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ISPs end fight against California net neutrality law

In a win for net neturality, ISPs agreed to end their legal challenge to a 2018 Californa law that bars providers from throttling service. Telecom groups and California Attorney General Rob Bonta today jointly agreed to dismiss the case, reportedReuters

It’s fair that say that luck hasn’t exactly been on the telecom industry’s side. Earlier this year, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to reconsider its ruling that California’s law be upheld. And last year, the US DOJ dropped its own lawsuit over the net neutrality law, which the agency had filed during the Trump administration.

“Following multiple defeats in court, internet service providers have finally abandoned an effort to block enforcement of CA's net neutrality law. This is a win for California and for a free and fair internet,” wrote Bonta in a tweet.

After Trump-appointed FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai overturned the agency's net neutrality rules in 2017, California’s legislature decided to enact its own law. The state’s net neutrality law, which went into effect in August 2018, expanded on previous federal rules by banning the use of “zero-rating” by ISPs in an anti-competitive manner. Zero-rating occurs when an ISP exempts any of its affiliated services from eating away at a customer’s data caps. For example, AT&T Wireless once exempted HBO Max from the data caps of its internet customers. The company dropped this practice last year, and blamed the impact of California’s law. Digital rights groups like Electronic Frontier Foundation have argued that zero-rating is hostile to consumers, especially those from low-income households.

Federal net neutrality rules that were blocked under the Trump administration have yet to be restored by the FCC under President Joe Biden. That’s because the five-member panel is currently short one member, which they’ll need in order to vote on net neutrality. The agency is awaiting the Senate confirmation of Gigi Sohn. But thanks to intense lobbying from telecom groups and a number of Republicans (and moderate Democrats) in Congress, Sohn’s confirmation is stalled at present.

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California votes to strip employee protections from Uber and Lyft drivers

Uber and other ride-hailing and delivery companies in California have prevailed in a $ 220 million dollar gambit to keep workers as independent contractors. Proposition 22, a side ballot to overturn a California law that made drivers full employees, p…

California Uber drivers sue company over Prop 22 app notifications

It’s no secret Uber has been aggressively supporting Proposition 22, a California ballot initiative that would allow the company to skirt a state law requiring them to classify drivers as employees. Now, a group of the app’s drivers say the company’s…

Uber CEO says his company can’t hire all of its drivers in California

Whatever the outcome of its ongoing legal spat with the state of California, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi doesn’t believe his company can employ all the people who drive for the platform in California, at least not without a fundamental rethinking of i…
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DOJ launches probe of automakers that agreed to California emissions rules

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has launched an antitrust investigation into BMW, Ford, Honda and Volkswagen, the four automakers that came to a voluntary agreement with California to follow stricter fuel efficiency standards. After The Wall Stree…
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California advances bill offering protections to gig economy workers

Gig economy companies like Uber and Lyft have fought hard to avoid treating workers as full-fledged employees, but they might not have much choice in California before long. The state Assembly has passed a bill, AB5, that would require businesses to…
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California issues its first approval for an autonomous ride service

Which company did you think would be most likely to offer an autonomous ride service in California? A heavyweight like Waymo or Uber? No — it's an up-and-comer. The state's Public Utilities Commission has revealed that self-driving car startup Zo…
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California requires companies to include women on their boards

On Sunday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that will require publicly traded companies headquartered in the state to have women on their boards of directors. As per the law, by the end of next year, these companies must include…
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California has already hit its 2020 greenhouse gas emissions goal

The EPA may be in shambles after Scott Pruitt's short but brutal tenure, but California actually has some good news on the global warming front. The state is well ahead of its schedule for cutting greenhouse gases. According to data released by the C…
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California Rep. requests 23andMe to help reunite children with families

California Representative Jackie Speier reportedly asked DNA-testing company 23andMe to help reunite children separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border due to Trump's 'zero tolerance' immigration policies. She told Buzzfeed that she was co…
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Didi Chuxing receives permit to test self-driving cars in California

You might not hail a ride from China's Didi Chuxing unless you visit Mexico, but there's still a real chance you'll see its vehicles on the road. California's Department of Motor Vehicles has issued an autonomous vehicle testing permit to Didi's Ame…
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‘Right to repair’ bill introduced in California

An all-too-common occurrence for smartphone owners, or any electronic device for that matter, is breakage. This is why we see so many cases made available to protect items that cost several hundred dollars. Despite efforts to avoid damage it seems inevitable and when it happens, device owners are not left with many choices when it […]

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Hyperloop passenger pods hurtle along a test track in California contest

The ultra-fast Hyperloop transportation system will need passenger pods if it’s ever to become a thing, and teams of student engineers are hoping to create the capsules. A contest over the weekend brought together the best of the bunch.

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California resident sues Apple over absence of lock-out function while driving

Texting while driving is a problem that a California resident believes Apple can minimize, but will not do, with a lock-out mechanism for the iPhone. This belief is at the center of a lawsuit against the company.

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New California law requires registration of all 3D-printed guns

Impacting the firearm hobbyist community within California, new legislation approved by the Governor will require a background check in order to obtain proper registration for any homemade gun.

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