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Ben Heck’s smart bike, part 2

The team is on the road with the IoT on Wheels design challenge, trying their best to make their smart bike, well, smarter. Using ST Microelectronics Nucleo hardware with Bluetooth Low Energy means the device can pair with other devices, such as a…
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Ben Heck’s Atari junk keyboard, part 2

We're not so sure about Ben and Atari making beautiful music together, though the Ben Heck Show team certainly builds good circuits. Previously, they took apart a keyboard and made a manually activated switch matrix to read the piano keys. Now…
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Ben Heck’s Hot Pocket-lypse Now

With the release of Fallout 4 you need sustenance when wandering the wastelands. Ben mods the game controller mounted Hot Pockets dispenser build with motors and 3D Printing. Survive the Hot Pocketlypse and visit the element14 community for the p…
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