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Google adding call screening to Android One phones

In another win for Android One devices, specifically those from Lenovo Moto and Nokia for now, they are now receiving Google‘s Call Screen feature for combating telemarketers. As a selling point Google reserved for their Pixel phones since its release six months ago, the company introduced the imaginatively named ‘Call Screen’ as a Google Assistant […]

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YouTube to follow Amazon by screening its movies inside theaters

Following YouTube's announcement last month that it intends to spend "hundreds of millions" on original content for Red, it's just unveiled plans for a YouTube-made movie that'll also be released in theaters. And unlike its previous effort, 2016's wi…
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TSA debunks its own airport behavior screening

If you've ever suspected that the TSA's airport behavior screening (where it looks for visual signs of lying or stress) was just another example of ineffective security theater, you now have some science to back up your hunches. Thanks to a lawsuit,…
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