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Netflix snaps up ‘Chicken Run’ sequel from Aardman Animations

It’s been exactly 20 years since Ginger, Rocky and the rest of Aardman’s stop-motion chickens graced theaters in the US. Today, the animation studio — best known for Wallace & Gromit — has announced that the long-awaited Chicken Run sequel is com…
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Virgin Galactic conducts a ‘dry run’ for rocket-powered flights

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo (official name VSS Unity) has just completed its sixth test glide. The reusable spaceplane still has between two to nine more staged glides to go before the aerospace company moves on to rocket-propelled tests. But this…
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Don’t download those ‘Super Mario Run’ knockoffs for Android

Super Mario Run is projected to be a huge success and knockoffs have started appearing on Android. But you probably shouldn’t download them or find other ways around the restrictions. Here is why.

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