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NASA reopens Apollo mission control in time for Moon landing anniversary

The fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing is rapidly approaching, and NASA is determined to mark it in a fitting way: by restoring the hub of Apollo's operations to its former glory. The agency has reopened Apollo mission control at the…
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SpaceX completes its first US national security mission

SpaceX managed to squeak in one more milestone before the end of 2018. The private spaceflight company successfully launched its first-ever US national security mission, carrying the US Air Force's equally new GPS III satellite into orbit. The effo…
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Rocket Lab launches NASA’s first dedicated cubesat mission

Rocket Lab isn't quite done establishing firsts. The company has successfully launched ElaNa-19 (Educational Launch of Nanosatellites), NASA's first cubesat mission to get a dedicated ride to space. Until now, the agency's tiny satellites have piggyb…
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Audi Sport’s e-tron GT will be based on Porsche’s Mission E

Audi's performance Sport division announced that will introduce a four-door high-performance EV as part of Audi and VW's grand electrification plans. The E-Tron GT will be based on the Porsche Mission E platform and built alongside the E-Tron Quattro…
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NASA is reviewing candidates for its next Solar System mission

NASA might be focusing on Mars recently, but it hasn't forgotten the rest of the Solar System. The agency has begun reviewing the 12 proposals it received for the New Frontiers program, the same one that gave rise to New Horizons, Juno and other nota…
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The ESA’s ExoMars mission lander is still missing

The European Space Agency is still in the midst of investigating what happened to ExoMars' Schiaparelli lander, which seemed to disappear 50 seconds before it was supposed to land. At the presscon the agency held earlier, Andrea Accomazzo, ESA's head…
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Rosetta’s 5 billion-mile mission through space coming to an end September 30

The European Space Agency says that, come September 30, its Rosetta spacecraft’s 5 billion-mile mission will end. Launched on March 2, 2004, Rosetta has spent the past 12 years sending extraordinary photographs of our galaxy back to Earth.

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