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Telegram is the latest company to file an EU antitrust complaint against Apple

If big tech thought that its antitrust reckoning would end with yesterday’s hearings, it’ll have its optimism sorely dented by what’s likely to follow. A number of smaller players are lobbing grenades over the fence in the hope of forcing regulators…
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Google’s Android file manager now supports USB drives

Files by Google (formerly Files Go) is helpful if you want an official means of managing the files on your Android phone, but there's been an obvious limitation: you couldn't move files to physical storage beyond the phone itself. You won't have tha…
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Samsung adds its own WiFi file transfer app to the Play Store

samsung Wi-Fi Transfer

Samsung released their own WiFi transfer app cleverly named, “Wi-Fi Transfer”. The app will allow users to transfer files from one device to another, or to a computer.

Unfortunately, it is only available to Samsung phones, but there are plenty of alternative apps to pick from in the Play Store if you have another brand of device. However, what is nice about this app is you do not need an internet connection for it to work, all you need is a WiFi network. What is even better is you do not need to use a router or be connected on a large WiFi network either. Just turn on WiFi sharing on one device and have the other connect to it. Send all the files you want after that. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Play Store Download Link 

Samsung Wi-Fi Transfer 1 Samsung Wi-Fi Transfer 2 Samsung Wi-Fi Transfer 3 Samsung Wi-Fi Transfer 4

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