reliance on foreign investors and whether Musk bought shares in the company specifically to influence its leadership. But antitrust experts say the merger is unlikely to be blocked by the FTC. The agency will decide in the next month whether to quickly approve the merger or launch a lengthier investigation.

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Fox Sports will offer World Cup pre-game shows on Twitter for every match

You won't have to leave the social media sphere to catch some of the coverage surrounding FIFA World Cup matches. Fox Sports has expanded its relationship with Twitter to offer live pre-game shows and in-match previews (through @foxsports and @foxsoccer) for every match of World Cup 2022 and Women's World Cup 2023. You can also expect "near real-time" highlights during play as well as post-match discussions.

The exclusive deal for both the men's and women's tournaments is a first for Twitter, according to the social network's global content head TJ Adeshola. Naturally, you can expect Fox to support the streams through ads.

You'll still have to use the Fox Sports app or website (plus a pay TV subscription) if you want to stream the matches themselves. Like it or not, the broadcaster still wants to steer you toward its most lucrative business. Even so, this at least offers more ways to immerse yourself in the group stages or build up hype for a must-win knockout match.

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Twitter now lets you pin DMs, and here’s how to do it

Twitter has rolled out a new feature for iOS, Android, and web that lets you pin as many as six DMs to the top of your inbox.
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After Musk’s Twitter takeover, an open-source alternative is ‘exploding’

We may not yet know exactly what Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter means for the platform, but one Twitter alternative is already booming as a result of the news. Mastodon, the open-source social media service which bills itself as the “largest decentralized social network on the internet,” has been "exploding" since Musk's acquisition, according to its founder.

News of Twitter's buyout has rattled Twitter employees and users, as Musk has indicated he plans to take a much more hands-off approach to content moderation. As is often the case when Twitter makes a controversial change, some users have threatened to leave the platform, while critics have pushed #RIPTWITTER to trend.

In this case, at least some disgruntled users are apparently turning to Mastodon as a potential alternative. Hours after the Twitter acquisition was announced, Mastodon said it saw “an influx of approx. 41,287 users.” Of those, about 30,000 were new users, Mastodon founder Eugen Rochko wrote in a blog post.

“Funnily enough one of the reasons I started looking into the decentralized social media space in 2016, which ultimately led me to go on to create Mastodon, were rumours that Twitter, the platform I’d been a daily user of for years at that point, might get sold to another controversial billionaire,” he wrote. “Among, of course, other reasons such as all the terrible product decisions Twitter had been making at that time. And now, it has finally come to pass, and for the same reasons masses of people are coming to Mastodon.”

Mastodon’s official iOS and Android apps are also seeing an uptick in users, according to data provided by analytics firm Sensor Tower. The apps have been downloaded roughly 5,000 times “or nearly 10% of its lifetime total” downloads since Monday, according to the firm. The app is currently ranked No. 32 on the App Store charts for social media apps.

It’s not the first time Mastodon has benefited from issues at Twitter. The company was briefly popular in 2017, following outrage over Twitter’s decision to remove user handles from the character limit for @-replies (back when Twitter changed its product so infrequently even mundane changes were fodder for mass outrage). Mastodon saw another uptick in 2019, when users in India were angry over moderation policies. 

While Mastodon has been in the spotlight as a potentially viable Twitter alternative in the past, it has yet to reach the mainstream. But its current popularity comes at a moment when Twitter is also exploring how it could become an open-sourced protocol — much like Mastodon.

Unlike Twitter, Mastodon is not a single, centralized service. Though the interface looks similar to Twitter — it has a 500-character limit but otherwise will be mostly recognizable to Twitter users — it runs on an open-source protocol. Groups of users are free to create and maintain their own “instances” with their own rules around membership, moderation and other key policies. Users are also able to take their followers with them between instances.

Mastodon operates its own instances, and, but those are apparently overloaded, according to Rochko, who suggests that new users sign up via the official apps and join other communities on the service. And, because it’s open source, Mastodon makes its code available on GitHub, an idea Musk has also endorsed with regards to Twitter’s algorithms.

But all that also comes with extra complexity for new users who may not easily understand Mastodon’s unique structure or how it works. But those who stick around long enough may see some significant new features. Rochko said that end-to-end encrypted messaging is in the works, as well as “an exciting groups functionality.”

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Jack Dorsey on Musk’s Twitter takeover: ‘Elon is the singular solution I trust’

Twitter co-founder and Block Head Jack Dorsey has made it clear that Elon Musk has his support as the new owner of Twitter. In his first public comments since Twitter and Musk announced the $ 44 billion deal, Dorsey said that “Elon is the singular solution I trust.”

Dorsey wrote that Musk and current CEO Parag Agrawal were “getting the company out of an impossible situation,” and that the company was on “the right path.” Dorsey also alluded to his own regrets regarding how Twitter is structured.

“The idea and service is all that matters to me, and I will do whatever it takes to protect both,” he wrote. “Twitter as a company has always been my sole issue and my biggest regret. It has been owned by Wall Street and the ad model. Taking it back from Wall Street is the correct first step.

“In principle, I don’t believe anyone should own or run Twitter. It wants to be a public good at a protocol level, not a company. Solving for the problem of it being a company however, Elon is the singular solution I trust. I trust his mission to extend the light of consciousness.”

Though not the first time Dorsey has endorsed Musk’s involvement with the company, his latest comments come at a moment of uncertainty for the company when many employees are anxious about the direction of Twitter.

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Twitter will recommend third-party apps for preventing harassment

Twitter is turning to outside developers for help in preventing harassment on its platform. Under a new experiment, the company will recommend third-party moderation apps as an additional measure users can take on top of the app’s built-in tools,

With the update, which was first reported by TechCrunch, Twitter will surface recommendations for a series of third-party apps when a user blocks or mutes another person. For now, the apps include Block Party, a tool that allows people to automatically block accounts likely to be the source of harassment; Bodyguard, which can automatically moderate replies; and Moderate, which helps users manage their mentions.

These tools have already been available, but Twitter users previously had to seek out these services to get them set up. Now, the company will recommend them in its app and website alongside its own blocking and muting tools.

Twitter is recommending third party moderation apps alongside its blocking and muting tools.

As TechCrunch notes, the change is also the latest sign that Twitter is, once again, making inroads among third-party developers with whom it has sometimes had a tumultuous relationship. The moderation apps are just a handful of a broader set of third-party services Twitter is promoting as part of its revamped developer platform. Eventually, Twitter could recommend other specialized apps in various parts of its service, the company told TechCrunch, though it didn’t offer details.

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Elon Musk says he has the financial backing for his proposed Twitter takeover

Elon Musk now has access to the funds he'd need to buy Twitter. According to an SEC filing, Musk has received "commitment letters" that would supply about $ 46.5 billion to buy all of Twitter's outstanding common stock and take control. The Tesla CEO is "exploring" this tender offer following a lack of response from Twitter, the filing reads.

We've asked Twitter for comment. While the company hasn't directly addressed Musk's offer, initially pegged at $ 43 billion, it recently approved a temporary "poison pill" measure intended to discourage hostile takeovers. The plan would let some shareholders buy more stock if anyone buys more than 15 percent of outstanding stock without the board of directors' approval, diluting the value of Musk's stake. He's already the largest individual shareholder with 9.2 percent ownership.

Musk made the offer claiming that it was meant to protect free speech, and has suggested he could unlock Twitter's potential with features like an edit button (which Twitter was already working on) and an open source algorithm. However, it also comes as the executive fights the SEC over alleged finance rule violations that frequently relate to his tweets. The entrepreneur has multiple strong incentives to purchase Twitter, and the financial backing illustrates just how serious he is.

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Twitter Blue users could have exclusive access to the upcoming ‘Edit’ button

“Tweets, but editable”. The number of times I’ve encountered that phrase on Twitter is countless and after more than a decade of having lost hope of an edit button ever being announced we have our first look at what such a thing might look like. On iOS anyway, as is almost always the case the […]

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Twitter reverses change that turned embeds of deleted tweets into blank boxes

Twitter has temporarily walked back a controversial change that made it difficult for people to preserve deleted tweets. On Wednesday, writer Kevin Marks pointed out that the company had recently tweaked its embedded javascript so that the text of deleted tweets was no longer visible in embeds on third-party websites.

By late Friday evening, however, one Twitter user noticed the company had reverted the change, with Twitter confirming the move one day later. “After considering the feedback we heard, we’re rolling back this change for now while we explore different options,” a spokesperson for the company told The Verge. “We appreciate those who shared their points of view — your feedback helps us make Twitter better.”

When the initial change was first spotted, Twitter product manager Eleanor Harding said the company made the tweak to “better respect” people who decide to delete their tweets. Part of what made the move problematic for many was that it simply left a blank space where the embed of a deleted tweet had been previously. Harding said Twitter was planning to roll out additional messaging that would explain why a tweet was no longer visible.

Twitter didn’t elaborate on the “different options” it was exploring following its reversal. For many, the decision to change how embeds work was a strange one. When Twitter first introduced embedding in 2011, it said it intentionally wanted to maintain the text of deleted tweets. And for many years afterward, company executives, including former CEO Jack Dorsey, stressed the role of the platform as a kind of “public record.”

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Twitter ditches its tabbed timeline mere days after rolling it out

Just days after introducing a feature that made an algorithmically-generated feed the default for iOS users, Twitter is changing things back to the way they were before. “We heard you,” the company said. “Some of you always want to see latest tweets first. We’ve switched the timeline back and removed the tabbed experience for now while we explore other options.”

If didn’t follow the controversy Twitter created for itself, it all started last year when the company began testing a new tabbed interface for switching between its algorithmically-generated “Home” feed and reverse-chronolgical “Latest” feed. On March 10th, the company began rolling out the feature to iOS, promising it would come to its Android app and web client soon after. But what many people found, and ended up complaining about, was that the feature would default their feed to the algorithmic one every time they opened the app.

This isn’t the first time an internet company has rolled back a feature, but it shows that many people still want a chronological feed and dislike it when companies try to take that functionality away from them. When it comes to Twitter, there’s a case to be made that many people come to the platform to get first-hand accounts and information when there’s breaking news. So making that version of the website difficult to access isn’t doing anyone any favors.

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Twitter rolls out pin-tastic feature for DMs

Twitter has rolled out a new feature for iOS, Android, and web that lets you pin as many as six DMs to the top of your inbox.
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Twitter parts ways with two-factor provider following claims of secret surveillance

Twitter has informed US Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) that it's transitioning away from using Mitto AG's services to deliver two-factor authentication codes to its users, according to Bloomberg. Swiss tech firm Mitto is an established provider of automated text messages that some big companies have been using to send out not just 2FA codes, but also sales promotions and appointment reminders. Bloombergreported in December, however, that one of its co-founders operated a secret surveillance operation that helped governments locate users through their phones.

Company COO Ilja Gorelik allegedly sold surveillance technology firms access to Mitto's networks, allowing them to track people using their mobile devices. Those companies, in turn, contracted with government agencies. Mitto told Bloomberg back then that it had no knowledge or involvement in Gorelik's surveillance operation and that it's launching an internal probe to determine if its technology and business had been compromised. The Wyden aide Bloomberg talked to said Twitter cited media reports as a major factor for its decision.

Aside from Twitter, Mitto's clients include Google, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Telegram, TikTok, Tencent and Alibaba. Mitto has reportedly been telling customers that Gorelik is no longer with the firm. Still, the publication says several other clients have cut ties with Mitto since the report came out, though it's unclear if Google and the other well-known tech companies and services that it counts as customers are also parting ways with it. 

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Elon Musk asked to pay $50K to end Twitter bot that tracks his jet

A teen who built a Twitter bot that provides updates on the movements of Elon Musk’s private jet says he’ll delete the account if the billionaire pays him $ 50K.
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Twitter reports record number of takedown requests from governments

Twitter has received the highest number of content removal demands from governments around the world from January to June 2021, the website has revealed in its latest transparency report. To be precise, it received 43,387 legal demands that involve 196,878 accounts. Twitter says those numbers represent the largest increase in content removal requests and accounts reported within a six-month reporting period from the time it started publishing transparency reports in 2012.

One factor that contributed to the spike in accounts reported is the legal demands submitted by Indonesia's Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. The agency flagged 102,363 accounts for posting sexual services and illegal adult content, and Twitter took action on 18,570 of them. Twitter also saw an increase in accounts withheld from the public due to content that allegedly violated Russia's laws against inciting suicide. 

Last year, Russian News Agency Tass reported that the country's internet authorities threatened to block Twitter if it doesn't remove "suicide incitement aimed at minors, child pornography, as well as information about the use of drugs" on its website. The authorities also slowed down Twitter's loading speeds for desktop and mobile.

A total of 95 percent of the total global volume of legal demands came from five countries in particular, with Japan remaining as the top requester. Japan is responsible for 43 percent of the legal demands Twitter received, with most of them being about narcotics and drug-related posts, obscenity and financial-related crimes. The other four countries are Russia, Turkey, India and South Korea, in that order.

Based on Twitter's report, there's an upward trend in the number of legal demands Twitter gets, with a huge spike happening in the first half of 2020. It remains to be seen whether those numbers will keep on rising, but Twitter's VP of global public policy Sinead McSweeney expressed her concerns in a statement: "We're facing unprecedented challenges as governments around the world increasingly attempt to intervene and remove content. This threat to privacy and freedom of expression is a deeply worrying trend that requires our full attention."

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Personalized warnings could reduce hate speech on Twitter, researchers say

A set of carefully-worded warnings directed to the right accounts could help reduce the amount of hate on Twitter. That’s the conclusion of new research examining whether targeted warnings could reduce hate speech on the platform.

Researchers at New York University’s Center for Social Media and Politics found that personalized warnings alerting Twitter users to the consequences of their behavior reduced the number of tweets with hateful language a week after. While more study is needed, the experiment suggests that there is a “potential path forward for platforms seeking to reduce the use of hateful language by users,” according to Mustafa Mikdat Yildirim, the lead author of the paper.

In the experiment, researchers identified accounts at risk of being suspended for breaking Twitter’s rules against hate speech. They looked for people who had used at least one word contained in “hateful language dictionaries” over the previous week, who also followed at least one account that had recently been suspended after using such language.

From there, the researchers created test accounts with personas such as “hate speech warner,” and used the accounts to tweet warnings at these individuals. They tested out several variations, but all had roughly the same message: that using hate speech put them at risk of being suspended, and that it had already happened to someone they follow.

“The user @account you follow was suspended, and I suspect this was because of hateful language,” reads one sample message shared in the paper. “If you continue to use hate speech, you might get suspended temporarily.” In another variation, the account doing the warning identified themselves as a professional researcher, while also letting the person know they were at risk of being suspended. “We tried to be as credible and convincing as possible,” Yildirim tells Engadget.

The researchers found that the warnings were effective, at least in the short term. “Our results show that only one warning tweet sent by an account with no more than 100 followers can decrease the ratio of tweets with hateful language by up to 10%,” the authors write. Interestingly, they found that messages that were “more politely phrased” led to even greater declines, with a decrease of up to 20 percent. “We tried to increase the politeness of our message by basically starting our warning by saying that ‘oh, we respect your right to free speech, but on the other hand keep in mind that your hate speech might harm others,’” Yildirim says.

In the paper, Yildirim and his co-authors note that their test accounts only had around 100 followers each, and that they weren’t associated with an authoritative entity. But if the same type of warnings were to come from Twitter itself, or an NGO or other organization, then the warnings may be even more useful. “The thing that we learned from this experiment is that the real mechanism at play could be the fact that we actually let these people know that there's some account, or some entity, that is watching and monitoring their behavior,” Yildirim says. “The fact that their use of hate speech is seen by someone else could be the most important factor that led these people to decrease their hate speech.”

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Twitter has labeled 300,000 tweets for election misinformation

A little more than a week after the election, Twitter is giving some additional insight into the effectiveness of its efforts to curb the spread of election misinformation. Between October 27, and November 11, the company labeled about 300,000 tweets…

Twitter updates its ‘Hacked Materials’ policy after NY Post controversy

In response to a New York Post article this week about Hunter Biden that used emails of dubious sourcing, Twitter blocked links to it, eventually citing the company’s existing policies around hacked materials. These policies have come under scrutiny…
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Twitter removed 130 Iran-linked accounts during last night’s debate

Twitter has removed 130 accounts that appeared to originate from Iran and were attempting to disrupt public conversation around the 2020 US Presidential debate. The social network’s Support account has revealed the deletion on the platform. It also p…
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Twitter for Android had a big security vulnerability

Twitter has had a rough go on the security front lately, with some serious high-profile accounts getting hacked and now a discovered vulnerability affecting the Twitter for Android app. Yikes. Twitter for Android security Twitter hasn’t disclosed exactly what the vulnerability does, but they did specify what could happen. Essentially, other apps installed on your […]

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Twitter ‘rate limit’ messages are due to an error, not your bad tweets

If you’re one of the many people seeing some weirdness with, the apps or Tweetdeck right now, it’s not just you. We’ve seen those “rate limit exceeded” messages too, and contacted Twitter to find out what’s going on. A spokesperson tells…
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The Morning After: Twitter hackers took over accounts for Elon, Obama and Apple

Twitter’s bad day started with a weird tweet from Elon Musk (not that unusual) and probably peaked when Barack Obama’s account suddenly posted a scam message begging for Bitcoin. Someone at Twitter decided to prevent all verified accounts from tweeti…
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Twitter has apparently disabled tweets from verified accounts

In an effort to prevent more hacked accounts from posting crypto scams, Twitter has apparently chosen to disable tweets from verified accounts. Though the company has not yet confirmed this to us, Engadget staffers are experiencing this with our own…
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Twitter is testing a new threaded conversation layout on iOS and the web

Twitter has started testing a new threaded conversation layout that’s meant to make it more obvious who’s talking to whom. Based on the GIF posted by the Twitter Support account, the new layout makes use of lines and indentations to clearly indicate…
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Twitter verified a fake congressional candidate created by a teenager

Andrew Walz isn't a real person. A high school student from upstate New York created the fake congressional candidate — complete with website, AI-generated photograph and Twitter account — to test the social media platform's verification system. Ac…
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Twitter broke Tweetcaster: is it 2012 again?

Tweetcaster, one of the oldest available third-party Twitter apps on the Play Store, has reportedly stopped working. If you’ve been with us in the Android news sphere for a while, you might remember back in 2012 when tons of Twitter apps started to go down; it doesn’t look like this is the same thing, but […]

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Google launches #AndroidHelp hashtag for tech support on Twitter

Google will now answer your Android-related problems on Twitter, and you don't even have to slide into its DMs. The company has announced that it's now assisting users who tweet their issues with the hashtag #AndroidHelp. Google has also provided som…
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Lights out dark mode comes to Twitter on Android

Twitter rolled out dark mode on their app a while back, but they also had an iOS exclusive “lights out” mode that turned the grays into real blacks. You would think that would’ve come to Android first since iPhones have only recently started even using OLED displays, but here we are. Anyway, that discrepancy is […]

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Twitter starts rolling out simplified web interface to some users

Don't be surprised if Twitter looks very different on the web in the near future. The social network has started rolling out a previously teased web redesign that, for starters, boasts a much simpler look — the three-column view is gone in favor of…
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China cracks down on Twitter users critical of its government

It won't surprise you to hear that China keeps a tight lid on homegrown social networks, but it's now doing more to stifle free expression on outside networks, too. The New York Times reported that Chinese law enforcement recently began a crackdown…
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Twitter: It was a ‘mistake’ not to suspend bomb suspect for threats

Hours after FBI Director Christopher Wray announced the arrest of Cesar Sayoc in connection with sending 13 IEDs, Twitter finally suspended two accounts tied to Sayoc. Once he was identified, internet users quickly found posts of his showing videos a…
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Twitter touts its recent work to ‘protect the integrity of elections’

It's almost the midterm elections in the US, and that means disinformation campaigns could be working overtime. Social networks have been introducing new features, rolling out changes and even asking the government for help to fight off trolls and fa…
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Twitter finally brings the chronological timeline back

If you are a Twitter user, you are probably familiar with the frustration of seeing your timeline showing tweets that were posted hours ago instead of ones from a few seconds ago. Twitter’s policy of showing the ‘Best Tweets First’ meant that the timeline was a confusing mess, but there is hope on the horizon […]

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Twitter wants to ‘increase the health of public conversation’

Twitter doesn't only want to be more transparent about the toxic content on its site, it also wants to be more proactive about removing it altogether. Speaking to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce today, as part of a hearing titled "Twitter:…
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Twitter tests personalized ‘unfollow’ recommendations

Twitter works best when you have a perfectly-curated follower list. For many, it's an evolving process as their interests and opinions — and those of the people they follow — slowly change. For years, Twitter has recommended "Who to Follow," but as…
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Twitter gives InfoWars the same one-week ban it gave Alex Jones

While companies like Apple, Facebook, Spotify and even Pinterest have taken down InfoWars content from their platforms, there has been one very public holdout — Twitter. But BuzzFeed News reports today that the company is now limiting the InfoWars a…
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Twitter is removing locked accounts from your follower count

Your Twitter follower count might soon shrink. The microblogging service announced today that it will begin purging locked accounts from your follower count starting this week. "Most people will see a change of four followers or fewer; others with la…
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Recommended Reading: An NBA exec and some mysterious Twitter accounts

The curious case of Bryan Colangelo and the secret Twitter account Ben Detrick, The Ringer Even though he won't admit it, one of the NBA's biggest stars, Kevin Durant, almost certainly used a burner Twitter account to clap back at the haters. That…
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Kanye just played Twitter like a fiddle

Kanye West finally ended his social media hiatus this past weekend, nearly a year after he randomly deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Over the past few days, the producer/rapper/fashion designer has sent out an avalanche of tweets ranging f…
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Twitter tries to explain how it fights breaking news hoaxes

During the minutes and hours after shots rang out at YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno, many people used Twitter just as they have after other high-profile events: to spread fake information and hoaxes. In response to reports about how bad its "fak…
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Twitter relaxes the rules for customer service DMs

Twitter's bot crackdown is great for improving the quality of the service, but might make it harder for businesses to use it effectively. That's why the company is tweaking its system to enable companies to better deal with bulk communications. In th…
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The Library of Congress will start limiting its Twitter archives in 2018

It doesn't seem odd anymore that governments might want to save Twitter archives for historical purposes, what with all the attention our president gets for his contributions to the platform. The UK has been saving tweets and YouTube videos as histor…
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Twitter Lite picks up steam, starts to roll out in more countries

Twitter has recently been testing a Twitter Lite mobile app as a way to get more users involved in the platform, especially those in parts of the world without consistently high-speed data connections. The results? Actually pretty good. Twitter has seen a 50% growth in tweets from Twitter Lite since April, and they’ve been hard […]

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Twitter is openly working on a bookmark feature for tweets

Twitter is working on a few different ways to shake up their social media service, including longer character limits and easy ways to create tweetstorms. With a shift to longer form content instead of just 100 word jokes, you might want to go back and read some of the posts later, right? That’s why Twitter […]

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Twitter tries to fix verification of people ‘we in no way endorse’

Sure, being verified on social media isn't always as good as people think, but after a recent blowup, Twitter says it's addressing the "perception" of endorsement a blue checkmark confers. While the network has notably verified the accounts of self-p…
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Russian Twitter accounts tried to influence the UK’s EU departure

Russia's attempt to influence Western politics through Twitter certainly wasn't limited to the 2016 American elections. Wired and New Knowledge have combed through the Russia-linked accounts provided to US politicians, and it identified at least 29…
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Twitter workarounds give anyone 280 characters to play with

As you may be aware, Twitter is currently trialing an expanded character count. Yes, the platform known for restrictive tweets, is giving select users 280 characters to play around with, up from its default 140. If you're not one of the lucky few wit…
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