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Tor axes its secure messaging app due to lack of resources

The Tor team unveiled its Messenger app in 2015 to boost the security of existing chat clients, but those plans are coming to an end less than three years later. The developers are ending support for Tor Messenger due primarily to a lack of support….
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Carphone Warehouse says a lack of ‘innovation’ is hurting sales

Your smartphone is probably the most important technology purchase you'll ever make. It travels everywhere you go, delivers the sum of total human knowledge and helps you capture important memories with photos and video. In fact, they're so good at p…
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Most Android phones are vulnerable due to lack of security patches

A study partly funded by Google and conducted by University of Cambridge researchers found that a whopping 87 percent of Android devices are vulnerable to known flaws. According to a post by Alastair R. Beresford, one of the team members, it's beca…
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