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OxygenOS Beta 7 brings Video Enhancer and OnePlus Roaming to the OnePlus 6

OnePlus has released their latest open beta build for the OnePlus 6, and it’s bringing two major new features with it. The beta includes Video Enhancer for better video viewing, and OnePlus Roaming, which is a built-in data roaming service. There are some other smaller tweaks, too, as usual. Here’s the official changelog from OnePlus: […]

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Sprint adds more countries and destinations to Open World and Global Roaming programs


Sprint announced today that it has added support for 36 new countries and destinations to its Open World and Global Roaming programs. With these new additions, Sprint now offers its international services at 110 destinations.

These countries include Austria, Luxembourg, Afghanistan, Macau, Bangladesh, Macedonia, Belarus, Malaysia and Belgium. The Republic of Malta, Bolivia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Netherlands, and Cambodia are also included in the additions.

There’s also support for Norway, Croatia, Philippines, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Rwanda, Ghana, Serbia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Those traveling to Hungary, Slovenia, Iceland, South Africa, Indonesia, Taiwan, Kenya, Thailand, Liechtenstein or Turkey will be happy to find out these countries are included as well.

It might be a mouthful, but Sprint’s Open World and Global Roaming programs are aimed to offer some serious savings for the carrier’s customers that plan on traveling abroad. The Open World program provides 1GB of free data, as well as free calling and texting, in Mexico, Canada and countries across Latin America.

The program also offers some discounted rates in other nations.

In contrast, the Global Roaming program allows customers to have unlimited data–up to 2G in speed–unlimited texting and calls at a rate of $ 0.20 per minute in supported countries.

Sprint’s new international offerings seem to have been a roaring success as far as savings goes. Unfortunately, it’s not the best package considering that the 2G connection speeds don’t keep up with the demands consumers put on their smartphones.

The carrier is looking to help consumers save money in other ways by ending two-year contracts as well.

On the upside, it’s a convenient package, allowing those travelling abroad to stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues and business partners on the cheap. Hopefully we’ll see Sprint and other companies add more value to programs like this in the future.

source: Sprint

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Verizon becomes first US carrier to offer roaming in Cuba

Verizon announced on Thursday that it will begin offering call, text and data access to customers visiting the Caribbean nation as part of its Pay-As-You-Go International Travel option. The plan will charge $ 3 a minute for voice, standard internati…
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