Motorola Moto 360 (2015) hits Amazon in India


Motorola’s latest Moto 360 smartwatch has hit Amazon in India.

Prior to today, the only way to purchase the new Moto 360 in India was on Flipkart. With the addition of Amazon, users now have a secondary option when buying the new Moto 360 just in case one sells out.

Up for sale on Amazon are four versions of the smartwatch, the black 46mm, the silver 46mm, the black 42mm, and the silver 42mm. Both black versions include a black leather band and both silver versions come with a cognac leather band. Pricing is nearly the same as Flipkart which ranges from INR 19,999 (approx. $ 300 USD) to INR 24,999 (approx. $ 375 USD). To purchase yours, tap the source link down below.

Source: Amazon

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